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1. From Lasse Oglaend - Sweden - Trip to Egypt

"Just to inform you that we enjoyed Egypt, a lot. The whole trip, and the whole program we had prepared together, was a complete success story from AtoZ(hence the name of your company?). The two guides in Cairo and Luxor were fantastic. Really made the history come alive! We had "prepared historically" by going through a lot of video material from Discovery channel's Internet shop. Believe this was worth while. And we look forward to going through the material again, with our live experiences fresh in mind, to make this a lasting memory.

We willingly would stand forward as one of your references; as content customers, anytime. Feel free to take us up on this.. Would-be customers may well take contact by mail or phone +47 51 66 73 57- Email: lo@netco.no So thank you for making us feel very special. I also think we were in such a good mood, that your people felt we were special to them. A great combination ! Thanks, Avril !"


2. From Greg Hardesty - USA: - Trip to Maritime Canada

our sincere appreciation for your VERY PROFESSIONAL assistance regarding our tour of NOVA SCOTIA.  This was the very first experience of scheduling a trip this involved - via internet and YOU made it so very easy.  We flew from Louisville, KY to Newark, NJ - to HALIFAX, NS.  From there things went like clockwork.  Did not even have to carry luggage on the entire tour. 
A-ZTRAVEL definitely made things very easy!! It all worked out PERFECT!! The TOUR was a phenomenon in itself, but the PEOPLE of CANADA were nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. Canada is (to my wife Ann and me) PARADISE NORTH.GOD BLESS YOU, CANADA, and HER WONDERFUL PEOPLE. 

If anyone has any questions to ask me, they are invited to contact me at my PRIMARY address below.  I will definitely respond to them. THANKS AGAIN AVRIL... "
Greg Hardesty: greg9161@aye.net or gg_hardesty@yahoo.com


3. From Ken and Sarah Okada - Germany - Trip toScandinavia

Excellent trip!  We had a great time.  Almost everything went very smoothly.  The only thing that went wrong was that the connecting train between Flam and Oslo broke down, and we had to wait several hours to catch a bus and a different train to get to Oslo, and so arrived very late at night.  But fortunately, our guide was still with us and was able to arrange everything.  Other than that, all the transportation and hotel arrangements went really smoothly. Excellent location of hotels, and very good quality! Even though we had to lug our luggage in between places, because of where they were located, it wasn't as much of a hassle as it could have been.  All the places we visited were beautiful, and we were very impressed with the cruise ships.


4. Bill & Mary Buchen to A-Z Travel: - Trip to India

"I highly recommend A-Z travel. I booked very difficult and complicated travel plans for 5 weeks in India through  A-Z on the internet. I was met at 1:00am in the morning at New Delhi airport by a professional representative who took me to my hotel and handed over our tickets. All my train tickets were in perfect order and a taxi tour from a city in the south also worked like clockwork being met at the train when we arrived. Avril called me directly whenever we needed voice communication and I can't recommend her company enough as a courteous and reliable travel agent. Bill Buchen NYC"

To our Indian Tour Operator:
"Sanjay everything went fine and we had very good service the whole way. All train tickets were proper and it worked like a charm my congratulations to your great work! I will recommend you to anyone!


Leigh and Paul Titus - buffet on the Nile CruiseTitus on Nile Cruise

5. Titus and Family - Norway, Trip to Egypt

Hello from Norway. We have told everyone here what a fabulous adventure we had and how well A-Z and Khaled had managed our holiday...don't be surprised to get some referrals.... you have an excellent partner in Khaled! He made the holiday very pleasurable and comfortable for the whole family.

Britany Titus - Cruise Buffet
Britany Titus - buffet on the Nile Cruise

Khaled & Titus - Pyramids

Khaled with the Titus family at the Pyramids


Onboard a  Nile Dinner Cruise

Sheila Russell and Group aboard Cruise

6. Sheila Russell - UK - Trip to Egypt

I just wanted to write you a quick email to tell you what a great time my friend and I had. Khaled was a first class guide and very professional. He is quite an asset to your company. All in all it was a wonderful trip and I will recommend your tours to all my friends. Thank you for arranging all of this for me Avril!"


Dan and Dawn - Dinner Cruise

7. Dan and Dawn Campbell - Washington DC Trip to Morocco and EgyptDan and Dawn onboard a Nile Cruise

It was the trip of a lifetime and we have both you and Avril to thank for helping to make it happen!Looking back on the trip, there is very little that we'd do differently. - Lazri -in Moroco-was a good, experienced guide and his professionalism was beyond reproach. 

