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Jan Tatem – Egypt – December 2005

Thanks for your e-mail, yes all went well. The ship on Lake Nasser was great and virtually empty.
Once again thanks for all your organization, Merry Christmas and bye until the next time!

Marissa D’Mello – Egypt – December 2005

Yes, it was a very good trip - I am very pleased.  There were some areas that I had wished I had known in advance, but other than that, it was wonderful.  Thanks for all your help!

The tour guides and leaders in Egypt were especially good and helpful. The Guide ensured that everything went smoothly - he certainly made the trip very enjoyable and memorable!

Jason McAuliff – Egypt – December 2005

Trip was terrific. Thanks for taking care of everything on such short notice. Everything went without a hitch. Thanks again.
Lisa Franklin – Egypt – December 2005

Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. We had so much fun. Everyone there was so nice.  I especially loved our tour guide in Cairo. She was such a sweet heart. Thank you again

John Richard Huff – Hawaii - December 2005

We arrived back home yesterday, December 28 at 5:30 p.m. Our family of seven were exposed to a delightful vacation and consequently, to the world. Our host, Judy, was a real 'Mother Hen'. She saw to every detail. The weather was great and then we came back to a dreary Cleveland.

Thanks for making all the plane arrangements for Mahala, who had a cast put on her foot the day before we left, Dec. 14. Only one connection, the last one with Cincinnati, was unprepared for her. We are grateful for all the care a handicapped person receives. I never realized that everyplace now has handicapped facilities. Thanks again for a great tour.

Sheri Farr – Egypt – December 2005

Egypt was fantastic.  The guides and most of the hotels and the excursions were wonderful. Thanks for all your help.

Katherine Preas – Egypt – December 2005

Yes, we got home safe and sound - really enjoyed Egypt. The tour to Alex was just fine - a good guide and driver. Thanks so much for putting the trip together for us.

Sheryl Oliver – Egypt – December 2005

We had a marvelous time!!!!!!!!!  It was a memorable experience.  I felt safe immediately after departing the plane in Cairo, which was a pleasant surprise.  Of course we loved the sites, sounds, and tastes of Egypt, but the most wonderful experience of the trip was the guides that we were lucky to have. I would do this again in a heartbeat.
Stacey Muller – Egypt – December 2005

Hi, I had a nice time.  There were a few mishaps, but that can be expected, overall it was a very good trip and nice people. 

Alexander & Barbara Neureuter – Egypt - November 2005

Yes, we are back safe and sound - and with a lot of great memories! The 3-week trip was a perfect combination of all the ancient sites of Egyptian culture plus a lot of pure relaxation at the Red Sea.

The local Tour guide in Cairo, has done a great job and has perfectly taken care of us. We had some little challenges but those have not really diminished the overall quality of those 3 weeks.  All in all: An unforgettable trip. Thanks again for your coordination and continued support -

Adrianne Gallarza & Mary Jo McGrath – Egypt - November 2005

I too want to thank you and your team for the outstanding vacation that you made possible for my daughter and me. Every person in your organization was truly excellent. Each step of the way we were guided and taken care of like queens. Your guide should receive an award for being the finest guide in Egypt. Thank you again and we will refer everyone we know to you.

Warm regards,
Mary Jo McGrath Hazen

From the bottom of my heart I could not have imagined a more perfect adventure. I want to thank you and AZ Travel for an amazing vacation. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo we were taken care of as if we were royalty. Not once did I feel scared or uncertain. This I thank you for most, keeping us in the game when many a time we wanted to back out. Our guide was sincerely heaven sent. He took care of all our needs and whims and I would recommend him to anyone who is traveling to Egypt he is the best!
Thank you again and much regards,

Audra & Jeff Mitchell – Egypt – November 2005

We made it home safe and sound.  We had a very nice trip.

I wanted to take the time to tell you what a wonderful host T was. He was so kind and accommodating.  He went above and beyond his job to make sure that the details of our trip were taken care of properly.  He couldn't have been more gracious and welcoming.  Even though he's still learning, it was very comforting to know that he had the impeccable service attitude of making sure the guest was well taken care of and let us know in advance of any itinerary changes and kept us very well informed.  He's a very hard worker. We made good friends with him and hope he gets the chance to visit America and be our guest.

We also found A to be delightful and very gracious.  She did a fine job getting us to the sites and giving us good background information.  She was very pleasant to deal with, and we will keep in touch with her, too.  The restaurants she took us to for lunch were fantastic. Our time in Cairo went very fast and we were well occupied.

Finally, when we got back to Cairo, we were delighted to find Tamer meet us at the airport, but we weren't expecting him because he said he was going out of town.  That was Thursday, a free day.  We told Tamer that we were going to take a taxi to the Pharonic Village, and he wouldn't hear of it.  He arranged for the car, driver and himself to take us there, which took up their entire afternoon.  We told him that was not necessary, but he insisted.  We were overwhelmed with his hospitality.  Please tell Khaled what a wonderful job he had done and how kind and comforting Tamer is.  He's a very hard worker.

Thanks for taking care of the details for us.  The hotels we stayed at were nice.  It was a bit noisy in the Delta Pyramids, but I can't complain because the view was great!  The Luxor hotel was in a great location as well.  I only wish we could have had more time in each day, even just to stop and observe everyday Egypt and take pictures of street scenes.  We really enjoyed our trip.

Gary Ewell – Egypt – November 2005

The trip in general was great and most enjoyable.  Thanks for the work done in getting it just right.  I appreciate the patience you and Avril showed.

In general, the hotels and the food and the sights and the guides were excellent and helped make our tour most memorable!!

Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez – Egypt – November 2005

First, I’d like to say that we had a wonderful time.  Our trip was very interesting and exciting.  Thank you for all of your help.  Our correspondence with you, Avril and Khaled have been wonderful and very pleasant.  Thank you for the email and trying to get a hold of us at Concorde.  Overall, A-Z tours did a nice job.
Please know that over all, we were very satisfied with our vacation.  We received the package with the ferry, train and airplane tickets when we arrived and exchanged money.  H did a great job as our tour guide, and was very informative.  We had a great time with him.  The hotels we stayed in were very nice and provided us with excellent service and our cruise ship was very nice.  Thank you again for all the hard work and time that you put into this vacation for us.

Melissa Annan – Morocco -  November 2005

The trip was great, well exceeded our expectations. Thanks for all your help.

Heidi Hudson – Europe, Ultimate River Cruise - November 2005

Wow I can't believe I did it and all alone. This felt very safe and secure a way to travel alone. I met some really nice and generous travelers who happily shared time and tables and bus seats with me all along the way. This river cruise is a very civilized way to travel and see some of the beautiful parts of Europe without the packing and unpacking hassles of coach tours. The food was magnificent and the service A+. A mostly  Romanian and very young staff, but charming.

It is not your typical cruise with a million planned activities so if that is what one is expecting they will be disappointed but if you want a sensible relaxing and informative tour with the ability to sit back with tea or a cocktail and watch beautiful scenery go by with live piano music in the background with daily walking tours, this is for you.  Thanks for asking about my trip.

