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Marek Soltysiak – Egypt – December 2007

The trip was very good, indeed. Egypt is definitely the place to see, and we found the people there to be very friendly and hospitable. We felt very well taken care of, especially by our Cairo guide. The hotels in Cairo and Luxor were very nice, and we wouldn't mind staying there again. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone going to Egypt. Thank you for making us feel like VIP's.

Atif Ahmed – Egypt – December 2007

The Egypt tour was nice. The Swiss Inn was great. The guide and the driver were helpful and knowledgeable. The pyramid trips were wonderful and we had plenty of fun. Thanks 
Ashraf Ghaly - Union College Group – Egypt – December 2007

The students are back home but I am still in Egypt for one more week. Everything went well. Thank you.

Carlos Ferre – Egypt – December 2007

Hi Carol, "God Bless You All"
Now I can tell you that I had a "GREAT TIME and a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE" there. Having seen most of the interesting and mysterious places, Made me realize my wish came true. These people lived long time ago were Genius. I had a great time with my guide she's cute, pretty, attentive, helpful and accommodating, but most of all sweet. With my other guide, she's fine enough but ka'na shy. I understand her because she's older, With the drivers, theyr'e all fine doi'n their job right. No untoward incident happen along our ways.

The cruise ship experience is great, travelling along the Nile seeing some of wonderful views nature offers. The food is excellent. Accommodation is fine. Travelling from place to place no hassle at all. I had a wonderful experience checking each Temple we went, I was too fascinated by such craftsmanship applied, giving too much attention to details as I recorded them, that often, I almost ignored my guide talking to me, I hoped they understand.

A Carol, I'll send you this now as part of my Testimonial, then continue afterwards.

Susan Oliver – Spain Portugal & Morocco - December 2007

The trip was GREAT!!. The hotels were generally top notch and better than I've stayed in while travelling before in Europe. Too much food it felt like a cruise and gained 5 lbs, but all was good, especially the regional dishes. We were fortunate to be travelling during the Christmas season in the Christian countries and during the Feast of the Sacrifice (of the sheep) in Morocco. I've never seen more sheep being led, wagoned, carted, taxied, bussed, trucked, motorcycled, pushed and carried in my life - a good photo collection. Thanks to our guides, the drivers' assistant and our outstanding driver, our heads are spinning with kings, queens, explorers, palaces, mosques, cathedrals and lots of newly absorbed regional history.
We won't be travelling again right away, but we are interested in a tour of Turkey in the future.
Thanks again for making the arrangements and have a Happy New Year!

Mona Boulet – Christmastime Cruise - December 2007

The trip was wonderful. The staff on the Avalon Tranquility was top-notch and helpful. Most everything and everyone were superb. 
I definitely WILL return to Bavaria and Austria. The optional side excursion to Salzburg was so lovely...I highly recommend it. The optional Strauss/Mozart concert in Vienna is also highly recommended and not to be missed. And I don't even care much for classical music but it was outstanding. ALL of the Christmas markets were fun and festive, particularly Nuremberg and Vienna, but all were absolutely beautiful.  Everywhere we went had stunning lights and decorations. The locals were kind and engaging.
Thanks again for arranging all the details! We had a fabulous time! I would be happy to e-mail some photos once I get to that task.
I forgot to mention what a beautiful city Prague is. We went to the Charles Bridge 4 times!! I've certainly never seen anything like it...numerous life-size ancient statues of saints and royals throughout the entire span. Anybody that visits Prague simply CANNOT miss this incredible bridge. I can't even describe how hauntingly beautiful it is, especially at night!!! People definitely should research this bridge before they get to Prague. Cross it at night, at least once!! The architecture of the Old Town is also striking. The two greatest sights in Prague in my opinion.
The Prague Hilton was a wonderful place and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. We upgraded to an executive suite and were very pleased with all the amenities and level of service. Again, we had a wonderful experience in Prague.
I also want to stress the Tranquility staff was uncommonly polite and pleasant. I was amazed especially after learning of their rigorous schedule. Everyone from the head chef to our chambermaid to the front desk attendants were so professional, sweet and SMILED all the time. Very nice people.
Thanks again Theresa. Will surely let you know next time we plan another adventure! 

Patti Cumberford – Celebrity Alaska Cruise - November 2007

My cruise was wonderful and I would go in a heart beat again. The staff on the Mercury were just unbelievable! Met lots of great people, cabin was lovely and I had a ball. Nobody rained on my parade and I am very glad to have gone with that cruise line. Their customer service was excellent and I am picky! As you know. Thanks for the recommendation and the help in our planning.

Karen Plunkett for Terrance Morgan – Heritage of America - November 2007

Dear Theresa – Mr. Morgan called to see me yesterday and thought that you might like to know that he was very happy with his tour – it did exceed all his expectations and we are very grateful for your organization – all the best – regards- Karen

Barry & Lynne Ashton – Egypt – November 2007

We were very pleased with the arrangements made for us in Egypt. Accommodations and transportation met our expectations mostly, the guides were punctual and helpful. Hemdan in Cairo was totally concerned for our well-being.easing cultural faux pax. and adjusting the schedule to suit US! We especially appreciated his driver. They worked very well together.  We feel that we received good value for the cost of the tour and were very satisfied.

Lori Pike – Newfoundland to Egypt – November 2007

We had an absolute blast! If you ever need a spokesperson for A-Z I'm your gal! I have already had 2 couples inquire about Egypt. Thanks for everything!

Jenny Hoy – Egypt – November 2007

Mena House - nice, the guides were excellent

Emy – Egypt – November 2007

My clients, they are happy with their trip and hotels and I thank you for that. I want to thank you again and it was very nice dealing with you.

Jerry & Seidy Bashrum – Egypt – November 2007

First we would like to thank you for putting the Egypt trip together for us. We had a wonder time.
The Sherry Boat was very nice and I would definitely recommend it at the price we paid. The hotels in Aswan, Luxor and Cairo were great. All guides were good, expecially H. She was wonderful!!  She speaks English and French. Highly recommended!! Thanks again.

David Towse & Cecilia Peyer – Egypt - Previous Clients

Thank You 4 an unforgettable Egypt trip last Mar-Apr. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Omr was the best!!!!    Still in Saudi Arabia. Wish You The Best!!!

Laila Bergquist – Newfoundland - Previous Client

Thanks - Because A-Z tours did such a wonderful job with our Newfoundland Vacation itinerary, we fell in love with Newfoundland and have now lived here for nearly 2 years and loving it.

Robert Roy – Egypt - October 2007

Everything went very well. A-Z reps, particularly H and M, were very helpful, professional and most of all, fun to be with. We were provided with great service from the moment we stepped off the plane. Couldn't have gone any better. Thanks to you and all of the A-Z staff for your guidance.

Robert & Madeline Suann – Western Australia to NS, PEI and NB – Vacation Planning – October 2007

Everything went off without a hitch. We have some 800 photos of the wonderful Fall, that I must now try and sort to something we can play and replay in the years to come. The Fall highlight was, we think, walking down Lovers Lane at the Green Gables Cavendish
The weather was kind all through our time in Canada, really too kind, for we only had about four days of rain and put on long Johns no more than five times all told.
We were very happy about the overall trip. We were very happy with all our accommodations and even fitted in a Taxi ride from Moncton to experience the magic of rolling up Magnetic Hill.  We could go on and on? Yes ! We would say, we would do it again, and also recommend you and your excellent service to all our friends and associates. Thank you once again.
Our very best wishes to yourself and your firm, we are not sure where our next trip will be, but will keep an eye on A/Z Travel opportunities.

Uriel Avron – Israel to the Canadian Rockies – October 2007

We are home now after five weeks and boy, what five weeks we have had :-) First we had the tour to the Rockies. It was breathtaking... well, I don't have to describe to you the beauty of the land, you are more than likely fully aware of it.

