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Terry & Kathy Archbold – Egypt – December 2008

Our trip to Egypt was a wonderful adventure thanks to A-Z Travel. We were met at the Cairo airport and had our own private driver and tour guide for the entire week we traveled on the Nile. Our Nile cruise ship was beautiful, the foods delicious and the staff very accommodating. Our tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable about Egyptian history. This was truly the trip of a lifetime!

Guy Rosenthal – Egypt – November 2008

We had a great trip, it was all we hoped for and more. Your people in Egypt are terrific.

First, you should feel free to use any of this letter in advertising as testimony to A-Z Tours’ services. All in all, we had a terrific trip and the constant attention of A-Z while we were in Egypt really made the trip easy. I do not mind telling you that we had our doubts about taking our kids on this journey as our first foreign trip as a family, but A-Z Tours really came through for us.

Day 1- We arrived in Cairo and were met by Mahmoud, who handled our visas quickly and transferred us to Mohammed, who handled the luggage and drove with us to the Sofitel in Giza, where we spent our first night. The hotel is very nice and we were tired, so when we arrived at around 4:30, we asked Mohammed about a place to have dinner nearby – the hotel restaurant is known for being expensive and nothing special. Mohammed said that he would arrange for dinner at a nearby restaurant at 6:00.

This was about the only thing that A-Z got wrong the whole week. The restaurant (Caviar – a seafood place near the hotel) was pretty poor, although the salads and desserts were passable. We walked back to the hotel and made a mental note to try Felfela, an Egyptian place nearer to the hotel, later in the week when we returned.

Day 2- We were picked up at the hotel by Ashraf, our guide for the day, a bit late due to a little communication breakdown – he was waiting for us at the street and we were waiting in the lobby. We joined another family on a trip to Memphis and Saqqara in the morning, then Giza in the afternoon. This was our first day with Ashraf and you should know, as I am sure many have told you before, that he is just a terrific guide. We had a great day, including camel rides and very interesting rides in the van through neighborhoods on the way to the sites. Ashraf really makes the history come alive and tells amusing stories about past and present-day Egypt.

After we were finished in Giza and a little souvenir shopping, Ashraf transferred us to Peter, who saw us off on the overnight train to Luxor. The train was exactly what we expected – nothing fancy, no great food, but clean and a very interesting experience.

Day 3 – We arrived around 7:00 AM in Luxor and Marwa was there on the platform to greet us. We went to the Hotel Steigenberger and sat in the lobby for a little while to wait for another couple, who arrived on time and we started our day by traveling out to the Valley of the Kings. The tombs were spectacular and Marwa did a nice job. As the day wore on at Hatshepsut’s temple and at the Karnak and Luxor Temples, Marwa seemed to lose her energy even more than we did, but we did fill an interesting day and went back to the Steigenberger for a light dinner before Marwa took us to the airport for our flight to Sharm. She did not come into the airport at all with us and we were a little confused by the “pre-security” stop right at the airport entrance, but all went well eventually. Our flight was on time and Mohammed Mostafa from Dana Tours met the flight and transferred us to the hotel easily. He also offered to arranged diving our snorkeling while we were in Sharm.

Day 4- The Crowne Plaza hotel was terrific. Very nice breakfast and beautiful resort. We enjoyed a relaxing day in Sharm and traveled downtown for shopping and dinner (Tandoori restaurant in the Camel Club – great!). Later we arranged a snorkeling day trip to Tiran Island with Mohammed for Thursday.

Day 5 – The snorkelling trip was terrific. We rented some gear at a dive center near the dock and headed out for a fun day. The best snorkeling, as it turned out, was right off of the coast of the Sharm hotels. The kids just loved it.

Later, since we were tired, we had dinner in the Lebanese grill restaurant in the Crowne Plaza. It was disappointing and overpriced, but not horrible. One theme seemed to be the lack of good, reasonably-priced restaurants in the hotels, but that can be true anywhere. We really did not want to leave Sharm.