Dana & Daniel Kaplan – Egypt – November 2005

Daniel and I had a wonderful trip to Egypt.  Thank you so much for all of your help in preparing this trip we will not forget. Everything went off without a hitch and all personnel were very helpful and informative. Thanks again,

Sarah Ann Kraft – Egypt – October 2005

I just thought that I should write and thank you for the wonderful trip. I loved traveling Egypt it was truly amazing. I wish to shower you in praise for the excellent adventure. Thank you for everything.         

Larry Cohen – Egypt – October 2005

I had a wonderful time on my trip. It was a very exciting adventure for me. I thought it was very well organized for the most part. I did run into a few organizational problems. Although I was happy with my guides generally,

Nothing takes away from the fact that I had a wonderful trip to Egypt. My dealings with A-Z in Canada (you and Avril) have been excellent. Thank you, Avril. I appreciate your responses. Again, it really was a trip of a lifetime for me, despite the little problems. Thank you.

Vibeke Hintze – Egypt – October 2005

Thanks for the welcome greeting. Generally we've enjoyed the trip very much and we have learned a lot about both ancient and modern Egypt. 2 of the 3 guides we had were very skilled and were able to answer all our questions!!

The Nile cruise ship was perfect and the food was excellent! The tipping system is – as you yourself have pointed out – totally annoying!  The overall overview down there was OK, picking up and dropping at the hotels etc., the guides were nice and skilled and spoke fairly decent English.

Theresa & Joe – Italy -  October 2005

Everything was wonderful, trip was unbelievably delightful and the tour guide Morris and bus driver was the best. Thank you for all your help in planning our trip.

Ryan Fobel – Egypt/Greece/Europe - September 2005

What a long and splendid vacation!  It really was perfect.  Egypt was spectacular, and the two Cosmos trips were amazing.  I would have enough to say to fill several pages so I won't do that.  But just wanted to say thanks for putting  together a fantastic itinerary.  I am very satisfied and will definitely recommend your company to everyone I know who plan to go to Egypt. 
It truly was wonderful and the trip of a lifetime.  Greece and the cruise were spectacular and Central Europe was really good.  Blessings,

Liz Peterson – USA to Egypt - August 2005

My trip was great!!! Your agent was a fantastic tour leader.  He met me at the Cairo Airport, and he made sure that I was taken care of throughout my travels through Egypt.  My tour guides were great, too!!! I had two that were most prominent during my tour -  both Ahmed’s. They were both so knowledgeable and they seemed to enjoy their work. Most importantly, they assuaged any apprehensions that I may have had about traveling alone.  I felt like I was in capable hand and in good hands.  They treated me like Egyptian royalty-like a queen. 

I Learned so much about Egypt and the Egyptian culture.  I had a very wonderful experience and I met some really nice people.  An honorable mention should go to your Aswan agent  - he was the tour leader that met me at the Aswan train station.  He was very nice and helpful.

The morning I was to return to the United States, your agent promptly showed up at the hotel and he escorted me to the airport.  He wanted everything to be okay, so he was a little annoyed that the man who was supposed to help me through the airport did not show up, but I was okay with him seeing me off.  I will miss him - he is someone that I consider a friend, now.  In fact, your agents and guides I met along the way are people that I consider friends.

Thanks for a GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!

Lawrence Loh – Egypt – August 2005

I had a wonderful time, and your guides are terrific!

Lyn Hall – USA to Italy - August 2005

I had a lovely time and arrived home safe & well thank you. The local tour guides were great. Having the "Whisper" talking gadgets the guides had were great too, very professional. The hotels were good.

Overall I did have a lovely time and if I'd had a couple of later morning starts, only by an hour or so but they would have made a difference, then I would probably have been able to say I'd had a great time thank you Theresa.

Assumpta Ndumi – Khartoum to Egypt – July 2005

Thank you so much for arranging the trip for me in such a short time. All went well and I had a wonderful time in Egypt. The tour guides were all wonderful and especially Ashraf who was my guide for most of the tour. The tour went on as scheduled and I loved every moment of it (I left Cairo with twice as much luggage as I brought in).

The Nile cruise was particularly interesting for me and the office gave me a contracted guide who made sure that I did not get bored, especially being alone. I loved Alexandria and next time I'm in Egypt I will spend more time there.

The staff made sure I was comfortable and that I enjoyed myself so that any problem I may have faced is not worth mentioning. Once again THANK YOU so much and I hope that you will pass this on to your staff in Cairo. I will definitely be back someday and I'm on a campaign to get all my friends to visit Egypt with A-Z tours. I'm glad I made that choice.

Judy Speight – Vancouver/BC & Alberta - Canada – July 2005

Just a few comments about the arrangements. They went like clockwork and we had no problems whatsoever. However, the tour organizers might benefit from a few comments for future clients.

Two hotels one in Vancouver and one in Jasper (restaurant was great) were not good but we must say that the rest were fantastic and would totally recommend them. I cannot over state how wonderful the holiday was and we will certainly pass your details onto any of our friends intending to travel to America or Canada. We would also be very pleased to endorse any aspects of the tour for you and Discover travel, especially the hotels in Victoria, Whistler, Sun Peaks  and Banff.

Thanavud N. – Bangkok to Scandinavia - July 2005

The trip is great, we all enjoyed it. Thank you for everything.

Pimpa Hoontrakul – Thailand to Scandinavia - July 2005

It is very nice to receive your warm welcome home. Will be happy to refer A-Z Tours to friends.
Thank you very much for everything

Mark Chapin – Canada – July 2005

We had a wonderful trip and appreciate your help in planning and arranging everything.
At every location we discovered very friendly people, interesting culture, excellent food, and beautiful scenery.

We would definitely like to return someday, especially to Cape Breton.  That was our favorite spot even though the weather was changing daily (not too unusual from what we were told).  We got to dance at a Ceilidh in Baddeck and played golf at Highland Links GC, Bell Bay, and Green Gables.  We were able to nearly walk-on at every golf course. No problem getting tee times.  Bridget's favorite accommodation was Kindred Spirits, but all of the accommodations were great.
Thanks again for your help and we did have a great visit. 

Laila & Julien Turner – Nova Scotia/Newfoundland - Canada – July 2005

We had a marvelous time and neither one of us wanted to come back. We definitely will go back and then we will find a place to retire. We will be looking around Portugal Cove in particular.
Instead of Woody Island we did a tour around the Baccalieu Peninsula and stayed overnight at Old Pelican at the north end of the peninsula.
We brought back 6 rolls of film and a CD of NL music. Our 2 favourite songs are "I'm from the Rock" and "I'm a Newfoundlander by Choice".
We saw 6 moose, 3 caribou, a pod of whales who came very close to the catamaran off Bulls Bay and lots of Puffins and other birds on Gull Island.
Julien was not keen on the B&Bs but after staying at Carriage House and the Bluenose he now has a different attitude towards B&Bs and would do it again. Both places were excellent and the hosts superb. 