The organization of this tour was perfect and our guide, Serena did a very good job. She was very informative, did her best to explain the different things we have seen and in general kept very well to the timetable. It was a difficult job with so many people on board, so she definitely deserves a lot of applause at the way she has handled the job. All in all the 13 day Rockies tour is a good introduction to this wonderful place and it definitely leaves a taste of "more" after it is finished... :-)

After the Rockies we continued to Saskatchewan, to the "Rut is on" eco lodge adventure. I had only a very faint idea about what to expect, based on a previous eco lodge adventure in the Amazon Basin in Ecuador and initially treated this whole trip as a fill-in to kill some time before flying to Churchill to see the Polar Bears. Well, in short it was a HUGE success!

First the organization of the flight and the hotel in Saskatoon (The Saskatoon inn) was perfect. Special thanks to you for that :-) On the next day of our arrival Maureen arrived to take us to their home where we have spent a day, to get used to the area, learn how to walk on the hunting trails and to generally familiarize ourselves with the environment. After a fun day at the home of Dave and Maureen that included some dog sledging, playing with the animals on the farm and rearranging our gear, Dave has taken us to Sawyer Lake where the real fun took place.
Every day we would wake up very early in the morning and walk some 10-15 km to see the wildlife his estate offers. And we did indeed see a lot of it!

Some of the big game like moose, elk, deer (a lot), smaller animals like hare, coyote, beaver and also some rare ones that are rather elusive, like otter and even wolf! I can't even count the number and types of the birds we have encountered. In the afternoon we would go canoeing, ATV driving, or just walking to a different part of the estate, there was always something to see...
Add to that the friendly hospitality of Dave, Guy and Maureen, the best home cooked food made by Sharon and you really have a winning adventure :-)

Actually I was a little worried that after such a great experience the polar Bears of Churchill would be real hard pressed to top our Saskatchewan trip... ;-) The Sawyer Lake adventure has some limitations though. First, it requires some physical fitness. It is not very difficult, but walking 10-15 km daily is not a simple task especially for those with some physical handicaps.

The other "problem" is that the hunting cabin in Sawyer Lake is not a 4 star hotel. It is very convenient and very well taken care of with big nice rooms, but the water for bathing is collected rain water and the toilet is of the composting type.... It might be problematic for people who are looking for the Ritz in the middle of the prairie...

These shortcomings are of course fully offset by the wildlife, the Aurora Borealis we have seen, the canoeing in the silent lake, the dog sledge and all the fun the site has to offer. All in all it was a smash hit and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is interested in  seeing REAL wildlife in its real environment and those who want to learn how the people of the prairie live their lives.

After returning to Saskatoon (Maureen took us herself back) we have flown to Winnipeg and after four days we have continued to Churchill to see the polar bears.

I would heartily recommend it. The actual tour was carried out by Natural Habitat and they did a wonderful job. The organization of the tour, the guides, the hotels, everything was just superb. And the polar bears did their part to make the visit to Churchill an unforgettable one...

Well, that's about it, I hope I haven't bored you too much with my long-long letter. It is also the time to thank you for the excellent professional (and patient!) treatment I got from you throughout the planning and the execution of the trip, and the enormous help you have been.

Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone who asks me. With your permission, I'll send you an invitation to visit my on-line albums of the pictures from Canada when I upload them. You are welcome to use my letter for advancing your company's sales as you find fit. You are also allowed in advance to use any of my pictures from the public domain for the same end. Thanks again and all the best

Elisabeth Hamilton – Greek Odyssey with 7 day cruise - October 2007

Had a great time, everything went very well.

John & Jan Clark – Best of Greece - October 2007

Thanks, Theresa. We had a really good time, and met a bunch of new friends from around the world. I think we were among about 80, on two buses. It got a little chaotic when the two converged on the same sites, hotels and restaurants at the same time. The Accommodations, for the most part, were OK.

Rainbow Stephens – Scenic Ireland - October 2007

The trip was fantastic. Elva our tour guide, and Phil, our driver, were both wonderful. I am only sad that it is over. I wish there were more young people on the tour, but we liked the people we were with.

Malachy and Stephen Hanley – Egypt – October 2007

Our trip was very well organised and went off very well from the meeting at Cairo Airport with the placard late at night until our despatch at same four days and many, many kilometers and many details of conversation later. M was a very good humoured and articulate guide.
We are very pleased with our contract with your Company.

Jesica Du Pont – Egypt – October 2007

Our tour was absolutely great..... I am going to recommend a friend to you to assist in his arrangements for a tour. Thanks

Carol Jacobsen – Idaho, USA to Enchanting Maritimes - October 2007

We had a wonderful time on our trip and enjoyed all of it.  The weather was fantastic, Nova Scotia is beautiful.  We think Trafalgar treats their guests very well.  Thanks for your arrangements!

Uriel Avron – Kfar-Saba, Israel to Canadian Rockies & Saskatoon – October 2007

We are actually still in Canada and will stay till 23 Oct. Up to now everything was high above expectations. Especially Sawyer Lakes. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending them!
I'll write to you in more detail when we return home.
View photos at http://community.webshots.com/album/561195519

L Brook – Messina Group – Central Europe – September 2007

Fantastic. Could not have been better. Between you and Cosmos it truly was a trip of a lifetime.  Thank you, Theresa.

Jill & Peter Ezzell – Egypt – October 2007

We had a great time. Everything worked pretty much like clockwork for us but I will elaborate later.

Lois Hardy & Donna Miller – New York – September 2007

Donna & I had the time of our lives in New York - it was brilliant!  If I were younger I would go there to live everything was terrific.  Thank you for everything.

Lesley Brook – Messina Group – Central Europe – September 2007

We had a terrific time....a flawless trip thanks to our tour director, Denes Koritsanszky, and driver, Franco Luca.  We considered ourselves very lucky to have them. 
Thanks for placing us with such a good tour company and handling all the advance arrangements and answering all our questions.  I would be more than happy to recommend and use, again, your valuable services.

Nicole Lambert – US to Egypt – October 2007

The tour to Egypt was an extremely enjoyable and enlightening trip. Our 3 tour guides were very knowledgeable, patient and friendly. It is clear from the various tourist guides about Egypt that I have had the opportunity of reading that the 10 day tour allows one to see the major sites to be seen in Egypt.
The detailed preparatory literature that you provided about Egypt was very informative and helpful although the extent of the expectation of a baksheesh from the Egyptians was more overwhelming that I could have anticipated. The Nile cruise is a very nice and relaxing touch to the cruise.
We had a little hiccup with lunch when we got to our hotel in Aswan. In response to this hiccup your local contact in Egypt offered to cover the cost of our dinner at the hotel that day which was not included in the itinerary, which we appreciated.
I considered the tour well organized and value for money and would certainly recommend it to persons I know who express an interest in visiting Egypt.

I will certainly keep your company in mind regarding other tours as there are many other places that I would love to visit and I appreciated how well structured and organized your Egypt tour was. Thanks again.

Annette Francis – US - Egypt – October 2007

Thank you very much for the arrangements you made for our Egypt tour. Your representatives in Egypt were very reliable, prompt and efficient. In particular, the tour guides were knowledgeable, businesslike and caring.
The tour as planned gave us the opportunity to see quite a lot and allowed for relaxation especially, the Nile cruise.
Your guidelines were very helpful as for sure the culture gap is more of a chasm than a divide!  
Thank you very much and I would recommend your services to anyone who is interested in visiting Egypt.

Marius Van Heerden – European Jewels - September 2007

We did enjoy it very much, made some wonderful new friends and saw beautiful interesting places. Thanks again for everything.