Day 6 – Mohammed took us back to the airport easily and we caught our flight to Cairo, where Peter met us outside baggage claim. On Friday traffic was light, so we were at our hotel (Sofitel Le Sphinx) by 10:30. We relaxed most of the day, did a little exploring on foot and ate pizza lunch in the hotel – a good decision – and dinner at the Felfela Restaurant about ½ mile away from the hotel – a better decision. Great salads and appetizers and authentic Egyptian dinners.

Day 7- This was our final day with Ashraf, touring the Egyptian Museum and the churches and mosques in Cairo. Again, Ashraf was wonderful, adding stories to the historical facts to make for a very enjoyable day. The Museum, including the Tut collection, is breathtaking and Ashraf was able to point out the interesting little things as well as the highlights. We headed to Coptic Cairo and toured some churches before lunch, then did the Citadel and Mohamed Ali Mosque after lunch. As usual, just driving around the city through the neighborhoods was very interesting. We ended up at the Khan Al Khalili market, where Ashraf released us to do a little shopping. We enjoyed the experience and got most of our souvenirs there – again, a cultural experience.

At the end of the day, we transferred to the Hotel Shepheard in Garden City, which was very nice – the Nile view room was a special treat at the end of the trip. We had dinner in Zamalek at a Korean restaurant that was recommended by a guidebook and had no trouble with taxis to and from the restaurant.

Day 8 – The final day was on our own, we walked around the area, taking our life in our hands as everyone does on the Cairo streets, then headed back to Khan Al Khalili by taxi for a little more shopping. Finally, we took a sunset felucca ride on the Nile and had a light dinner at the Asian restaurant in the hotel (passable, not great).

We awoke at 1:00 AM to meet Peter at 2:00 AM in the lobby for our early flight. He was there as always, helped us with our bags and checkout, and then went the extra mile to secure us 5 boxed breakfasts, since we were leaving before the breakfast was served – a really nice touch. Peter walked us in and up to the Lufthansa counter before saying his goodbye. Our flight was on time and we got home without incident.

Start to finish, A-Z personnel and agents were first rate. They made the trip easy and very enjoyable. The choices of hotels were excellent, travel arrangements inside Egypt were flawless and guides were wonderful. I will recommend A-Z to anyone I meet who is interested in this trip and my kids are already looking forward to coming back at some time in the future.

Thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf. You made the trip of a lifetime live up to all of our expectations.

Dawn Lopach – Egypt – November 2008

Our time in Egypt was exceptional. Amal was a delight, very knowledgeable, accommodating and professional. We felt like we had made a very special friend by the end of you second day. Both she and our driver made the trip everything we had hoped for and more. We will definitely recommend your services to friends and who are traveling and contact you again for future travel needs.

Ann Gray – Travel Agent for Carolyn Diamond – Egypt – November 2008

I finally was able to connect with Carolyn Diamond to learn about her trip. She was very, very pleased with A-Z Tours. Everyone was punctual, pleasant, and knowledgeable. She said that the Cairo guide, Amal Ammar, was outstanding, totally fabulous. Heva in Luxor was very good also, in spite of her English not being as easy to understand.

Both Carolyn and her daughter had an excellent trip and said to highly recommend A-Z Tours…..so I will be contacting you again I’m sure.

Ken & Carole Gartrell and Louise McGaughey – Egypt – November 2008

Wonderful, Fabulous, Fantastic, Incredible. We ran out of superlatives to describe both the tour and Egypt. Your organization was incredible the guides terrific
There was only one "glitch" on the whole tour in that the train to Aswam was late into the Giza station and then into Aswam. This of course was beyond your control but I think if our guide could have dragged it in on time he would have.

The food on the train was OK but not up to the standard of the cruise.The Itinerary was faultless and your suggestions were perfect.