If we went again we would not do the 360 tour to the Coast of Bays. The coast was amazing but the route down 360 was very boring. There is talk of re-instating a ferry service for vehicles from the Coast of Bays to the Avalon Peninsula which would make the trip shorter and more interesting.
All went well: the weather was perfect, the scenery spectacular, cod is now my favourite fish, the people were wonderful and you did a great job planning our trip.
Thanks again for helping to make this a trip of a lifetime

Tim Seay – Egypt – July 2005

I had a great time in Egypt, though I was glad to get out when I did.  I feel bad for the people who depend so much on tourism.

1.  Most of the hotels were great (Luxor, the Cruise Boat, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheik).

2.  The tipping really got to me...  Some of the guides took care of the tipping at the different sites and I in turn tipped them well at the end which made things more pleasant.  The guide at Luxor was very knowledgeable.

3.  The tour director was a great director and very entertaining.  He was always punctual and did a great job.  All in all, I did enjoy myself.  Egypt is a great vacation destination and I plan to go back again during a cooler time of the year.  I'll definately use A-Z again. Thanks!

Elaine Clueit – Canada – June 2005

I welcome the opportunity to give you some feedback on our trip.

First the positives – all the itinerary, accommodation etc was fine.  Our favourite place was the Ocean B&B in Digby – and that was the cheapest.  Really friendly and good layout and location.  The most uncomfortable room was at The Blomidon – very pokey and a huge but uncomfortable bed. However we chose to have dinner there and that was lovely – the one chance to dress up a bit!  We also loved Guest Lovitt in Yarmouth – I wanted to be Judy Garland in Meet me in St Louis!  You really felt as though you were back to the turn of the last century!

The best thing about Nova Scotia was the people – everyone was incredibly friendly, polite and helpful – from the ladies in the diner in Halifax when we lost our way to the Customs Officer who stamped my receipts at the airport.  Some of the nicest people I have ever met and they will be my lasting memory

Now for the not so goods.  As you know the weather wasn’t kind to us – in fact at times in felt like the middle of winter – that I know cannot be helped. Also for future clients who express a real interest in whale watching I suggest they stay on Brier Island – it was a real jaunt going back and forth to Digby each day as much as we like the Ocean B&B.

We did enjoy our visit. All your arrangements were fine – thanks for your help.  I do hope your summer picks up weather wise

Jim Brantley – Egypt – June 2005

The trip went very well, our dive master was extremely helpful.  My only comment was the accommodation.  The Golden Five Resort Hotel, was OK........My standards would have preferred the Hilton or the Marriott.  Especially for the food.

Josephine Sellers – Egypt – June 2005

We had a good day of touring in Cairo with a super tour organizer and a wonderful, passionate guide and felt well cared for. Flights were good and we were well cared for at both airports.  Thanks for the arranging.

Keith Nelson – Greece – May 2005

We had a nice time, everything went well and Globus did everything they said they would. The hotels were very nice and the people on the trip very friendly. Was great!

Adrian Evans, Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, USA to Egypt – April 2005

Cairo staff were all extremely helpful and professional. Our guide was an excellent resource. he answered all of our questions and explained everything fully, which can be difficult as this was a group of high school kids.

David Winney, Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, USA to Egypt - April 2005

The tour guides presentation was thorough, detailed, informative, educational and interesting. His insights made this very educational and helpful. I learned a lot and enjoyed learning and understanding more about Egyptian Ancient History, Cultural and Current life.

Adrian Evans – School Group of 18 from Cedar Rapids USA to Egypt – April 2005

The trip was excellent from end to end. The tour reps in Cairo were phenomenal and our guide was second to none. The only hitch was that some kids got sick, but the guide and the company reps handled it expertly and were willing and able to adjust our plans to ensure that everyone had a good time.

The other faculty chaperone and I enjoyed ourselves so much on our trip and were so impressed by the tour as it was organized by your company we were wondering if your company had any tours to England, Scotland and Ireland- possible looking at late July-early August of 2006.

Orrie Mundinger and Matt McCain – Egypt – July 2005

We are back and really enjoyed our trip.  Thanks for your help and have a great day!

Jason Fletcher – Egypt - July 2005

Thanks for the follow-up!  We had a great trip.  My girlfriend is moving to Bahrain and we plan on traveling in the future, so I'll be in touch in a few months!


Paul Busst – Egypt – July 2005

Yes, we made it back in 1 piece alright. Had a great time visiting such fantastic sites. The tour was very well planned and all the guides really knew their stuff. Thanks for all you help.


Robyn Schmidtke Family – Egypt – July 2005

We had a wonderful time! Everything went well with one little glitch at Abu Simbul. However, a very nice police officer saw that we were a bit confused and he got a bus for us.

Also, we upgraded hotels to the Le Meridien except for Hurghada. The Sea Gull hotel was acceptable. The tour guides handled the hotel upgrades without any problems and we were pleased. Spending the day cruising the Nile was relaxing and we loved the scenery.

Overall, the trip was very well balanced with busy time and ample down time (which was nice after a day in the hot sun at the pyramids). The trip was scheduled efficiently so that we could see the important points of Egypt. A couple highlights for us was the Valley of the Kings and Abu - Simbul. The dinner cruise on the Nile was fun with the belly dancer. All of the restaurant choices were very good and clean. The best restaurant was the fish restaurant in Alexandria. 

As far as our guides, the drivers were very hospitable and our guide was a wonderful tour guide. He is very knowledgeable and very patient. His pace for the tour was perfect. He didn't drag things out but at the same time provided us with pertinent information. He was also very accommodating and sensitive to our needs as tourists. I recommend him to anyone desiring an excellent guided tour through Egypt.

As far as safety, we felt very comfortable throughout the tour. Overall, I would recommend A-Z Tours to friends and possibly use A-Z in the future.


Mark Florek – Italy – July 2005

We had a wonderful time! Being first time travelers we had a lot of apprehension about the trip and what to expect. The Globus tour was extremely organized and well balanced. Our tour guide was outstanding. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about the sites, she treated each person on the trip as if they were part of her family. She worried about every detail, making sure that everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Our motor coach was incredibly clean and comfortable. Our driver Gerardo was always on time and amazingly skilled. I couldn’t get over how easily he handled the motor coach on those narrow roads in the Tuscan country side.

The local guides did a very good job, and the “Whisper” communication system made it very easy to hear everything.

We decided to do all of the optional side tours. Some were great and others were just o.k. The Tuscan dinner outside of Florence was the absolute best food, best atmosphere, and best time.  I would strongly suggest that you recommend this optional night out to your other clients. The Venetian night out was disappointing and over priced.

The hotel accommodations were good in Rome and Venice, but the hotel in Florence was average.  They were all clean, and air conditioned. Since we did all the optional tours there wasn’t much time spent around the hotels other than sleeping.

I appreciate all your help in setting up the trip and your help with finding the right trip for the time we had to work with. 