Mel & Lynda McKieve – Salt Spring Island, BC to Nova Scotia & PEI – September 2007

We left NS on the 24th by train as arranged and enjoyed the train ride to London, Ontario. Arrived home last night and feel exhausted but, very satisfied with our Maritime holiday. We realize now we tried to do too much driving and, towards the end really pared the distances down. However, we enjoyed all we did see and particularly loved Cape Breton Island, Baddeck, Wolfville, Peggy's Cove and the Swissair 111 memorial and Lunenburg. Would not have wanted to miss Annapolis Royal, Parrsboro and many other places. Sorry we did not see Drums In Halifax. Loved PEI and saw Anne of Green Gables --- The Musical. Best mussels I ever tasted at Flex Mussels.
The car was upgraded to a larger van and, although the gas was more expensive, the comfort factor was appreciated.
Our accommodation was generally very good. Loved the Elephants Nest and recommend it highly. Liscomb lodge was perfect in spite of the bad weather. Would have loved to have stayed in Baddeck a night as well at the Celtic Lodge. Loved the Blomidon Inn --- the food was great there also. Also really enjoyed the Heritage Inn in PEI. The Brigantine Inn in Lunenburg was perfect. Loved the harbour and all the excitement. We had lunch at the golf course across the bay which enabled us to see Lunenburg in all its glory.
We have appreciated your efforts on our behalf and would give your name and number to friends.
Much gratitude.

Ken Golden – US to Egypt – September 2007

All went well and your staff on the ground did a good job. The Fri plan changed due to Ramadan and being Fri in a Muslim country nothing was open. I did the option of Pharonic village and was very good day. Already passed info on so may be others will call you soon.

Khoi Dinh – Iowa, USA to Ontario & French Canada – September 2007

I had a wonderful trip to Ontario and French Canada. All the tour guides did a great job. The tourist attractions that were included in the tour were so beautiful. I was very impressed with French Canada.

I ended up staying in single rooms the whole trip, which was GREAT! I hope I'll find another good deal in the future. I want to explore Europe and Western Canada.

Kitty Hamilton – US - Spectacular Spain – August 2007
Kitty Hamilton

Kittly HamiltonI want to thank you for everything. The trip was absolutely fabulous. I couldn't have asked more for a great group of people.  Even our tour director said she had never had a group
that stayed together in the off hours as we did. Globus definitely stood up to its name. If you need any recommendations from me just let me know. I will email you a picture or two when I get home, I have already started back to work. 
Finally home from work and attached are a few pictures from Spain. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to add them to your testimonies.  We had a blast. Everyone was just terrific. I am going to send a Globus a email regarding our tour director and bus driver, they were both fabulous. They definitely kept us on time and safe. Enjoy the pictures and keep in touch. Thanks again for everything. I am already thinking about next year!

Ruben Chavez – European Jewels - September 2007

It was wonderful but tiring. Some hotels could have been better. The overall experience was GREAT. Thanks for caring

Sandra Etter – Texas, USA to Nova Scotia – September 2007

We are in our last two days and things have gone fine.  The hotel in Halifax if beautiful.  Thank you.  We took a Greyline tour this morning.  It was excellent.  Recommend to your clients to eat at the Triangle Irish Pub.  It is excellent.  I could stay in Halifax a week and just eat if all the places were that good.  We ate at Keith's Brewery last night and enjoyed that too.

Thanks for everything.  I would have loved to have stayed at the B & B's, but it wasn't my decision.  We find the people of Canada very friendly.  I would stop to ask directions and end up with a long conversation about where I was from, etc.

Chadwich Nelson – Asia - September 2007

First, I love you! LOL My trip was absolutely INCREDIBLE from beginning to end! I want to thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime for me. It was awesome!

Second, I am already thinking about my next trip that I plan to book through you. So, be ready to help me plan my trip to South Africa, Peru and/or returning to Asia again. (smile)

Third, right now, I am reviewing some of the millions of pictures that I took and I smile after looking at each one. Have a wonderful day!

Julian Maxim – Veszprem, Hungary to Canadian Rockies – September 2007

Thanks for all, it was wonderful. Please, will you transmit to our director, Robert Shupe our thanks.

Johanna Munton – Golden West Adventure - August 2007

Had a great time all around..the bus trip was great. I must compliment you on your choice of tour guide and driver (Gundi and Mike). They are professional, knowledgeable, very pleasant and definitely contributed towards the tour being so enjoyable. I've been on a lot of tours in Europe and your tour is one that I will always remember. Would love to have spent an extra day in Sonora, which I found to be a fabulous little town but otherwise I was really impressed with the tour. The optional tours offered were fabulous and added the 'cherry on top of the cake'.
Great trip, and I'm sure I'll be doing one of your tours again one day.

Peter Gregory – Egypt – September 2007

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Cairo.

The three tours were excellent. Our Guide was very helpful and knowledgeable of Egyptian Antiquities. He mentioned that he has a degree in Archeaology and worked under Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities . I have read quite a bit about Dr Hawass in the past and about Egypt generally. He also helped us greatly at the Bazaar.

The driver was always punctual and ready with the car and very pleasant. Thank you for organising everything.

Joseph Zozom – Arizona, USA to Quebec & Rail to The Maritimes – September 2007

The trip was successful and we enjoyed the Maritimes. Train ride was okay. Bus tour was great. We had a very nice vacation.

Maitta Gbanya – Egypt – August 2007

The trip went well and I enjoyed it. The tour guides were professionals.

The hotel was quite good but they were slow to respond to clients and after coming from St. Catherine’s. All else went well and I most thank you for all the pressure and short time you had to arrange pick up from the airport. I have told all my colleagues about A-Z tours.

Bonney Elliott – Ottawa, Ontario to Cape Breton – August 2007

Things went well - the tour guide and driver were wonderful. Cape Breton is beautiful.

Fedra Witting – Egypt – August 2007

We had a lovely time.  Thank you for all your help.

Perla de la Rosa – Spain and Portugal – August 2007

We had fun in Spain and Portugal and can't wait to go back!

Maho Taniguchi –Speller – Europe – August 2007

Europe trip was just great. We really enjoyed this tour. Thank you very much.

Nancy Perry – Indiana, USA to Nova Scotia – August 2007

PerryWe had a great time; NS is better than expected and we are not going to tell anyone how beautiful it is because we don't want to share it with anyone!  We had a terrific experience with the Zodiac whale watching out of Tiverton, a 45-foot whale spent 15-20 minutes right by our boat--underneath, bumping us, playing with us.  I will attach pictures so that you will believe me--the young captain actually touched him and couldn't believe his luck.

Robert & Marjorie Ingall – Leicestershire, England to Newfoundland & Nova Scotia – August 2007

All went well. Our advice is when dealing with Newfies is take nothing for granted. We had a cabin on the ferry but when we awoke next morning we were in a thick Newfoundland fog so the open deck was uninhabitable for sightseeing for almost the whole trip. Departing the ferry was "fun" we were sent down a lift & then found the exit door where we were faced with umpteen flights of steep steel steps so we both said No Way. A young female ship's personnel stepped forward & took my case & carried it all the way down to the bottom which left me speechless, that situation is not in my etiquette experience!!!!

IngallThe car pickup worked, as soon as we walked in the door of the ferry terminal. The Silver Dart Lodge evening meal & Buffet breakfast excellent. Laurie's Motor Inn Cheticamp via pleasant Bay where we thoroughly enjoyed the Whale watching followed by a lobster lunch.

Then my favourite stop-over Glenora Inn & Distillery Resort with light airy comfortable rooms with excellent Bar/Dining Room. Pity the whisky cost $100CAD for a 75cl bottle too expensive but I enjoyed a couple of drams before dinner.

Then at long last at the Balmoral Motel & Mill dining room Tatamagouche a proper single story accommodation. Nice recently refurbished rooms but no restaurant. Finally the Palliser Restaurant, Motel & Gifts, the food both evening & buffet breakfast excellent.

How do we rate the holiday it was a great experience which we enjoyed & we wish to thank you for all your efforts towards making it so.  We are flattered to think that you still think of us hence the enclosed photo of us on the banks of the river by the Palliser , Truro.

Yes we found several Tim Hortons on the water front at St-John's, North Sidney, Chetticamp, Canso Causeway & Junct.11 on H/way 102 between Truro & the airport. Marjorie had her fair share of cinnamom whirls!!

Where did we have our best meal? It was at a small unpretencious cafe near Neils Harbour north of Ingonish Marj had haddock & I had Liver & onions we both cleaned up to every last scrap , the mashed potatoes were so light & fluffy, perfect for soaking up the liver gravy & the veg had been cooked to perfection.