Another minor disappointment was that there were only 15 passengers on the cruise (again something beyond your control) most of them dour Germans so the party atmosphere was missing. However we did get upgraded to the TOP deck and had a very splendid cabin Abdu was our guide for the cruise and for all the sightseeing associated with it and of course for Luxor and he was excellent - we cannot say enough great things about him. His knowledge of the History etc was excellent and he could guide us perfectly. As you probably know our last day in Luxor was the end of Ramadan so the FEAST started the next day as we arrived in Cairo/Giza.

The trip to the Egyptian museum was busy but not overcrowded and again Muhammad, the guide for Cairo, led us thru it with ease. Also Muhummad, our escort to and from the airport and to the Dinner cruise was fun and very pleasant (he was especially pleasant during the two hour wait for the train to Aswam and he made it very interesting talking about all the people at the station) as were all the drivers.
The Nile Dinner cruise was terrific made even better by all the lights and fireworks celebrating the end of Ramadan. The Belly dancer and the whirling dervishes were great fun. Then off to the Airport and England.
In summation it was a superb tour improved immensely by the guides and other employees of A-Z tours. Thanks again and rest assured we will recommend you and the company to anyone we meet who wants to visit Egypt. Best wishes for the Holiday season.

Stephen & Lisa Frost – Egypt – November 2009

I have to start with BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!! Egypt by itself is an amazing place with many sites to see. We were absolutely amazed every day with our tour. The hotel accommodations were outstanding, meals were incredible, and the scheduling of events was awesome. But what actually made our tour special was the guides we had. Many days we had individual tours with our guides.

In Cairo, Mostafa and Mohamet went the extra mile to make our stay there awesome. They were extremely knowledgable about all the sites we visited in Cairo, Giza, Memphis, and Sakkara but more importantly to us........they were just plain fun. We laughed and joked the whole time. Our drivers (although I can't remember their names) were professional and amazing given the amount of non stop traffic in Cairo.

For Aswan and Luxor, Heba and Marwah were the pearls of the Nile. These ladies were just plain fun. Amongst all the site visits in Luxor, we very much enjoyed our discussion about "normal" Egyptian life with them both. Very knowledgable about the sites in their respective areas but personal enough to make us feel like we were family. We very much enjoyed our personal service with them.

All in all, this was the trip of our life time, but it would have been just an ordinary vacation and tour without the super staff from A to Z Tours. We will recommend your company to all of our friends and family with the highest regards.

Maureen Gravett and Philippa Ratcliff – Egypt – November 2008

Mr. Khaled, I just wanted to give you some feedback about the week my daughter and I spent in Egypt.

Sayed..the Cairo driver...he needs the highest salary you give..he was wonderful...he was patient with the traffic and was prompt and very gentlemanly..please thank him very much.

Ameera and Marwa...they were excellent. We know a lot of Egyptian history, but they gave us lots more and filled in the spots we were missing with stories etc. Please thank them very much also.  Their education as a guide was tremendous...reading Coptic etc. etc....you gave us two very nice ladies.

Mohammed...he is still working on his guide career...he was always on time, always cheerful and knew a lot also....we enjoyed him very much..he and Sayed had some very early hours and were always ready.

We enjoyed all the hotels...all very different..we would have liked to have spent that half day in Luxor and missed the 7 hour train ride, but we did really enjoy the hotel in Minya and the trip to Amarna...we were the only tourists there! Ameera managed to get us up early and we had almost an hour in Karnak with nobody around, that was wonderful also. I would have enjoyed a week at the hotel in Aswan...great spot!!

You are welcome to give clients my e mail if you wish, and I will definitely recommend your company...I know some Americans are afraid of Egypt, but I found the security very very strong, and the people friendly and helpful...thanks again. My daughter had a once in a lifetime experience...she may be writing to you also, but if not..thanks again.

Lewis Andes – Egypt – November 2008

Luxor was very interesting. Our guide was there to meet us as scheduled. Thanks for your help.