Khaled, I can't imagine any other guide having the deep historical background that you had... is there any question you can't answer? :) 


The Chapkin Group at the Pyramids

Chapkin Group at the Pyramids

8. Lynn Chapkin - Florida - Cairo daytrip off Holland America Cruiseship

"it was just great- our tour of Cairo could not have been better. We have told all our friends about your tour company and I know when they choose to travel they will contact you. The day was perfect, our videos prove that.
Thank you again, Lynn"


Ruth and Jerry Davis - Anniversary Tou

9. Ruth and Jerry Davis - Texas - Anniversary Tour to Egypt:

Ruth and Jerry Davis with KhaledIn the spring of 2000, the team of Avril Betts and Khaled Azzam developed a customized tour of Egypt, ranging from the South of Aswan to the North of Alexandria and from the West of El-Alamein to the East of Sinai, spanning 5,000 years of history from the old kingdoms of the Pharaohs at Memphis to the modern city of Cairo.  It was the finest tour of our lives.  As tour leader, Khaled's extensive knowledge of architecture made the ancient cities, temples, villages and funerary monuments come alive with the ideas of its builders. Throughout the entire month of May, Khaled guided us through the sights, sounds, and smells that are Egypt.

Accommodations were first rate. Car and drivers were courteous and on time. Food challenged the senses. All the while, Khaled directed the trip down to the smallest detail, aways there to help, a man of his word. Actual memories include Pyramids in the wind driven sand and granite temples along the Nile banks; brilliant colored spices in Middle Age markets with roofed streets and gallabiyas souks on the con; pigeon towers in farmer's fields and camel rides through mud bricked villages; Roman amphitheatres and high rise hotels, the museums' granite and golden treasures and dusty opulent Ottoman palaces; Karnak's complex, dedicated to the ancient gods and dark Coptic churches and soaring Minarets, dedicated to modern ones; camp sites at a Bedouin oasis and snorkel dives on fish covered reefs; high tea on the veranda at the Old Cataract hotel and a thousand step climb in the Mount Sinai; and cold beer on a slow moving Nile cruise ship and beamy feluccas under sail.

Going beyond the call, Khaled even led the midnight climb to the top of Mt. Sinai.In a Moslem country, A-Z Tours International provided the oversight, security and guidance that allowed a Western couple to completely enjoy that which is Egypt. We would be happy to talk with anyone planning on using the excellent services of A-Z Tours International.  Ruth and Jerry Davis, DeSoto, Texas 75115 - 972-296-0329 Email: davisjl@flash.net 


10. Mrs Odet - Perth-AustraliaTrip to Egypt

During my recent stay in Egypt, I found Mr. Khaled Azzam to be a most attentive host.  I found him personally interested in his country Egypt and its history.  Mr. Azzam displayed to me a very good knowledge of Egypt's Antiquities and locations of interest.  His passion for his Egypt is most evident and due to this makes it possible for him to impart his knowledge in a most interesting manner, thus making it possible for any age group to really learn and retain  good knowledge of Egypt and it's people.It was Mr. Khaled Azzam's assistance that added great value to my time spent in Egypt.  I can feel very confident in recommending Mr. Azzam as a tour guide.


11. Ken Okada - From Germany - Trip to Scotland

It was an excellent trip! The itinerary was very good, and the tour guide was superb. 
Thanks for your assistance.


12. Donna Luther and Joy Bodner - USA - Trip to Oberammergau

The village of Oberamergau , was breath taking.  The Mountains, the homes and the people will remain a wonderful memory for me and I am sure I can say the same for Joy. our "train" ride to the village was a different experience. The Passion Play speaks to the heart and a person is once again reminded of the love the God has for His people and the sacrifice that was made on an old rugged cross for all of us. 


13. Lina Alattar - Washington DC - to Eastern Canada and USA

It was a wonderful trip and I want to thank you for all your good help.