I believe in a few years we will be ready for our next trip. Perhaps to Scotland, Wales, Ireland to see some castles and more historical things, or may be a cruise of the Greek Isles. Any way, this was a memorable trip and a great way for us to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  Best of luck with your work.


Brian Sellers – Egypt – 2005

Very good care, polite & knowledgeable in area and information.

Carol Wiebe – Egypt – June 2005

We had a marvelous time in Egypt! It ended up being a rest for us; we were so well taken care of. We weren't expecting our personal van and guides, but they were wonderful. I did leave comments with them, but will give you feedback as well for future customers. The Siag hotel, although well-situated and definitely with a lovely big pool that we used a lot, was sinking into disrepair.

I loved the Fayyoum Oasis. The Sound and Light Show (which I feared might be tacky) was majestic, informative and awe-inspiring. Our guides were excellent. The boys loved them, and were quite energetic around them – the guides had to put up with a lot! Our driver made me feel safe in Cairo, which says a lot. On the whole, it was a great vacation! Many thanks!

Geoff & Solange Dobb - Australia to Egypt - May 2005 

Our time in Egypt was really interesting with good memories of the scenic highlights and the well informed tour guides-- especially in Cairo.  The only criticism was the Pyramids Hotel in Cairo which was noisy.  Thanks for a good holiday.. Regards

Wim Van Kuijk (2 pax) – From Holland and Indonesia to Egypt – May 2005

Last night I came back from Egypt after a trip that we overall qualified as GOOD. The qualification would have been VERY GOOD with these two improvements:

The Pyramids Hotel is very, very, very noisy. Not only because all rooms face the very noisy street side with all the honking day and night. But first of all because they often have wedding parties on the second floor – which continue till 7 in the morning or even later.
Because of that we had 3 very unquiet nights with bad sleep. We asked our Guide to find another hotel. He couldn't, but gave us a better room upon return in Cairo: on the 7th floor. Quiet enough to sleep. We don't complaint about the quality of the hotel itself: the rooms are good enough, service is good, staff is very friendly.

Overall the tours and excursions were great - but four elements were just tourist traps: perfume 'museum', papyrus 'institute', weaving 'school' and alabaster 'factory'. Some guests might like them but our advice is to inform the customers clearly beforehand or make these destinations optional. Technically the whole tour was done VERY well, excellent even: picking up, assistance, transport was all very good.

We don't see the remarks above as complaints, but as contributions from our side to make your product better!  We had a wonderful time in Egypt. We realized it wasn't easy to find a tour that could be satisfying for someone who flew in from Indonesia and one who came from Holland. But you made it work. Thanks for your contribution to make our trip unforgettable. Thanks also for helping to solve the sudden problem when the Egyptian embassy refused to give Phillip a proper visa in time, followed by the refusal to let him board his plane in Jakarta! Kindest greetings,

Sue & Gene Schaefer – California to Italy - May 2005

We had a wonderful time and all went well - Thanks for everything.

Nausheen Hussain & Mary Song – USA to Morocco – May 2005

It was fantastic!! Thank you again for all your help!!

Jacqueline Daley (3 pax) – West Indies to Egypt – May 2005

Just wanted to say what a wonderful holiday we had in Egypt, it was fantastic, people were wonderful and it is now one of my favorite places .100%  brilliant, could not fault a thing. Many Thanks.


Jim & Carol Bacon – Florida to Egypt – May 2005

We are back, and had a wonderful time.  The entire trip went off just as planned, just as promised, and without any complications.  You can book with the confidence of knowing that your Egypt connections are extremely competent and reliable, especially your Cairo team.The drivers were agile and the guides very knowledgeable. I would like to take this opportunity to summarize its highlights here again to provide you with an objective review to reference in the future:

The Pyramids Hotel was less than expected. While we would agree it would probably be a 3 star hotel by Egyptian standards, the actual room would not rate more than one star. It was always in question whether or not the air conditioning was on or working. While the room was generally clean, it was also in a fairly rundown condition.  All the faucet knobs came off in our hands and the broken shower head sprayed water everywhere. On the plus side though was the small refrigerator did keep things nice and cold, a wide selection of restaurants nearby offered variety, the nearby ATM machine was very convenient, and there was always an attendant available around the clock to push the button of our floor number for us in the elevator. 

Please note that none of these issues were of such magnitude to move us to mention them to or contact the front desk for any sort of resolution.  We were still comfortable enough.  It is simply that in our opinion, we would probably upgrade from this level of hotel in the future.

The sleeper train was nicer than expected.  Clean, comfortable, and the provided meal exceeded the expectations of what we were lead to expect from some other commentary found in research done prior to departure. The Sea Gull Hotel in Hurghada greatly exceeded expectations, was certainly a pleasant surprise, and perhaps one of the highlights of the tour. Could have definitely spent some more time there for sure!

All the connections, meet and greet, and transportation arrangements were punctual and reliable. In 13 days of travel, there was only a single minor miscue with the meet and greet at the Sea Gull in Hurghada, when the tour director failed to show up upon our arrival.  But we were still able to get checked in without him and without any real inconvenience or delay with the help of the hotels guest relations person. A pretty damn good record overall.

The Nile cruise of course was wonderful, the centerpiece of our Egypt experience. An advance idea of what the level of onboard services and entertainment would be would have allowed us to better prepare for our cruise. For example, knowing in advance that television in our cabin would only be available while in port and it was not until the last day when it was revealed to us how gratuities would be handled. When we checked out that we were surprised to be informed that our bar tab for the cruise was only payable in cash.

So in conclusion, we hope this might be of some help.  We had a great time, and were surprised at how well the entire trip was coordinated.  We have already been asked about and are recommending A-Z Tours to our friends, and will certainly look first to A-Z for our future travel needs.

Frank Boice (Party of 3) – Daytrip in Egypt – May 2005

Just a note to let you know the Suez tour went off as planned.  It was a LONG day - we started at 7:00am and we returned to the hotel at 10:05 pm! Saw the whole length of the canal plus some other things that the local agent added.  All three of us were well satisfied. A good solid tour that we all enjoyed.
Daniel Colmenares – Columbia to Egypt – May 2005

Thanks a lot for all details and arrangements. Everything was excellent in Egypt, since the arrival to the departure. I enjoyed very much the trip and the AZ representatives in Egypt fully supported me and made everything possible for a pleasant standing.


Erin P Casey (3 pax) – Carolina to Egypt – May 2005

I definitely will recommend you to anyone I know who is planning a trip.  I have told everyone that Egypt is a great place to visit so hopefully at least some of them will plan to go. The guide we had on our trip was terrific. He really made the whole vacation easy and enjoyable. 

Thanks!!   We had a terrific trip.   Egypt is a beautiful country with so much to see.  Everyone we dealt with in Egypt was super friendly and efficient.  Everything went so smoothly that I can't believe I was worried about a thing.  It couldn't have been more fun or easier. The boat was nice, the cruise was wonderful and our guide was just terrific.  He was very knowledgeable and taught us so much about Egypt.  He made sure everything was taken care of for us and it was a pleasure to spend time with him.  We had a great vacation thanks to him. Thank you again for all your help setting up our trip.