Cecilia – Egypt – November 2008

I want to share with you my experience in Egypt.
There are many positive points to mention like:
It is a beautiful country with impressive history, sites and natural beauty.
I was very fortunate to be surrounded by very kind and helpful people, mainly, my tour guides and drivers.
I felt safe at all times and find Egyptians to be very honest people.
I enjoyed the cruise on the Nile and my stay at Hurghada. Being at the beach and going snorkling was a wonderful thing.
I shopped to the point that I had to buy a second suitcase. I loved too many heavy things, mainly statues.

Now, I will make some positive criticism about some aspects:
The English spoken by most of the tour guides (not only mine but all in general) is rudimentary. This extend to other service providers like waiters, drivers, administrative staff at the tour agency.
The hotel standards, mainly the hotel in Cairo, does not correspond to the same category of hotel in Canada. This is not a complaint, just a plain observation. I had a wonderful view of the pyramids so I was happy.
I came back happy with more than 700 pictures. It was a very memorable trip.
Thanks for your understanding.

Maureen Crerar – Egypt – November 2008

We arrived home late last night after having a wonderful trip. Most of the arrangements went without a hitch. We enjoyed our guides and the accommodation was better than anticipated.

The snorkeling in Sharm was amazing and we had a very enjoyable visit to the area, as well as the visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery/Mt. Sinai.
Ron Ross – Africa - November 2008

We had a wonderful time. Everything went as planned, and the Safari people were great-especially our driver/guide. Thanks for putting it together for us.

Peter Ezzell – Arica -November 2008

Thanks. Everything went like clockwork. No one got malaria and the animals were incredible. We would go again in a minute if we could avoid 32 hours of flying and sitting. Thanks again

Jill Ezzell – Africa -November 2008

Everything was just perfect. We had the best time! The accommodations were lovely and the guides fabulous. Everything moved along very smoothly. We never really saw a mosquito but we saw everything else! We had great game drives with the nicest people. The food was good as was the wine. I can't even tell you what I liked best because it was all terrific! The proprietors of the camps could not have been more accommodating. Absolutely the best birthday a girl could have!

Harriet M. Hageman – Quebec and the Maritimes – October 2008

My Mother, Aunt, husband and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Quebec City, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Everything went beautifully, the accommodations were wonderful, and it was so relaxing.
Thank you for all of your assistance in making it such a perfect vacation.
Again, thank you for everything.

David Marck Twitchen – Egypt – October 2008

All went just fine...we enjoyed our visit. Thanks for your efforts to arrange everything at short notice.

Valerie Scraire – Egypt – October 2008

Our trip in Jordan was absolutely perfect! Everything had a good timing, we didn't wait anywhere, everything was well thought and taken care of... My sincere thanks to your tour operator over there, it couldn't have been more enjoyable!
The 2 Mohamed (the greeter and the guide) are fantastic people well worth mentioning to their boss! Thank you very, very much!

Rosalia Munari – Cosmopolitan Europe - October 2008

We had a wonderful tour. Saw so much in such a short time. The tour was extremely well organized. The tour director excellent. The driver top of the business. 
We only experienced some discomfort with the accommodations in the hotels. We were three in one room. The rooms were too small, a pull up bed was provided to one of us, with the exception, of one night the three of us were able to sleep in a acceptable bed. I only learn my lesson "never go on a trip with two friends"
Thank you for all your help in making this trip possible for us.

Donald & Lorraine List – Egypt – October 2008

We are back and we had a good trip. Your associates in Egypt did well by us. Our guides, Tamer in Lower Egypt and Abdo in Upper Egypt, were very helpful and were full of information about Egypt and the sites we were seeing. Both also shared information with us about themselves and about day to day life for Egyptians, which made the trip even more personal and meaningful. And, of course, the pyramids in Giza, the Sphinx, the temples in Upper Egypt, the tombs and the High Dam are fabulous sites. 

Overall, though, it was a great trip. Both Tamer and Abdo were great guides, and Tamer even made a special trip to our hotel to return to Don 40 pounds (around $8 US) that Don had inadvertently left in the van one day. And even though Don offered, Tamer would not take any of the money as a reward or a thank you. 