14. Laura Bryan - USA to London and Paris

London and Paris were absolutely fabulous.  And Globus was also.  We ended up signing on for more of their tours than we thought we would because the guides provided so much interesting information about what we were seeing.  The trip to Bath and Stonehenge was two hours long so we actually got a history of England from the Ice Age.  Hotels were perfectly situated so we could get around.  We learned the tube straight off in London and took buses in Paris. Oh, and loved the poem. It would appear you have many talents. Have a wonderful trip of your own. I will be in touch. Laura Bryan


15. Clarence & Lou Matuszek -US to Oberammergau Germany - cmretdva@lsol.net

We have been very pleased with your service and attentiveness on this entire booking. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future prospective customers of yours. 


16. Kathy Mullins - Princess Cruise to Alaska from US

We had a great time. the weather was rainy at times, but not enough to stop us from doing what we wanted to do. My only suggestion for other people taking this cruise is to get the seasick patch if motion sickness is common.Thank you so very much for all that you did for us. The room was certainly quiet, and we were able to eat at the earlier time so our daughter wasn't up too late. The ship is beautiful and everyone who worked on it went out of their way to make us comfortable. They all paid especial attention to our daughter, but the Fun  Zone was extraordinary in their care. Thanks a lot,


17. Barb Nelson - USA to Atlantic Canada

wonderful 11 days we had...Thank you for arranging our PEI trip...and just an aside...we booked the city tour with Bob....(SOOOOO good!) and Irwin took us to Peggy's Cove AND PEI....and he was so great as he came from PEI!!!   So we will always look for Gray Line Tours....and highly recommend them!! 


The Berman-Hershko Family at the Pyramids
Morty, Hope and Wesley

18. Morty, Hope and Wesley Berman-Hershko - NC USA to Egypt

We want to thank you for the wonderous trip. Khaled is a diamond.


19. Patricia Forcina - USA to Nova Scotia, Canada

I picked the right time and the right tour. Nova Scotia was so beautiful and I met a wonderful couple from Sydney, Australia. I had a great time! Thank you for your help. 


20. Laurie, Hazel and Heather Chaulk, Newfoundland and Poland to Europe

The trip was everything we had hoped it would be. The Passion Play was super and the stay for two nights with an 80-year German lady who could not speak English was unique. It's amazing how one can communicate without words!Our accomodations were fine and we have many happy memories to carry with us for a lifetime.Thank you for all your help. We appreciate it very much. 


21. Steve Throneberry, California to Italy

My trip was wonderful. I had a great time and took many photos. I travelled with a great group of people and made many new friends. Also, being a single man I took advantage of my status and met numorous young women and swapped e-mail with them. Some even live close to where I live. My flight from Detroit to Rome was delayed four hours but even so the man you engaged to pick me up was right there waiting for me.Thank you so very much for all your help. I will surely look to you for help again if am able to get time for another long holiday. Ciao! 


Aida at the Step PyramidAida - Step Pyramid

22. Aida Kidd - Hong Kong to Jordan/Israel/Egypt
The trip was great and the service provided by/through your agency was impeccable. I frequent the bulletin board hosted by the Lonely Planet site and have recommended your website to several posters there.  Khaled was very knowledgeable and professional, he has made all the difference in turning the Egyptian experience from great to unparalleled.  I have told all my friends and colleagues that if they ever visit Egypt, they have to ask for Khaled, otherwise the trip will not be complete. Until next time, when I am ready for Syria, Lebanon, and Iran,  thanks so much!


23. Crystal and Charles Wyckoff  Jr.- USA to the Oberammergau Passion Play:

The Passion Play and our entire trip was outstanding.  We thank you very much for helping us with the Passion Play tickets.


24. Joanne and Jim Troup – USA to Egypt Nov 2000

Just a quick note to say that we all arrived home safe and sound. We're a little sad that our wonderful trip is over but we have lots a great memories. ur guide and the drivers were very kind to us and did everything they could to make our time in Egypt memorable. I believe we made some great new friends, too.


25. Karen and Marty Wiskoff - USA to Morocco

We're now in Edinburgh, just a day before leaving to return home. Morocco was wonderful. Recep Tours was extremely well organized, our guide was terrific, our tour group of 18 people (cobbled together from a variety of tour agencies) was incredibly well-matched, and we bonded immediately. We covered a lot of ground, always beginning the day early, with no wasted time. Thanks for connecting us up with this great tour!


26. Mr and Mrs Cliff Olafson - USA to Canada

Great Trip - Enjoyed immensely


27. Shlomo and Towa Ramon - Israel to IndiaShlomo and Sanjay in India

My tour of India was great success thanks to the very good services extended to us by Mr Kaushik and his associates.


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