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Khaled Azzam
Egyptologist & Archaeologist 

Egyptology, Archaeology, Ancient History and Christianity have become an ongoing fascination. This  is evident by the regular programming on these subjects on A&E and the History and Discovery Channels.

In addition after the events of 9/11 there is growing interest in the Islamic Culture and Religion as people seek to understand what has been previously unknown or misunderstood.

I am interested in sharing my knowledge on these subjects. As an Egyptologist/ Archaeologist with a strong interest in Islamic History and Art and having a license to guide in Egypt - I now reside in Canada and am available for:

Group guiding
Arabic/English translations
Contract Assistance for any Egyptian projects
Recent Presentations and Lectures:
Queens County Historical Society - Ancient Egypt
Lunenburg Rotary Club - 2 - Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids
Lights along the Shore  Festival - Alexandria Lighthouse
Broad Cove Community Center - Ancient Egypt
Queens County Museum - Valley of the Kings

My partner and I own an International online Travel Agency - although international in content we specialize in Egypt and have a separate Egypt website.

Khaled at the Egyptian Museum
Khaled - Egyptian Museum
My Qualifications:
  • A post graduate degree in Tourism, Archaeology and Egyptology 
  • Fluent in written and spoken English and Arabic, and have a fair command of Italian. 
  • Freelance work for several companies, particularly in and around Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria. 
  • For several years I have been involved with the Egyptian Civilization Center organizing Educational Tours to Egypt for students and youth from the States/Japan/England and other countries. These studies included sightseeing, condensed courses on Egypt, the social life, ethnic groups, architecture and Islamic heritage.
  • I continue as a member of the Tour Guide Association of Egypt and regularly do presentations to other Guides.
  • Through the Civilization center and a Tourism Friends Association I have hosted, managed, guided and taught many subjects on Tourism, Egyptology and Archaeology to individuals and groups.
  • I designed new programs including Arabic classes and Arabic city planning for old Cairo and Coptic Cairo. This included showing the traditional ways of building hot climate houses, building with the people in mind, mud brick houses, dome and vaulted houses, the Islamic heritage, the beliefs, women, the history and ethnic groups in Egypt.
  • In 1998 I participated in setting up a large festival  entitled “Gourna Egyptian Treasures Under Siege”. 
  • In 2000 I was involved in a project at the Baris Oasis celebrating the history of Hassan Fathy  the world famous  Egyptian architect and thinker.
The Nile, Valley and Village.
Egyptian Town
I  have a strong interest in History and learning, and enjoy meeting new people and passing on my knowledge either in a teaching or guiding environment.

Please see my Testimonials by clicking on the link below. This will give you a better idea of the relationships I have built as a result of my guiding and teaching. 

Testimonials and References:

Khaled - World Travel Market - London
Khaled at World Travel Market (WTM) in London

Khaled - British Museum
Khaled - Islamic Art section at the British Museum- London

Group from American School in Kiev
American School Group from Kiev

You may contact me at the e-mail below 
or if you require further information please fill in the 
Inquiry Form

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