Finally, we found Mohammed (who met us at the airport, took us to the train in Giza, and then took us back to the airport when we left for home) very helpful and interesting to visit with.

Thanks also to you, Carol, for all your help in making arrangements for us.

Lucy Nelson – British Isles in Depth - October 2008

I was just about to write and send a sincere thank you to you personally for arranging this trip, and for handling all my questions and changes with such patience and efficiency! I could not have asked for someone to do a better job.The trip was very good overall, and was just the sort of thing that I needed. I was happiest about the length of the trip, and the countries covered. Thank you also for arranging the flights so well. It was a huge relief to not have to meddle with that myself. 
I will most certainly keep you in mind for future tours. Thank you once again for all your help from beginning to end. I am so glad that I went through A-Z Tours.  :-)

Eunice Abbott – USA – October 2008

I enjoyed the holiday and saw some wonderful places, Atlanta Columbia, Savannah, St Simons, Augusta, Macon. and the hotels were all quite good.
The driver was excellent and very nice, the guide Brenda, despite her 16 years with the company, she told us very little and was more interested in the Civil war than general chit chat. She was not a popular or friendly guide throughout the trip.
I enjoyed the places I visited, because I wanted to see them. I would like to thank you for all your hard work in arranging this for me, I was not disappointed, I have seen what I wanted to see.

You were always so helpful, I would always use you in future should I want to plan something in the USA or Canada.

Steve Robinson – Atlantic Canada – October 2008

The trip was fine it seemed we were the only 2 Aussies on it so all the Americans were onto us….

The tour is excellent value for money but my only comments would be that the leg room was too short for anyone over 6 foot and two of the Motels were a bit low on the standard namely The North Winds and Ceilidh Country lodge…..

Once again thanks for tying everything in for us.

Kem & Wayne Brewer – Atlantic Canada - September 2008 Murphys

We’ve arrived home tired but very rested. The pace in the Maritimes is such that we had no choice but to slow down! All the arrangements were top notch except St John, where, I know, you tried to put us in a hotel – which would have been a better idea. The Vintage was just not up to the level of the other ones.

Julies Walk was very nice – but expensive eh? Over $200 per night with all the taxes. We did the Maritime Museum, the Harbour Hopper and Murphy’s on the Water.

It poured when we went to Peggy’s Cove but two days later went via Lunenburg to Parrsboro and loved it. The Bluenose was docked at Lunenburg and we sat outside for lunch overlooking the water on a very hot day, even ran into people from Lethbridge!

Parrsboro was the secret gem. An Inn does make the difference. The Maple Inn hosts were so hospitable, home made pie and coffee always available. We had a place to play cards (drink wine) and visit. The one restaurant overlooked the Bay of Fundy where we watched the incredible tide levels go out. There was just one pub too, and everyone was very friendly. Lots of hiking, Partridge Island lookoff was beautiful. The Ships Company Theatre was closed for the season, though, as well as the golf course while we were there. Cape D’or restaurant at the lighthouse was fabulous despite the long walk down from the parking lot over rocks. They did drive us back up the hill!

Enough said about the Vintage in St John. If we were to go again we would have stayed in Moncton or Fredericton. We stopped at the Hopewell Rocks on our way to St John. We did get to the Jazz and Blues Festival on a chilly day in Fredericton, Great city, clean with lots of character. On our way to the bridge to PEI we did the Magnetic Hill – too cool.

Heritage Harbor House was so perfect in Charlottetown; again, it was an Inn. Excellent food and service. The laundry service was very much appreciated and at only $1. a load, a deal in itself! We walked everywhere downtown and they too had a place for us to play cards and drink our wine. Wayne and I had a fabulous day golfing at St Andrews (I beat him on the back 9) while our sister and husband went to St Stephen (hospital for hip x-rays – darn arthritis. A cane and Celebrex were her friends for the remainder of the trip.