Ron & Beryl Horrocks – Ontario, Canada to Egypt – April 2005

First of all we would like to thank A-Z Tours for a marvelous tour and we would not hesitate in recommending it to others. We really enjoyed it.
Beryl Horrocks
As promised, I am indicating our comments re the tour. First of all we would like to say we really enjoyed the tour and will be recommending your company to anyone who asks about A-Z Tours. There were a few glitches but overall it was marvelous. Hopefully, we might do an extended tour of new places in the future.
Arrival - Cairo – You agent did a very efficient job along with transfer to the Pyramids Hotel. He also entertained us on the evening Nile dinner cruise. Enjoyed his company.
Hotel - As expected for a 3/4* hotel. Service was usually excellent, rooms were clean, bed linen changed and wonderfully hot water. It is sorry to see such a nice hotel such as this deteriorate over time. The small things, like an open wire electrical plug by the bed, sweeping the carpets instead of vacuuming them, the mural in the breakfast room that was very chipped and needs retouching, breakfast which was always cold, even though there was provision for candles under the warming pans, outside lights and fixtures which had not been replaced/repaired when burnt out/ damaged, etc. These were the things that were detracting from the place and over time, may cause you to look for another hotel. Overall we enjoyed the Pyramids Hotel, even though we had to wear earplugs in bed because of the constant honking.
Cairo Guide – The guide was excellent. Very good Egyptologist, well versed in all areas and we liked him because he was able to explain everything so clearly. He was easy going, had a good sense of humor and was pleasantly surprised whenever my wife asked in-depth questions outside of what he was telling us. Enjoyed the guides company as well as our drivers. One incident where our  driver was dragged out of bed at 3a.m was above the call of duty and he is to be commended. .
Alexandria - Enjoyed, however, thought we were going to go IN the National Museum and Bibliotheca rather than just see them from the outside. Somewhat disappointed. The Lunch wasn't bad.
Fayyoum - Really surprised at the size of the lake, just like Lake Ontario,  and it was interesting to be guided around the Kings palace/hotel. Enjoyed the trip out there immensely.
Abu Simbul - Well, I do not know what happened to the guide/agent who was to meet us. After a while a 'tourist agent', or someone who seemed to know what he was doing, married the 4 of us up with another US couple who had also lost their guide. We had to buy tickets, which were refunded, and we met an Egyptian, by Abu Simbul, who gave us a fairly good explanation of the temples. 
Cruise Ship - Really  enjoyed, it was so much better that the 5/6 level ships we saw and in many ways the highlight of the tour. The cabin was bigger than the one we had in China, it was comfortable and well appointed. Had to laugh at the steward who made swans of the towels as well as a hanging monkey with a roll of toilet paper and my glasses. The individual service at mealtimes was a nice touch and we did not have the crowds of tourists to contend with as we saw on some of the other cruise ships.
Aswan/Cruise Guide – Our Guide provided excellent information, he is knowledgeable, complete and presents his subject matter well  It represents history and what we were seeing very clearly. Whenever we asked questions related to what was being told to us his answers were excellent.  Had to repeat questions a few times as the answer tended to be about the historic content rather what was being asked. Overall I would praise him as he really did a good job of looking after all our needs, excursions, etc on the cruise part of our tour.
Aswan - The Felucca ride was very enjoyable. The train journey was interesting, the cabin as expected, clean and compact. The meal didn't have anything to say for it, packaged, dry food.
Met in Cairo by the Guide who really looked after us. Very professional and we enjoyed his company.
Cairo - We really did enjoy the optional tour of the Cairo Opera House on our last morning. This add-on, was certainly worthwhile. The young lady who showed us around did an excellent job and she should be complemented. The Cairo tower was interesting. We did some shopping at the Cairo Mall the evening before as it was only a 10-12 minutes walk away from the hotel. 
In closing, and in rereading the above, I seem to be a little critical. Please do not take this the wrong way as we really enjoyed the tour, will recommend it to anyone who enquires about our holiday, but felt that you would be appreciative of the information in that it could assist in improving future tours. Thanks again for an excellent tour.

Lorelie Dean (42 pax) – Ontario, Canada - Owen Sound and Walkerton School Group to Egypt – March/April 2005

I really miss you and all the wonderful talks we had.  I miss Egypt too. It was the "Trip of a Lifetime" and I will always remember it with great delight.  Thanks to you, Khaled and the host of other people you had working for A-Z Tours. Your planning and insights made our trip amazing.

Bethany and I attended the get together for the Owen Sound Egypt Group on April 7th.  We got to see each others pictures and Joe put together a slide show and power point presentation.  I was pretty sore after all the laughing. I'm sure once as Joe has finalized the presentations, he will send you a copy. A few of the girls want to take up belly dancing. Bethany says that her friends that didn't go to Egypt think that the Egypt Group have there own "Special Club" because when they meet in the hallways, they are always reminding each other of things that happened in Egypt and laughing.

I loved the weather there.  It was difficult to come back and see snow still here. I have started my picture scrapbook of Egypt (only on page 3). Take care for now,



The Rutters - Egypt - March/April 2005

Hi Avril: 
I have finally been able to sit down and complete my own personal diary of the Egypt trip and can reflect on the trip.  I will include my testimonial below.