Clinton Haynes – Egypt – August 2007

Thanks for all your help with our trip to Egypt. We really enjoyed the diving in Sharm and look forward to going back in the future. Thanks again!

Louis Weagle, Jessie & Dylan Savoury – Bridgewater, NS to Toronto, ON – July 2007

Hey we had an awesome time, that food on the plane was good and it was a smooth relaxing ride, they had some good movies and whenever you would need something the flight attendants would be right there with it. We had some turbulence but it was cool and we liked taking off. When we were in Ontario I saw Niagara Falls and went to Canada's Wonderland. Man it was some hot up there but it was very fun. My dad even went on the biggest roller coaster there he liked it too - Dylan

Nancy Mazurek – Britain & Ireland Delight - July 2007

We had a wonderful time but felt a bit rushed at times because of the time constraint at a few of the towns.  We do plan going coming back next year for the Christmas Tour but will definitely upgrade our hotel and flight. We also plan on staying a bit longer in London so that we can take a leisurely tour of the city.
Overall it was a wonderful trip. Thanks for everything.

Linda Lowrimore – St Petersburg, Moscow & The Baltics - July 2007

I did indeed return safe and sound from a most enjoyable trip. The Baltic States were an unexpected surprise … very European with quaint Old Town sections. You can see that they are trying very hard to upgrade everything to European Union standards. What I appreciated was that they are not demolishing old buildings, but rather renovating/refurbishing them.  The result is impressive (e.g. Art Noveau Buildings in Riga, Latvia).

Russia was equally as surprising. Capitalism is definitely finding a foothold and growing, although I still wonder how the general population is managing with the outrageously high cost of everything. I can see why CNN ranked Moscow as the most expensive city in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed St. Petersburg – it is an art lover’s delight.

The Grand Finale to the tour, however, was not a Tauck function.  Instead of going to the standard farewell dinner, a group of us chose to see the Rolling Stones live in concert in St. Petersburg. Had front row seats and could literally count the wrinkles on Mick Jagger’s face.   They are still as energetic and vibrant as ever. I last saw the Stones in concert 34 years ago in Vienna, Austria, and it was great to revisit my youth and rock away with the best of them.

Tauck was good, although Globus compares very favorably to it.  I compare it to Globus as it is my preferred/favorite to date. Service is the same; tour directors equally good; hotels close in quality. The only difference is that Tauck offers more al la carte meals, whereas Globus offers more buffet-style meals; and Tauck includes excursions where Globus would probably offer them as optionals. I would choose Tauck again.

Well, as always I am already thinking ahead to my next trip … I see it happening at the end of this Rwanda project … May/June 2008.  I have my eye on a 31 day Globus trip to Australia and New Zealand, but I would like to add a +/- 2 week cruise at the end of that trip and do Tahiti, Bora Bora, Papua New Guinea, etc.  I have not cruised since I was 17 yrs old so I have NO idea what is out there. I will most definitely need your help when the time comes.

Thanks again for your assistance, Theresa.  I will be in touch.

Karen Kunin – Coat St. Luc, QC to Nova Scotia & PEI – August 2007

Had a very good trip - can't believe it went by so quickly. Everyone was nice and friendly and I met some new people. Our guide -Heidi Connally - was excellent - as was our bus driver - Cyrill. The bus broke down on Tues afternoon - a broken hose - but Heidi and Cyrill did everything they could to make us comfortable during our one and a half hour wait for a new bus. They handed out water and after we arrived at Ritas Tea House, they served us free freshly baked cinnamon rolls, tea, and coffee.

All in all I had a wonderful time and I saw so many different places. Thanks.

Maria Overly – US to Best of Italy - July 2007

Thank you so much.  We had a wonderful time and our tour was fantastic! We had a great tour guide – and enjoyed all our optional tours.  Those that we were able to do were truly enjoyable.  Marina, our tour director was very organized, very helpful and friendly, and ran our tour like clockwork.  She was very knowledgeable, and our driver, Gaitano, was the most careful driver in Italy!  He always got us to our destination on time without driving like a maniac or risking our safety to beat the rush.     

The whole trip was good – Thank you again for all your help.  We’ll keep you in mind anytime we decide to do this again, or hear of anyone who might be thinking of doing a tour as well.

Take care. Thank you, Theresa. My daughter and I made so many good friends that we intend to keep in touch with.

I’m just so glad you’ve been so patient with me and answered all my questions. The documents you sent us were also very helpful. I would have never taken a back-up credit card if I didn’t read the booklets you sent us. We followed every instruction and suggestion in that manual and it was very, very helpful!  Thank you again and again, Theresa! 

I’ve been giving your name and business number and website to our friends who are interested in taking the same tour.  Hopefully they’ll avail of your services.  I told them to give you my name when they contact you.

We really appreciate everything they did to make our tour a memorable and pleasant experience in Italy.  Thank you again for all your help, Theresa.  You’ve been so patient with all my inquiries.  

Francena McMullen – Florida, USA to Best of Eastern Canada – August 2007

I had a wonderful time in Canada and everything was great. The tour manager, Garth Evans was excellent. He took care of all of our needs and kept us informed. I am looking forward to booking my next Collette tour.

Bruce and Linda Arnold – California, USA to Atlantic Coast – July 2007

We had a wonderful trip.  The tour director, David Rose, was excellent.  The weather was varied, but even the rain in Nova Scotia and the heat in New Brunswick didn't adversely affect our experience.  Thank you for helping us reserve this vacation.

Robert & Carolyn Jimenez – Wonders of Europe – July 2007

We enjoyed our trip to Europe. Thanks a lot. Everything went well.

Joel & Emily Glick – Egypt - July 2007

GlickOur visits to Egypt and Jordan went very smoothly thanks to you.  We had a great time  visiting Jerash, Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. The tour guides were all wonderful. Thanks so much for all your effort.

Kendall Green – Egypt - July 2007

Our trip was great thank you.  Ali was fantastic and we would highly recommend both him and the company to anyone.

Barbara Marks & Dawn Reed – Best of Italy - June 2007

Thank you so much for organizing our trip for us. It was wonderful  and we enjoyed it so much!  We had made our own air travel arrangements and missed our flight in London but were met by our people in Rome before we ever picked up our luggage. Upon arriving at hotel our tour guide was in the lobby. The tour and side trips were wonderful.
Our tour guide, Andrea was great and his knowledge was exceptional. He could answer any question we asked and was there for us at all times. Our bus driver was exceptional and always with a big smile on his face. We would recommend this trip and company to anyone.
Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

Lorna Penman – Egypt – July 2007

We had a fantastic time in Egypt. Everything was really great. The organisation was spot on and the Hotels and the cruise were wonderful, especially The Mena house and we are so glad that we paid the extra for a pyramid view. The pyramids actually framed our window; it was awesome. We felt very pampered the whole time.

The train was also fine. After reading some of your client’s reports we were a bit wary but for us it was so relaxing and the service on the train could not have been better. I would recommend it as the way to go either to Aswan or Luxor, returning by air as we did.

Our guide in Cairo was fantastic. He has a great personality and went way out of his way to help us. Our other guide in Luxor was fine too. A very knowledgeable Egyptologist.

A beautiful and friendly country. We have never spent so much in baksheesh. The only negative point that we could say for our otherwise great trip….and not your fault.

Thank you again for all your help, we will certainly recommend a-z travel to our friends.

Elsa and Pascual – July 2007

It was very good really we enjoyed the trip, the guide and the driver very good. Thanks for your wishes.

Macklyn & Elizabeth Hubbell – Zurich, Venice, Rome & Malta - June 2007

All of the arrangements you made for us worked well.  We had a great time!   

Phil Duffy – New Jersey, USA to Nova Scotia & PEI – July 2007

It was GREAT. Caravan was terrific, hotels fine, etc... Thanks

Karen Lingel – California, USA to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia & PEI – July 2007

Thanks, Nicole, my trip went well and I had a marvelous time!  I did a lot of stuff and appreciated all your suggestions for restaurants and things to do. Icebergs are super cool!  There were no problems with reservations for anything. The Tattoo was a lot of fun, I'm glad you mentioned it to me.