Wayne did get to golf at the Links at Crowbush despite the tail-end of Hurricane Ike. A highlight of PEI was going to Summerside and watching the Tall Ships come in from their race around PEI. We toured the ships and talked to the crews. Later we stopped into Anne of Green Gables village and walked Cavendish beach. The musical Anne – was really great, we laughed and cried.

Baddeck was so perfect! Denise at the Bell View was terrific! What value too. We only toured one side of the Cabot Trail but so worth it! We stopped at the glass and wood maker shops. Had fish and chips overlooking the water and Wayne got a golf cap at the Highland Links – just not enough time to do it all. We thoroughly enjoyed our sail with Amoeba Sailing Charter. The boys went to Louisburg for the day while Linda and I shopped and stopped at a harbour rest where lunched, again drank wine, and read our books. Denise picked us up when we were ready – can you believe that? Our lobster dinner was great with Celtic music to boot. They do have a Ceilgh every night and we regret not getting to at least one of them. Everyone said they were so much fun.

We spend our last night in Halifax at the Lakeview Inn near the Airport. They have a great pub/restaurant and a lovely dining room. We are now experts on Seafood Chowder and Lobster!

I’m attaching a picture from the best at Murphys on the Water. I’m the one in black. Thanks again for everything! I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone!

Marie Ivanda – Spain Portugal & Morocco - September 2008

Amazing, amazing, amazing....that doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful the tour was. The hotels, the food, the tour, the guides, the people, the cities.....everything was so well done, so well planned, right down to the rest stops.
Theresa, it was quite simply magnificent in every way and I thank you so much for all your assistance in organizing and putting this together for us. Cosmos is the only way we will even consider touring in the future.
Again, on behalf of Brenda and I, you have our sincere and heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful holiday.

Phil & Dawn Chappel – Atlantic Canada – September 2008

Our trip went very well, we had a great time. Collette tours are very well organised, our tour guide knew the history and the facts about the areas very well. He had very high people skills. We would certainly consider another Collette tour in the future.
Thanks for your help in organising our trip.

Happy Tang – September 2008

Our trip was wonderful. We had a great time! The hotels are nicely located, and you've made it easy for us. We would recommend your services to our family & friends, and would definitely be in touch for our next vacation. Thank you!!

Claude Michaud – Egypt – September 2008

This was a very great trip - very tired - Tourist guide were excellent with good and clear english. While in Casablanca we toured the city of 6 hours by taxi - was great.

Hotels in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Ste-Catherine were great. Catherine Plaza - the view and the room was great - Staff  were just ok not more. The rest of all hotels were great, especially Basma Hotel and the one in Luxor.

Once again all the guides were excellent and very caring about Mr Lockwood who walk with a cane. Well, have a great day.

Rolande Pyrce – Egypt - September 2008

We had a great time on our trip. The sites we visited were stunning and the itinerary was well put together overall. The nights on the sleeper train were kind of tough especially because we had to check out of our hotels early, tour all day then spend the night on the train. We would go straight into touring the next day, meaning almost 2 days without access to a shower in each case. We were feeling pretty yucky and dirty on those days. I don't know if that can be avoided but we didn't like that too much - I think we assumed there were showers on the train, although you were right, the bathrooms on the train were a bit of a challenge.
We loved our tour guide in Egypt - Mohammed. Please pass that on to his superiors. He was excellent- super knowledgeable (I think he has degrees in Archeology and Egyptology), very patient and considerate to our needs and preferences. He spoke very good English and was always very clear about explaining the itinerary, etc. We felt well taken care of.
In terms of the hotels, the Sofitel in Egypt was not bad. We actually liked Century Park a lot-  the rooms were nice, the food was good and the service staff was friendly and helpful.

Corry and Kelly Lodders – Amsterdam - September 2009

We were surprised that we had a new flight to Calgary, since we didn't have a clue what was going on. Transat told us upon checking in that we were going to stop in Manchester and therefore we would miss our flight to Calgary. They said they would send a message, but now we find out that it was you who took care of it. We sincerely thank you for that.