If you are a teacher or group leader you have to seriously consider A-Z tours as your only real option for Egypt.  I planned and researched our school trip for almost 2 years.  (I also had been to Egypt and knew exactly what I wanted)  Planning an overseas school trip in today's political climate can be an extremely rigourous endeavor.  You have to consider safety, cost, value, accommodations, meals, itinerary, pace, insurance ... the list goes on.  I simply can not say enough about Avril and Khaled at A-Z tours.  They were incredibly flexible and transparent throughout the planning process and throughout the length of our trip.  Avril and Khaled are two of the nicest and most caring people I have had the pleasure to personally meet.  We were fortunate to have them travel with us during our trip (something they do from time to time).  I literally could go on for hours and hours because of Avril's and Khaled's planning, attention to details and personal touches they added to our trip of a lifetime.
A few special details about A-Z tours: 
- a wonderful reception at the airport and personal commentary by Mr. Khaled through Cairo
-  our bags were checked at the hotel (every hotel) and taken to our rooms for us
-  after a day of tours and travel we would always go straight to dinner or lunch (a big hit with hunger teenagers)
-  exchaned money for us
-  water, chocolate bars, candy, crossants, pop were supplied for free on the bus (name another budget company that does this small but huge service)
-  front row seats at the pyramid laser light show and arabic folklore show
-  Mr. Khaled personally ordered gold and silver cartouches for several of us that decided we would like them 2 days after we visited a jeweler
-  Avril arranged t-shirts with everyone's name embroidered on it with hieroglyphics
-  Mr. Khaled arranged for an Egyptian cotton store to stay open because we were running late from Alexandria and I mentioned to Avril I wouldn't mind buying some Egyptian cotton sheets.  (by the way they are amazing to sleep on!)
-  upgraded our cruise and hotel stay in Hurghada to a 5 star plus (my Caribbean honeymoon was not this luxurious or romantic, I wished my wife were there and not Alex my roomate)
-  Avril and our tour guide, Hamden knew every students (36 of them) by name
-  lots of advice on bartering, where to shop, what is good value, etc.
-  some kids got sick (and they will on any trip) but Khaled being from Egypt knew the proper medication (it worked quickly).  Some doctors will not prescribe travel medications like Cipro to students under 18 (so what do they do when they get sick???)  Luckily, Avril and Khaled because of their experience and expertise could step up and provide students with an alternative.  This is a real tricky and delicate subject where students are informed of their choices and they make the decision to take the medication or not.
Not a day goes by that I don't see one of my 36 students or 3 chaperones that they don't mention the trip and how it changed their lives.  I have students begging me to take them to Egypt because of the stories, photos and personal momentos we brought back.  Egypt sells itself but A-Z tours make the memories last a lifetime.  Here are some of our highlights:
-  the pyramids           -  laser light shows at the pyramids and Karnak temple  -  tomb under the second pyramid
-  perfume factory      -  visit to the carpet school in Saqqara                               -  camel ride
-  Saqqara pyramid  -  overnight sleeper train to Aswan                                      -  Aswan high dam
-  Felucca ride           -  Abu Simbel  (wow)                                                             -  2 day cruise on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor
-  Philae temple         -  Kom Ombo                                                                         -  Luxor and Karnak temple
-  Valley of the Kings!-  King Tut's tomb                                                                  -  Hatshesput's temple!!!!
-  The Citadel             -  Snorkel trip and boat day in Hurghada (paradise!!!!)    -  Cairo Museum (King Tut and Mummy room)
-  The Bazaar             -  Alexandria (Roman Catacombs and theatre)                 -  Nile dinner cruise 
-  Whirling dervish show (unbelieveable)                    
All this in 2 weeks!!!  It may seem busy but because of the planning there was lots of chill out time (the cruise, beach resort).  Our kids were kept relaxed but busy, something every parent and teacher wants.
Finally, Avril and Khaled are real people that care, are passionate about travel and cater to their clients needs.  I literally have travelled the world and have never met anyone as committed to travellers needs and dreams as A-Z tours.  What are you waiting for?  Make your dreams come true and contact Avril! 
I am already planning my next trip to South America and A-Z tours will be the only company I will consider.

Keith & Jill Nelson – UK to Egypt - April 2005

We did enjoy our trip to Egypt very much. We were a little nervy before we arrived about the collecting of the Visa's, we thought we would have to go through Immigration and Customs before we met an A-Z Rep, but that was not the case and everything went very well. All your reps and guides were very good. We always knew what was going on and were met and escorted to where we were going.

John Jacobs - Egypt updated story and pics 2005

John took some excellent pictures and put together a story for an upcoming book.


Richard & Nancy Zimmerman - Egypt - April 2005

Our 22 days in Egypt was a most delightful experience and met and exceeded all of our expectations.  The contacts in Egypt went extremely well, the hotels were indeed first class, the food was delicious, the overnight train trip to Aswan was delightful and the cruise on the Nile was most relaxing.  I have absolutely no complaints and would recommend the trip to anyone interested in an adventure in Egypt.
We loved the country and especially the people of Egypt.  They are such kind and friendly people.  We never worried about our safety.  The drivers were very good, all of them punctual and polite.  We had excellent guides and the guide that accompanied us during most of our trip, was exceptional.  He was most knowledgeable, very understanding, always concerned about our particular interest and the kind of person you would like to have as a friend and neighbor.  We traveled many of our 22 days with only one other couple.  We enjoyed their company but judging from some of their (her) complaints over seemly minor matters, I see that she had not read very carefully your tips for traveler before beginning the trip.  We just stuck with tip #3 and got along fine.  Thank you for your efforts in helping to plan this trip and making it a memorable experience. 

Donna Heinle - Egypt - April 2005

Your staff was reliable and punctual in picking us up.  The guides were excellent.  Thanks again.

Ron Neal - Jordan - April 2005

Your guide did an excellent job of taking care of us and we rate the tour as good to excellent and have no problem to recomment the program to others

Stephen Lash & Kristen Gwara - Egypt - April 2005

I wanted to write you to thank you so very much for the work you and your staff did to set up this trip to Egypt.  Kristen and I enjoyed the trip very much.  I have always wanted to go to Egypt and with your work everything we saw was amazing.  Our tour guides were extremely kind.  Again thank you very much.  In the future I would like to return to Egypt and I would definitely go through A-Z Tours again, and I recommend your agency to anyone.  Thank you. 

Kathleen Gallagher - Egypt - April 2005

Trip went very well though more time in Abu Simbel is necessary due to ine just to get in.  We are already looking at next trip that will include Red Sea

Eric Caplinger – Egypt - April 2005

The trip was fantastic.You’re guide, went out of her way to ensure we had a great time. We feel like we made a great friend in Egypt. In addition, the driver should be sainted.  My father was injured while in Egypt and the driver not only drove us to the hopsital, but he waited for hours for us to finish.  In addition, he drove us to the airport upon departure and made sure we were able to find a wheelchair for my dad once arriving at the airport.  I've traveled around the world, and I've found the people in Egypt to be the nicest I've ever met.  Without A-Z Tours, our trip would certainly have been difficult.  If you ever need a referral, just let me know.

Marcia Bosswick - Egypt - April 2005

I have finally recovered from jet lag following my independent trip to Egypt for three weeks.  I want to thank you for the superb, virtually last minute arrangements you made for me.  Without your travel transfers (where someone met me at every airport on my itinerary as well as brought me to my return flights, whisking me through the chaos of every airport in the country),your outstanding city based personnel, especially those who handled my sightseeing, guides, drivers, and inter - Egypt plane flights, my trip would not have been the superb experience that it was.

My special praise is reserved for Carol Lomond, your agent in Nova Scotia, whose infinite patience with my every reuest, itinerary changes, and non - functioning e-mail earns her a place in my Travel Agent's Hall of Fame.  I will forever be grateful for her reservation for me on the Lake Nasser Cruise on the ship the Kasr Ibrim to Abu Simbel which was the highlht of my trip.  I doubly appreciated the quality services you provided when I spoke to other tourists who had used other companies, and had many trip problems.

It is imperative on an independent tour in Egypt to have people in each location on your itinerary who are completely knowledgeable about their city and its antiquities and are reliable in dealing with your travel needs  and requests.  The A-Z  Tours personnel were absolutely wonderful, often going far beyond what I expected them to provide.  hey made a wondrous place that had been a long time dream trip (ever since I saw slides of tomb paintings in my first art history course in college) into reality for me.  Even though I have travelled widely - China, Japan, the Middle East, Mexico, Peru and the United States - Egypt will always be my favorite trip and I know it is because of your marvelous travel arrangements.  Thank you so very much!