I liked very much the Harbour Heritage House in Charlottetown, and the King George Inn in Annapolis Royal.  The Harbour Heritage House actually got a review in the San Francisco Chronicle the Sunday after I got back!

Lynn Robertson – Alabama, USA to Broad Cove Vacation Suites – July 2007

We have returned from Nova Scotia and had a wonderful trip. Our accommodations at the Broad Cove Vacation Suites were adequate. The location was wonderful, the beach was breathtaking and in general our vacation in Nova Scotia was wonderful.
Thanks for all your assistance in helping us.

Delice Gregory – Egypt – July 2007

I can't say enough about your team in Egypt. Don and I have travelled quite extensively and we have never been treated so well. They were all wonderful and I shall definitely be recommending Egypt as a place to visit to friends and family.  I felt as though they all had become personal friends and was a little sad to leave them behind.

Thank you once again for a fabulous holiday and if we travel again I shall get in touch with your firm, we hope to go to India in about 18months so maybe you can help us with that.

Debra Frati – Egypt & Israel – July 2007

Trip was fantastic – guides were good (some better than others), and boy am I glad we had them drive us around in Egypt – what crazy, out of control traffic!

The Nile cruise was lovely – everyone was very attentive, food and service very nice – Pyramids, Abu Simbel, Karnak – everything as magnificent as we could have imagined!  Valley of the Kings was just amazing!

Israel was lovely – a bit cooler weather, which was a nice relief, and the guide they arranged for us was absolutely fantastic!  We just loved him – very knowledgeable and a warm, comfortable person – we were so sad to say goodbye!

Thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us – it was really an awesome experience! 

Charles Pavlov – Pennsylvania, USA to Quebec, Canada – July 2007

The trip was wonderful. Both Montreal and Quebec are incredible cities to visit and eat!!! (and boy did we eat!) The hotels were both first class, the train ride went smooth, and I would not hesitate to recommend this trip to anybody! Thanks for checking I am definitely a major fan of Canada!

Louise Jullion – Victoria, BC to Nova Scotia & PEI – July 2007

Our trip was great.  It involved a lot more driving than we had expected, leaving us with little time to enjoy all there was to do in each destination.  The Inns an B&B's were great.  It was enough of a taste to want to go back.

John Gwilliams and Regina Lopez – Exploring Britain & Ireland - June 2007

It really was a great experience to see these countries with so much history and beauty. Our tour guide, Ms. Denise Emens, was an incredible guide, she kept us not only informed of what were going to see and its history, but always suggesting things to do and always helpful.  We also enjoyed Harry as our bus driver very much.  The sites to visit, very well chosen and most of the hotels were very nice located, clean and well served.

I will recommend highly this tour to other people and I am planning to take another one in a couple of years. 

Amanda Dunn – British Panorama - July 2007

The trip was great!!  Even during the flood!!  My grandmother and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate.  Thank you and I hope that one or both of us will have a chance to travel with you again.

Zahra Akhavian – Egypt – July 2007

AkhavianAkhavianI want to thank you for the wonderful tour you arranged for us. To be honest with you I was not sure if it will go according to what we wanted and what had been scheduled and I was very wrong.
The tour was real good, the guides were knowledgeable and did lot more than we expected from them.
Our guide in Cairo airport did the steps so fast that it amazed us. Mr. Ashraf, Mr. Khadr, Ms. Marwa, Ms. Dina and last but not least Mr. Hamzeh were all so helpful and so knowledgeable.  They all did the best in their role as a tour guide and as a host and hostess. If I have forgot some names please consider them as well.

I have already recommended A-Z tours to some friends.  I will keep your information in file for the future since it was not our first and won't be our last tour. 
Thank you and also our thanks to everyone in making this trip so memorable and enjoyable for us. Thanks and keep the excellent work you and your team is doing.

Frank McNamara – Canada Atlantic Coast – June 2007

The bus tour was enjoyable but tiring for my wife.  The tour Director and bus driver were excellent and very helpful.  They both had an intimate knowledge of the area and the director was humorous as well. In general, we enjoyed the tour and would do more of them if my wife were in better health. Thank you.

Patricia Alfons – SFO (previous client from 2003)

Hope you are all well. Love your newsletters. Will never forget the memorable trip you planned for me in 03. May have to return sometime soon! Happy trails,

Joann Frondoso – Europe Introduction – June 2007

Thank you very much.  My mum, sister and I had such a nice time in Europe, thanks to the wonderful cosmos team, Igor and Antonio. We visited such beautiful places and the pictures were awesome. On my next trip, I'm sure to book with you again. Thanks a lot for the assistance and have a nice day!
Stephanie Lindsay – The Popular - June  2007

We had a blast!!! Thank you for helping us plan the most memorable trip ever.  We will keep you in mind when we start thinking about honeymoons in the future...Thanks again,
Geoff  Street – Niagara Falls & Washington DC - June 2007

All the family enjoyed the holiday immensely. We had a great time on the tour and Margaret our tour director was very helpful. By the end of the tour we all had had enough of the coach and were glad to have a few days in Washington to sightsee on our own.

Steve Striegl – Canada - Newfoundland – June 2007

Everything went great. Saw lots of icebergs, puffins and a few whales. The food and sights were awesome.Thanks for you're help.

Debra Bobier – Potential Client – June 2007

Carol, I thank you for your response to my email and your time in putting together an itinerary. Many tour companies responded to my inquiry, but a few, yourself included, went the extra step to create a program based on what I submitted, not just a pat tour they normally do. Your company seems to care about the customer, and that is a very good thing. 
Though it was an extremely difficult decision to make, I have decided to go with another company.

We are travel writers and will be doing an article on this trip. It will be posted on the internet, and I am planning on including the top 5 or 6 tour operators that worked with me in a very customer focused fashion. I will be sure to include your company on this list.
Best wishes for your continued success.
Marianne Lumsden – Egypt & Dubai – June 2007

Thanks for everything!  The trip is great!  Thanks again!
Flannery Cleaver – Egypt – June 2007

I enjoyed my trip very much. The representatives from AZ were very nice and responsive.

Kathy Speakman – Britain & Ireland - June 2007

The trip was great. Overall the Trafalgar tour was good but it could have been better if we had stayed in places like Cardiff rather than outside the city.

Vera & Lawrence Worters – Germany & Austria - June 2007

Your staff did a superb job of planning this tour, which we and our fellow travelers greatly enjoyed. The tour, as you are aware, took us through Southern Germany, Switzerland, parts of France and Italy, Austria and back into Germany. Bar none, it was absolutely the best tour we have ever taken.  Now, while it is strong in our memory, we want to advise you how pleased we were with the tour itinerary; it was obviously planned with great care. All the places we saw seemed to be in the exact right order of visitation and were indeed the “must see” places in the named countries.

We especially wish to bring to your attention all the efforts made on ours and the others behalf by the gracious Tour Guide, Mrs. Ingrid Isopi. She is certainly an outstanding Trafalgar employee and was the key person in making our tour a “5-Star Extravaganza”, one that was far beyond our expectations. She unstintingly shared her storehouse of European and world history with us.  This, coupled with her great concern for our welfare at all times, made her a great joy to have her as our guide. She has terrific “people skills,” a great sense of humor and intense passion for her work and all great concern about the persons in her care.

We also want to praise our bus driver, Mike. He was always prompt picking us up at the start of each day and at the end of each tour. He maneuvered hair-pin turns on narrow Alpine roads expertly and was diligent in his driving at all times.

This outstanding team of Ingrid and Mike was truly “the icing on the cake” for making our tour a one-in-a-million experience. We will whole-heartedly recommend Trafalgar to anyone planning on touring Europe.

Leslie Noble – Canada Atlantic Coast – May 2007

The trip was just fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help, guidance and organizing to make this trip so successful. We now want to see Newfoundland and Labrador (maybe next year).
I would definitely do this trip again and recommend it to anyone.  Ambassatours were excellent, very high class and well organized for such a tour and the number of people. Some days were a little long, but the intensity of all the history and information we got daily probably added to being exhausted from time to time. Thanks again,

Matthew Banks – Egypt – May 2007

Egypt was the 1st leg of a long trip. We had a wonderful time there, all the guides were excellent! We would definitely use your company again in the event we return to Egypt (hopefully we get the chance!) Thanks again, it really made our trip a great time!

Pablo A. Ismael – May 2007

Everything went very well, thank you very much for all your help.  The trip was great, my mom and I had a great time.

Jorge – May 2007

The trip was very exciting and went really well. Thank you for all of your help.

Peter & Hanh-Lien – May 2007

The tour was fantastic. Our Globus tour director, Alex Manov, was so very well-organized, informative and friendly.  Alex's coordination with our bus driver, Jose, made the entire travel an unforgettable experience.  I think all 43 of us travelers had one of the best times of our lives.

Thank you again, Theresa, for arranging this trip for us. Take good care.

Vinnia Eash – May 2007

Enjoyed the trip very much.....Looking for Holland,Belgium trip for next year.


Peter & Han Lien Souza – California, USA to Iberia – May 2007

The tour was fantastic. Our Globus tour director was so very well-organized, informative and friendly. His coordination with our bus driver made the entire travel  an unforgettable experience. I think all 43 of us travelers had one of the best times of our lives. Thank you again, Theresa, for arranging this trip for us. 

Dirkson Sanders – Iraq to Egypt – May 2007

Let me start buy saying thanks for everything, I had the BEST vacation ever my tour guides were outstanding they made my trip what it was the BEST EVER

Dr. Farouque – Saudi Arabia to Egypt – May 2007

My Compliments, I am back from Egypt. At the outset, let me convey my thanks to you personally. It was a wonderful trip because of A-Z Tours International. The moment I stepped out of the plane, even before proceeding to the immigration and customs, your rep found me out. The fellow took charge of my hand baggage while I completed the formalities, then he retrieved my checked baggage and thereafter I was handed over to another rep. he and the driver took over my bags and escorted me to the car.

I was driven off to Shepherd Hotel; the hour long trip from the Airport was filled with cordial welcome and introduction of the City of Cairo as we passed by. Check in formalities was completed by your agent who was always in touch through out the trip. Please Coney my thanks to Egypt to all the staff and guides in Egypt. I really did not feel that I was in an alien land, thanks to your company and my knowledge of Arabic.

I certainly came back from Egypt, much more educated in history and culture and I feel much refreshed, with the resolve to go back there, because without a comprehensive trip to Upper Egypt exploring Egyptian treasure will be incomplete. Needless to say, I will seek your help for such a trip in future.

At the end, I must say that over the last decade I have visited at least half a dozen countries always with the help of tour operators, but nothing is comparable to my trip to Egypt. Thanks to A-Z Tour International and thank you once again. I am forwarding a copy of this email to my son in Toronto, without his encouragement this trip would not have materialized.

Headley, Tanya – USA to Europe - May 2007

Everything went very well and we had a wonderful time. Thanks for everything!

Ana & Zorica Avramovic – USA to Morocco – May 2007

The trip was wonderful.  Everything was extremely well coordinated.  Thank you for all your assistance, we will definitely keep you in mind.

Lesley Antoun – Quebec, Canada to Egypt – May 2007

Marc and I had a wonderful time in Egypt. Our guides in Cairo and in Upper Egypt, were extraordinary. They went out of their way to accommodate us. The guide brought us to do some errands, and came with us to the train station to buy tickets to Alexandria, which was no small feat! The M/S Jasmin surpassed our expectations in all respects. The food was excellent, the boat was clean, and the entire crew was very hospitable and kind.

Dr. Khaled invited us to his office for a visit, which made us really feel special. Overall we were very happy with our trip and with A-Z tours and we have been recommending A-Z tours our friends. 

Cecilia and Dave Peyer – Saudi Arabia to Egypt – May 2007

Egypt was all we hoped for. We were looked after well and never felt lost or bewildered for one moment. Your company can be highly recommended for being timely and punctual.
Our guide certainly was on top of his subject and always went the extra mile to assure us of good quality service. We were warned beforehand of the tipping but were not really prepared for the onslaught. However this only added to making our trip more memorable.
So many temples! If we could do it over we would only include 4 or five of the most important ones. The Nubian village was interesting. You certainly covered almost "ALL OF EGYPT" in an amazing 12/13 days. At times even I can't believe it, especially when I talk to others who had been there. The first comment is "How did you do it in such a short time", or "How long where you there? Well a-z did it. We just went along.
Thanks to a-z for making our trip a memorable one. On our own we would have been lost for time and space. Keep up the excellent service.

Kruti Mehta – India to USA - May 2007

The trip was fantastic. I wish I could have stayed longer at Yellowstone national park. Thanks a lot. Everything worked out fine and best of all I didn't have to share my room with anyone!!!
Will keep in touch for any other tours.

Ash & Susanne Khalek – Ontario, Canada to Egypt – April 2007

Thanks for following up and yes we had a very good trip to Egypt. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ancient and modern Egyptians. Highlights for us where the Giza Pyramids, The Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, Karnack Temples and Abu Simbul.
The guide was excellent. He was a very knowledgeable guide and very helpful when it came to ensure our expectations where met. Of particular help was a change in itinerary that we requested. Originally, days 12, 13 and 14 where planned for Susanne and the children to continue sight seeing in Cairo. After spending Days 2-5 in Cairo we felt it would be better to spend days 12-14 at Hurghada. The guide worked with your local team to organize hotel accommodation, transfers etc and this was very much appreciated.
Carol, I need to re-emphasize that we had a very good trip. We would certainly recommend others to use your services to arrange their trips to Egypt as overall it was a terrific holiday.

Agnaldo Neves – Egypt – April 2007

Carol, I am back from Egypt... I had a blast over there...Now, I like to quote another vacation to Spain or Greece

Kay Stewart – California, USA to Egypt – April 2007

I managed to sprain my left foot on the Sinai trek but it could have been much worse. Once I got accustomed to my schedule being up for grabs on a daily basis and making sure that, no matter what, I saw the things I needed to see, then I just allowed the whole experience to flow and it was grand.  The Egyptians are perfectly lovely people and I felt very cared for, especially as I was traveling alone.  Your representatives there were very helpful and kind.  All in all, it was a marvelous dream come true. Thank you for your follow-up!

Mount SinaiRobin Swartz – Egypt resident - Daytrips in Egypt – April 2007

On your day trips. They were great. The guide was quite knowledgeable and took the time to explain a lot of information plus he showed us some things that other tours did not. The picture is one I took from the top of Mt Sinai.  Well worth the cold dark climb I think. Thanks for reminding me about flashlights.

Worters – New York, USA to Germany & Austria - April 2007

Just wanted to let you know my parents really enjoyed the trip.  Thank you so much for setting things up.  They had a wonderful experience.

ShindeShamrao Namdeo Shinde – Kuwait to Egypt – April 2007

Thank you very much for the Hospitality
we received from all your A-Z family members. We reached to Kuwait on 10th April, safely. Your Guides guided us with great dedication; & their Hospitality gave us Homely Love. We admire your dedication towards Tourists; immediate contacts made our Tour easy.

We wish, from our heart, a great success to you & all your family members; also wish to have a great peace & love in future. We enjoyed the Egypt Tour in Homely atmosphere. Hotels & Transports were nice. We Love to travel; & in future sure we will join your A-Z family. I am attaching some photographs. Thank you very much again for arranging the Egypt Tour in Short Time. Wishing you & all your A-Z Family members a great success.

Danielle Reading Travel Agent for Bibby – Australia to Egypt – April 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I just received a card from the Bibby’s saying they had an amazing time and raving about A-Z Tours. Thanks very much for your assistance on this booking.

Yadira Vazquez – California, USA to Egypt – April 2007

Our trip was unbelievable!  I am extremely happy with your company.  The guides were unbelievable. I am looking forward to doing some traveling in the future. We will definitely keep A-Z tours contact information close by.