Marian McCormack – Egypt - March 2005

We had a wonderful holiday.  Your company is excellent.  Everything went to plan.  Our main tour guide was excellent at his job.  He was efficient, punctual, pleasant and had extensive knowledge of his subject.  It was a pleasure traveling with him. I hope I get an opportunity to travel with you again and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanking you again for all your help.

Sue & Scott Reimer - Egypt - March 2005

Hi Avril - all was great with one exception in Aswan (not sure what happened there but it was only one night so not too bad...) I plan to send you a long email as soon as I get settled back in here at work. I can't say enough great things about guides, and your agent in Luxor . I loved the drivers, and one guide I think is newer so she is still learning and we  didn't connect as well with one guide - not sure why as he was very nice. Outstanding trip. More later. Sue

Follow up:
Avril - feel free to use any or all of this on your website if you wish to. Thank you both so much for all your help in arranging our trip to Egypt. We had a fabulous time. It was for our 20th anniversary and was just as special as we'd hoped it would be. From the door to door service to the guides that made each site more interesting than the last we loved every minute of our two weeks. Special mention to your excellent guides. They also shared personal stories that helped us gain insight into modern day Egyptian culture as well as all their historical knowledge. I don't know how they can keep all those facts straight! I'm afraid we were only so, so students - but they were very patient with us. They even arranged on the boat for a special celebration of our anniversary during dinner. It was certainly above and beyond and made for a very special night.

Loved the Sofitel in Giza. The boat the Nile Story was also outstanding. Great service, new boat and wonderful people. The Sonesta St. George in Luxor was our favorite. Great hotel. Finally the location of the Nile Hilton can't be beat. We spent a lot of time on their roof watching the Nile and the city below. The agent  in Luxor was also great. He managed to get our flight back to Cairo changed to earlier in the day so we didn't have to get into Cairo at 11:30pm... He also made us a CD of Egyptian music that we loved.

Our driver in Luxor and in Cairo were also great. I don't know how they drive in the crazy traffic but it was smooth as could be! Food was great throughout the trip. The guide often brought us juice boxes or other treats as well as we went along. One guide recommended an optional sight that ended up being one of our favorite spots - Medina Habu - the funeral temple of Rameses the III. They were also very flexible and they rearranged things so we could have a day by the pool in Luxor. So many good memories. Thank you again for arranging this wonderful trip for us. You have a great staff of people.

Debbie Wilmot – Jamaica to Egypt - March 2005

Jackie, my mom and I are safely home after a wonderful time in Egypt. Thanks to you and your team for planning our itinerary and for making our visit a smooth, hassle free, exciting and enjoyable one. 

Mike & Debbie Hammell - Egypt - March 2005 

Thank you for the quick set up of our tour - I know it was last minute - The tour was wonderful and everyone was very helpful - the tour guides excellent pickup meets and drivers as well.  This was a trip of a lifetime for us and you made it all we could ask for.  All accommodations were great and we enjoyed them all as well as our fellow travelers.  We arrived home well and in one piece and look forward to using your servive again in the future.  We will recommend your service to anyone.

Dan Moore - Egypt - February 2005

In preparing for the trip, I appreciated your prompt response to my questions that helped us to decide to go with A-Z.  The ability of A-Z to monitor us on a daily basis was helpful in rearranging our schedule once there to fill up "free" days.  All of the people we worked with were friendly and helpful.  We did feel that they wanted to please us.

I would especially like to mention the guides and agents, with whom we spent the most time.  They could not have been better suited to us.  The guide was professional, always on time, friendly, courteous, helpful to my wife when she was tired.  He told us he had always wantged to be a guide, and it showed in the enthusiasm he had to show us his Cairo and his Egypt.  He listened to our desires to mix with the people of Egypt and took us walking through Isamic Cairo, stopping at a street stand for some fresh sugar cane juice and helped us talk with local Egyptians at a hot sping in Sinai.  He filled our heads with as much as we could hold about Islam toda and yesterday.  Although a practicing Muslim, he knew plenty about Christianity and guided us competently though Coptic Cairo and allowed us time to converse with a Greek Orthodox Priest in Cairo and a Coptic Monk at St Bishoi. He shared his life and family with us over lunch and in the van.

The other guide was equally professional, friendly and courteous.  When we wanted to rearrange the order of seeing things to avoid a free morning in Luxor, he readily responded.  Despite the day lost due to the train accident, he was stll able to get us to all of the sites we were supposed to see.  He told us of his desire to be a professor of Egyptology and we could see his interest in the subject by the way he presented the sites to us.  I hope that some day he will be able to fufill his dream.  He also listened to Linda's desire to see the people and allowed us time to stroll through old Gourna and talk to the people there.  He detected Linda's desire for authentic Egyptian contact and arranged for us to go to the Suhel Island to visit the Nubian Village there instead of the usual tourist stop and we shared tea in the house of one of the boatmen, meeting his wife and children.  He was willing to share at length his Islamic faith with us and we had many interesting discussions so that by the end we felt the truth of his initial statement that he wanted to treat us as family.

The personal interactions with these fine ment were as important to us as the sights in our itinerary.  The driver was a superbly professional driver.  Though quiet, he navigated the Cairo traffic skillfully, never driving aggressively, yielding to others.  He always helped my wife in and out of the van and kept his van spotless.  We always felt safe, even when we knew he must be tired on some of his all day drives.  He was so respectful that he always found ways to leave us with the guide at meals but finally towards the end we felt we were able to convince him that we really wanted to know him too.  We were touched on the last day when he responded to Linda's request to see pictures of his family by bringing his own studio wedding and children's portraits from home and giving them to us.

The other driver was a lot of fun.  He introduced us to Egyptian music by playing CDs on his player.  He als was helpful to Linda in getting in and out of the van.  We really go to know him better during the drive to Hurghada, when he was not overshadowed by the guide being in the van too.  He was so proud to invite us to his flat and show us around.

We didn't spend much time with one of the guides, and there wasn't a lot for him to teach us, since we were going to Bahariya Oasis and the desert, but he also was very friendly and attentive to Linda's desires.  After she mentioned the disappointing trip to the Bedouin tourist village in Hurghada, he arranged for us to go into town one night to hear a Bedouin musician and observe how the locals spent their evenings.  The next evening he took us for a walk through town and invited us for tea and sheesha at a local meeting place.  Incidentally, we had a wonderful time at the oasis and in the desert with our driver.

We had no idea that such natural beauty existed in Egypt and felt fortunate that our schedule was able to be rearranged to permit this  It was our guide who suggested this when he took us to Sakkara.  We also appreciated his willingness to take us to a local market in Fayyoum and stroll with us through it so that we could see how local people shop.  The guide did the same in Luxor, takin g us not to the tourist market but the market the locals go to, and allowing us to walk through rather than taking a carriage as most tourists do.

As you can see, I have talked not so much about the sights in the itinerary as about the experiences we had, and itwas the flexibilty and the perceptiveness of the guides you gave us that allowed this to happen and contributed so much to our enjoyement of Egypt.  Bottom line: we had a great time, as you predicted, and this will be reflected in the evaluation we gave when we left.

As you know we are veryvdetail orineted and thank you and Khaled for bearing with us both before and during our trip.  We really enjoyed our trip, there were some minor issues but these were nothing when compared with the overall experience. We will include A-Z in our consideration for future trips.

Ron Chaney - Egypt - February 2005

My son Sean and I recently had a excellent tour and we are referring a friend. She is interested in tour only.  My guide was great, she did a great job.

Colleen Ostrowski - Egypt - January 2005

Just a quick note that we had a FABULOUS time - even with a bit of "traveler's sickness"!  My husband, Chris and I will send a longer message later but I wanted you to know that we had a great time and your guide is worth his weight in gold!!!


Eileen Spadoni – Egypt - January 2005

Trip went very well and I left a detailed trip report with Cairo team.  The A-Z on-site staff were great and I was glad to travel with the Canadian couple, who were really super. Thanks again 

Lori & Darrick Prentice - Egypt - January 2005

Well, our trip was wonderful, the weather was hot (except for the 3 days of rain in Cairo), and the tours enjoyable.  I loved the sites and the hotels!

In Cairo your guides and agents were extremely helpful and did everything they could to accommodate us and were not afraid to go the extra when we asked.  One guide was even willing to take us places not on the itinerary, I love Egypt history and wanted to see more, and he took us there.  We went to the Bent Pyramid one afternoon after the Step pyramid.

I was really disappointed that I only got 20 minutes in the museum and had to beg for 10 minutes to see the mummy room.  It was probably the packed itinerary, but it was awfully rushed.  (On the last day I asked to go back to the museum and he took us! Yah!!) Hurghada was also good, the guide fit everything in, I loved the snoreling, the Ali Wa Leila show and the safari.  The trip back to Cairo was great.  The Alexandria tour was also good. 

The Basma, Sofitel and Marriott were AMAZING! (especially the Marriott).  They definitely were worth yur4-5 star rating.  I don't know the name of the one driver we hae, but he was the BEST.  He was our driver the day we went to Memphis, Sakkara, Bent Pyramid.  He was so attentive, if he saw we were interested or pointing at something, he'd slow down.  He even stopped when he say I was taking a picture from the van!

I loved Egypt, loved the people, and would definitely refer A-Z Tours to anyone who wished to travel to Egypt. Both my husband and I truly enjoyed the Red Sea and Hurghada (Mariott Resort was EXCELLENT!) and wish we had more tie there.  The sites were superb and it was everything I dreamed it would be!  Thank you for arranging this tour and including all the things I wanted to see!

Sidney Hill – Egypt - January 2005

The trip went fine.  You have an excellent representative in Hurghada. I had a couple of problems which he handled in first-rate fashion.

FYI - Things at the Jasmine Village were perfectly okay, although I would consider it more a 3- than a 4-star place.  That's not intended as any sort of complaint.  You didn't sell it, it's where I wanted to be for my own personal reasons.  It's an old facility and somewhat worn.  That said, they seem to do a good job of keeping it clean and the staff/management are generally very accommodating.

Rosanne Gugino – Egypt - January 2005 

We went with a to z, am back it was great.

Gil McCoy – Egypt - January 2005

To all you wonderful people: The McCoy's and Liljeqvist's had such a great time in Egypt and appreciate all that you did for us.  It was most thoughtful to print up some business cards from the one I gave to the guide.  Any time you need to have enthusiastic referrals -- let us know - Thanks again.


Simon Mortimer & Barbara Pietreniuk – Egypt - January 2005

The trip was splendid! I would heartily recommend the Kasir Abrim to anyone! The boat and therein was above expectation and good value; I imagine the only ”quibbles” I might have was not getting the original dates, over New Year. Cheers! 

Becky Jarnes Party of 3 - Africa and US to Egypt - January 2005

Becky and Jennie returned to Chad, Africa, where they are serving as missionary nurses. They had a wonderful time in Egypt and enjoyed every minute of it. They were very happy with their guide. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I know they would be happy to write something for your web site about their time in Egypt (if you want/need it). Jesse has been back to work in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho since the 14th. He really enjoyed it too and hated to leave when they had just arrived at the Red Sea. By the way, the girls were able to scuba dive there at the Red Sea and really enjoyed that. Becky already talks about going back there next fall! We’ll see! Thanks for all your help. We would highly recommend your tour company. 

Bill Halloran - Egypt - January 2005

Yes - overall I enjoyed our trip.  Our guide was very good ineverything.  I realize that part of his job is to steet us toward people that want to sell us stuff but sometimes it made us a little uncomfortable since most of the time we  had no plan to buy, carpeting for example.  Also he could have given just a little more information as we drove along, about which buildings we were seeing OR what kind of crops were growing in the area, etc.

Bus trip from Luxor to Hurghada definately was an experience - and took a long time.  Maybe your pre-trip info should mention all the armed police and army that we saw everywhere and the reason/rationale for all of this.  I really did enjoy Egypt  - it's a wonderful country with wonderful people.  And thanks for the help you gave me in getting my itinerary together.

Bob & Joan Dillon – Egypt - December 2004

Thank you Avril!   A-Z did a great job for us in difficult times.  We may well use A-Z again if you go where we go. Happy Holidays to all. 

Louise Sandberg - Egypt - December 2004

I would say the trip was a great success.  We both really enjoyed ourselves and were warmly received by your staff and Egyptians in general.  It was a wonderful place.

Follow up
The trip on the whole was wonderful and I am very glad we took it.  Our interaction with the two guides was terrific.  Pick-ups and drop offs really went very well.  The cruise on teh Nile was great fun.  Our guide was chnaged without notice, but the new one was so wonderful that I can't complain.

I am so glad we ended in Hurghada.  What a wonderful resort you had for us!  It was truly a fitting ending for our stay in egypt.  Our trip back to Cairo was uneventful.  I was so happy to see your agent at the end of out bus trip waiting for us (I always worried but needn't have)  I am not used to people waiting for me.  The flight to Tel Aviv was again uneventful.  I haven't been to Jerusalem since 1975 and it was quite changed.  My husband delivered his talk at the hospital and we met the staff and celeatged the last night of Chanukak with one of his colleagues.  The vast majority of Egyptians we met were wondeful - friendly and warm.  We talked about everything with them - politics, religion and the war in Iraq.  I think it would be a great destination for many Americans that are very fearful of right now.  I have now created a very nice PowerPoint show that our family has seen. Again thanks for everything.  We may go back someday and see everything that we missed.

Manoj Jain – Egypt - December 2004

The Trip was great and we were happy with the whole Trip and its organization. The guide was very helpful and a very good guide. Overall all the people associated with the tour organization in Egypt were very friendly and good. Thanks

Peter Igbodudu – December 2004

My girlfriend and i had a nice time. we are more than grateful for everything your  workers in Egypt give us the best trip. I'm looking forward to do business with u future   thank u.

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