Vinnia Eash – Florida to British Isles - April 2007

Enjoyed the trip very much. Looking for a Holland and Belgium trip for next year.

Fran Brazelton – Europe – March 2007

We made it home safe from an awesome trip. Patrick, our tour director was really great explaining the history of the beautiful country we traveled. He was very helpful in so many ways. We appreciated the fact we had a good tour director and driver on this trip. Two good people to tour with. We had a fantastic trip and looking forward to another. Thanks for all your help.

Jill & Jim Ashby – Egypt – March 2007

I loved my tour!!!!!!!!!! A & R were my favorties guide and driver, by far!! A and I hit it off! I wish she could have been my guide for the entire tour!  You did a very good job! Now, I have to get back to the present, rather then 4000 year ago -- and that's a problem!! Thank you for everything!!!

Howard Pendleton – Egypt – March 2007

We have just returned home a few days ago after our visit to England as well as our wonderful Egypt trip. We were both quite delighted and very satisfied with all the arrangements and contacts that you made for us.
We flew Egypt Air Business Class from London to Cairo which was very comfortable and at the time much cheaper than B.A. We couldn't believe the ease with which we were assisted through the customs area for your representative met us inside, provided all the form etc. took the papers and passports to the kiosk and returned to whisk us past the long line out to the waiting car. That was a wonderful start to what could have been a long hassle.
M.Z who remained with us for the two weeks of our trip was very knowledgeable, patient, always on time and lots of fun to be with. We were thrilled to meet and get to know him. N the driver seemed to manage to miss the rest of the traffic by at least an inch! and made traveling a joy. 
The Mena House Hotel was lovely and our initial sightseeing in Cairo enthralling.
We got fairly used to rising very early for travel - e.g. flight to Aswan. Quite like my Obstetricians hours!. The Oberoi Sharazade boat was very nice, the staff were charming and we benefited from never being in a great row of moored boats.
All the sightseeing and visits were wonderful in Aswan and Luxor especially with our personal guide M to educate us as a group of two.The Nile Hilton was nice with good accommodation. The back facing rooms look onto the roof of big air conditioners but we spent very little time looking out of the window and it was probably quieter than the river and road side.  The roof restaurant is quite excellent. 
We are not sure the Fayoum Oasis is worth the long ride for although there were interesting things to see its quite a big town.  We were pleased that M took us to a little fruit nursery where we met the family including an enchanting two year old!  
The Egyptian Museum is one of the Worlds great and it will be fascinating one day when it moves to a much bigger space near the Pyramids.  We did enjoy visiting the Al-Azhar Park and seeing what had been done with a rubbish dump. All the local people seemed to be really enjoying the space. We really enjoyed sound and light at Giza which was magical with a new moon overhead. It was pleasant to meet your Director in his office.

We were met and escorted to the check - in for our rest trip to Sharm el Sheik where we must admit we did little but enjoy the sun and pool. The Ritz Carlton is a super hotel in a great position.
We wanted to go first class and you more than provided it for us.  We have rarely had such a well organized and trouble-free trip. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Please use any of our comments as you wish. Our thanks.

Naileshni Singh – Egypt & Jordan – March 2007

I wanted to let you know how are trip was, overall good. We upgraded to the 5 star cruise, which was okay. 

Our guide H was great. He was eager to fix our problems, took care of our needs, and was flexible. Best of all he was truthful and cautious about his country and people. I appreciated him and our driver in Cairo very much. Egypt is a beautiful country which has much to offer and also much to learn about catering to tourists.
Linda Carlson – Egypt – March 2007

Everything was just wonderful........ the guides, the drivers, the places we visited, the Cruise and the choice of hotels.  What a great experience!!  I only wish I had an additional two weeks to visit the Red Sea and Alexandria. Perhaps the next time.
Carol, I appreciate all you did in planning this trip for Kathryn and I. You are great!!! I will look to A-Z Tours in the future.

Beverly Berg – Egypt – February 2007

We had a very good trip in Egypt. We liked the Victoria Hotel in Cairo, the Philippe Hotel in Luxor, and the Sherry cruise boat. For the Cairo area, the guide A was excellent. For Upper Egypt, the guide A had a lot of knowledge, he turned us over to a substitute guide. A.S was an excellent guide.

Thanks for all your help in arranging the trip. I will probably be contacting you in the future to see if you have good consolidated fares for future travel.

Coleman Sinclair – Egypt – February 2007

I enjoyed the tour very much. The guides were very knowledgeable. I liked that. Having someone tour you around in their own country is always the best because they know all about it. And they know what to avoid. I was most impressed with Abu Simbel. Then the pyramids. Then the Nile cruise. I took a hot air balloon ride (an extra) at Luxor which was well worth it. I would recommend that! The tour itself is quite good.

Shalyn Hineline – Egypt – February 2007

It was a fabulous trip and we'll remember it for a lifetime. I just wanted to give a testamonial for the trip we took to Egypt in January of this year.

The trip was beyond anything I had ever expected. Our guide, H was extrordinary. He made us feel at home, and completely safe. He was extremely patient with our questions and concerns, and was amazingly knowledgeable about all of Egypt and its history. We were nervous traveling out of the States for the first time, but your company made all the arrangements and we had absolutely nothing to worry about, except for the tipping :) 

The tour was wonderfully put together, and we appreciate all the flexibility. We met some wonderful people on the tour and hope to keep in touch. Only one suggestion...fly to Aswan and back, as the sleeper train is not exactly conducive to actual sleeping. I will use your company again, and definitely refer my friends to you!

Pascal Lapointe – Egypt – January 2007

I enjoyed everything of it. I was ready to far more bugs in this kind of travel so really, I have nothing bad to report. From the streets of Cairo to the Nile, including my "detour" in Jordan and Israel, it has been an incredible month.

If I had only one recommendation to make, it would be about the hotel's location. I understand that the majority of tourists, myself included, want to see the Pyramids in Cairo, but it was not necessary to choose a hotel named "Pyramids Hotel". :-)

Anyway, this past month in Egypt and Israel have been an extraordinary time, and I thank you for your efficiency.

Scott F Herbert – Egypt – January 2007

We have returned from our trip to Egypt and wanted to let you know that everything was excellent. Right from the pick up through to delivery back to the airport, we had no problems whatsoever.

The guide that we had for the holiday was far better than we expected. Our young boy was totally taken by him and we have a couple of photo's that we would like to forward to him.

Rest assured that the company in Egypt represent your company with total professionalism and we will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know that may be traveling over there in the future. Thanks for making our trip such a great time.

Bobbie Hogancamp – Egypt & Jordan – January 2007

Egypt was wonderful. Mr. H was the best and I would highly recommend your tour agency for small groups. Jordan was beautiful in its scenery.

Also, for our trip-we have great pictures. As stated before, H was outstanding. In spite of changes due the presidents visit, (he got to shake the president's hand), he did other visits there were very enjoyable. We always felt very secure and comfortable with him. 

Eric Oates – Egypt - January 2007

We enjoyed the trip and the guides were great. On the whole we will be booking again with you.

Mehgan Deving Baig – Egypt – January 2007

We had a great trip overall, it was really fun. We saw some amazing sites. Our tour guides in Cairo, A & M, were really great.  Also, our Guide in St. Katherine was also very very good. Our guide in Aswan, Tamer, was nice. Our tour guide in Sharm El-Sheikh was also nice. Thank you for all of your help. 

Anuradha Ananth –  Egypt - January 2007

We had an excellent trip and were well taken care of from the beginning till the end.

Chanty Westwell – Egypt - January 2007

Everything was really good.  We were very happy with our itinerary and the places we saw and felt that it was good value. Our guide H was superb - nothing was too much trouble for him and he was very well organized. The hotels were good on the whole. We thoroughly enjoyed all the visits and trips.

We were very happy with all the arrangements and everyone was charming including the drivers. I think though that for future tours for guests from Europe you should insist on vans with seat belts. I know things are different in Egypt - with Cairo traffic what it is I think seatbelts are a must!!

Again, top marks to our guide H and thanks for a great trip.

Sandra Austin – Egypt – January 2007

We really did enjoy our Egypt trip, except for the cruise. The Oberoi ship simply wasn't up to the standards that we had expected. The only good things about the cruise were the dinners which were very good and the crew who were pleasant and helpful.

Our guide was excellent in all respects---knowledgeable, pleasant, and made every effort to make our visit a pleasant one.  We did end up keeping him for the last few days, thanks to the efforts of A. Unfortunately, the road to Siwa was just too rough for my back, so we had to cancel our trip to that destination and return to Cairo.

The hotels were all good to excellent, with the exception of the hotel at St. Katherine's---very basic. However, I know that location in very rustic, so perhaps that hotel was the best available. We absolutely loved the Crown Plaza Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.

All-in all, I felt that AZ tours international did a very good job of meeting their commitment to make our trip a pleasurable one, and we certainly would recommend the company to our friends and acquaintances. Thanks to you also for your help in planning our trip.

Julie Saxton – Egypt – January 2007

This was the first trip that my daughter and myself had ever taken outside of the US. They were kind and very understanding. I will of course use them for any other travel needs that I may have.

Susan Beck – Egypt – January 2007

We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Egypt. H was a fantastic tour guide for us. He is knowledgeable, patient, friendly, has a great sense of humor, and he worked very hard to ensure that all the details of our trip went smoothly. We could not have asked for a better tour guide. Thank you for your patience in helping us to arrange the details of the trip. We now have many lovely memories of our visit to Egypt!

Nicole Reed – Egypt, Greece & Germany – December 2006

The trip was excellent. In Egypt the tour guides were very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable at all times. The hardest part to get used to was all the haggling but had heard about it prior to going to Egypt so was a little prepared. The shops were nice but at times I felt obligated to buy stuff even though I know it was my choice. Other than that the trip was excellent and hope to return again someday.

Greece was by far the best part of the trip. Met some really nice people while I was there and the tours, food, and wine were excellent. Had really good weather while I was there too.

Germany/Austria was busy, as was most of the trip. The tour guide was very knowledgeable as well and very nice and friendly. He really made the trip enjoyable. Other than my sister's baggage getting lost at the Paris airport, the trip was excellent.

Again, thanks for all your help and the trip was definitely an experience to remember.
Gabrielle Boyd – Egypt – December 2006

We had a great trip thank you. We found out that you have organized a trip to Cairo for our friend Scottie Herbert in Dubai. Small world!

Egypt was fab - the  Nile cruise, Mount Sinai and Sharm were highlights. The meet and greet at the airport was also really great.

The Pyramids Hotel was a bit dodgy and we changed to the Zozer - but every where else was fantastic. So thank you again for organizing a lovely trip. We will recommend your services to all our mates.

Laurynn Hinde – Egypt – December 2006

The trip was great. Most everything went off without a hitch and I'm appreciative of the support prior to and during the travels. Once I dig out of the pile of mail and other things that came while I was away, I'll be sure to send along a more detailed write up for you and the Egypt office.

The first quick impression is that we truly enjoyed having a personal guide at all of our stops; it was great to have the agenda more custom tailored to our needs and I think we got more out of the experience that way than we would have in a group setting, b/c we could ask so many questions we had, so that was absolutely worth it. Guides had the right connections at stops to get us whisked through ahead of the super-huge motorcoach groups, which was fantastic.

Hotels were very good and it was nice to start each day with a solid breakfast under our belts. Airport transfers/pickups were seamless and very much appreciated especially in Cairo where the airport is confusing, dark, and a little scary to negotiate. :)

All in all, it was a very organized and very memorable experience and I'm looking forward to taking in another fun adventure in late 2007.
Terry Dodd – Egypt – December 2006

We had a wonderful time in Egypt.  We will be recommending the trip and A-Z to friends.  Our Guide H and driver N were terrific.

Padmashri Neetha – Egypt – December 2006

Our trip to Egypt was amazing! Your company had organized everything to a T. Thank you very much for all your help. The guides, cruise arrangements and train journeys were impeccably arranged. I am about to refer your company to a friend of mine. So don't be surprised if you hear from her.

Sheryl Steiz – Niagara Falls – December 2006

We had a wonderful time in Niagara Falls. Everyone at the Embassy Suites made our stay enjoyable. Thank you for all your help.

Annette Ducharme – Egypt – November 2006

This E-mail is to commend the services of those who assisted us from your company, during our recent trip to Egypt.
We would like to begin with E from Cairo, our trip "team leader". He is very hard-working, looks after every detail with the utmost care, and is always punctual (in fact, always ahead of designated meeting times). He took exceptionally good care of us, so that we never had to worry about a thing. He is good-natured, and a kind, caring human being, and we were very happy to have him taking care of us! As Carol & Avril, from A-Z Travel in Canada know, I (Annette) am a perfectionist, and E was the ideal client match. Thank you for assigning him as our team leader.
Also, we would like to commend S, our driver, who has to be the best driver in Cairo. He always greeted us with a smile on his face, and we felt totally safe with him driving our van. Bravo to his driving skills!  
Honourable mention goes to A, our capable tour guide in Cairo, E who was of great help to us in Aswan, and to M, who did his best to assist us in Luxor.
Could you please ensure that this message is transmitted to all the individuals mentioned in this E-mail, on behalf of Vital & Annette Ducharme and Louis & Louise Levesque from Canada.

We were very satisfied with the service provided and I will be sending a separate E-mail to this effect.
Also, we were glad that we went top-of-the-line as we did. We think that's what made it all such a good experience. In fact, I have a suggestion for your company. You may want to consider creating the very same package for those clients, such as ourselves, who like to travel in comfort. I suggest you could call it something like "Ancient Egypt In-Style". I think it could be very appealing to a substantial number of potential "older" customers.
The only thing I would have asked to be included in our package, if I had known beforehand, is a one-day meal plan at the Seti Hotel in Abu Simbel. The hotel & and its setting on Lake Nasser are fabulous, and it appeared as though all of the rooms (very comfortable) are lake facing. We now know, firsthand, that tourists are best to get as much included as possible in their tour packages beforehand because the tour organizers in Egypt can negotiate fair prices on behalf of their  clients.
We were especially happy about our choice of hotels & cruise boats. The Mena House & The Old Cataract are exquisite old hotels, and so unlike the cookie-cutter North American style ones. The Oberoi Philae is top-notch, and we were very happy to have our lovely balconies for those long afternoon sails on the Nile River. Also, we noticed we were the only ship that was always anchored alone dockside, and not stacked along with several other ships deep. Plus we were very fortunate to get 2 cabins on the 3rd deck, and they were facing the Nile during our stays in both Aswan and Luxor!
Finally, and obviously, the most important part of our trip was the ancient sights of Egypt. They are unbelievable! We were enthralled. Seeing them, in all their grandeur and exquisiteness, right in front of our very own eyes is something we will never forget; a memory to be cherished during our lifetimes. But the Pharaohs will live on forever!!
I hope this feedback has been of use to you. If there is anything else you would like to know, please ask me questions, and I will be pleased to respond.
Most sincerely, on behalf of the Levesques and the Ducharmes

Francesco Ciardelli – Egypt - November 2006

Your organization integrated perfectly with my technical program at the University of Cairo. Everything went smoothly; people were always on time, nice and efficient. I shall certainly contact you again in the future.

Susan Morris – Flight – November 2006

I just wanted you to know I had a good flight with Martinair. They provided tasty hot meals and free booze, as well as free headsets. Legroom was a little small but on my outbound flight, it was only half full and so I was able to stretch out on three seats and sleep. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. I will fly again with them in the future.

Peter Weston – Egypt – November 2006

We got back with no problems on Saturday. Had a good time.

Arne & Ingrid – Morocco - November 2006

They are pleased with the tour to Morocco. They liked the hotels, the meals, the tours and adventures. The guide they liked very much. They send you thanks and greetings for the tour.

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