You have handled our trip very good and we appreciate it. We had a really good trip and we enjoyed everything.

We once again thank you for all the help and care you gave us. We wished everyone would be like that! Many thanks and best regards.

Lorna & Eric Gregson – Atlantic Canada – September 2008

We had a great trip. It started a little rough - luggage didn't arrive, picked up the rental car in the dark, in a pouring rainstorm from an agent with a flashlight that didn't work, who wanted us to inspect the car and note any damage (we couldn't see due to the lack of adequate light and told her to note that). However, after the end of the second day when the luggage arrived and the weather improved so did our holiday. We soon realized there was way too much to see and way too short a time to see it in. We appreciated the suggestions that you had given us and the very specific directions. We saw tons, admired the beautiful scenery, learned lots at the numerous historic sites and museums we visited and gained a real sense of the history of our country that started in the Maritimes. Thanks for helping us plan the trip and arranging the accommodations.

All of the accommodations were fine except for the Comfort Inn in Saint John - after the first night we decided not to stay there for a second night and instead chose a B&B near the Hopewell Rocks. The B&B in Parsboro was very nice - the room impressed us, however, the best accommodation and breakfast was the place in Charlottetown. It was very clean, comfortable, quiet, good location, and fantastic breakfast. PEI was our favourite and were glad we had took an extra day there - it helped that the weather was absolutely fantastic while we were there. We enjoyed Baddeck as the central base while on Cape Breton and were very impressed with what we were able to see (rainy days the whole time we were there) while driving the Cabot Trail. The accommodation in Baddeck was fine, however it was very rustic. We stopped in Truro the first time we were going through it to see the tidal bore so we decided not to spend a night there later in the trip. We actually spent two nights in Lunenburg instead and thoroughly enjoyed that.

Thanks again for your help. We will definitely be visiting the Maritimes again! Take care.

Trudy Bartosek – Passage Through New England & Eastern Canada– June 2008

Everything went well on our trip and we had a great time.

Heather Bisson – Egypt – June 2008

During our last few days in Cairo we wondered if I'd gotten pregnant in Egypt. As it turns out, I'm 3 months pregnant! We're excited, especially since this will be our first child. Anyways...!

We really enjoyed our time in Egypt and it's hard to believe we saw so many historic sights. The itinerary was perfect for us.  Mohammed and Ashraf were our guides during the majority of the trip and we were impressed with their knowledge and personalities. They really made the trip memorable in addition to the sights. Our drivers should also be commended for their driving skills -- we couldn't imagine renting a car and touring the country by ourselves!

On the day we drove to the Sinai to visit the military museum, Moses Spring, and the Canal, apparently security had tightened in the region since our return from Mt Sinai the previous day. Not having had any previous issue in Egypt or other countries I've visited (22), we decided to leave our passports in our hotel safe in Cairo when visiting the Sinai a second time. As we approached a checkpoint near the Suez Canal tunnel, we were asked our nationality and for our passports. Ashraf and the driver had to get out of the car for questioning, and then Mark had to step outside. I was to remain in the vehicle. 

Thankfully Mark had his military ID and my dependent military ID cards in his wallet (though stupidly we didn't think to put a copy of our passports in it) because that was the only ID we had on us. Mark was briefly questioned by a guard about being in the US Army and asked why he was in Egypt. Thankfully the four of us were then allowed to proceed towards the military museum, etc. The scenario repeated itself when we returned towards Cairo (this time the guards called the checkpoint we'd been stopped at earlier and verified the story). 

Coincidentally that same day, security had tightened around the pyramids. No vendors were allowed and guards were all over the place, according to Armando and Sandy (Cassandra or Sandra) from CA. They said Mohammed had never seen something like that happen in that area. Other than our little incident, we absolutely enjoyed the trip! :-)

Thanks so much for all of your assistance in planning our trip! If any friends want to travel to Egypt we'll definitely recommend A-Z to them. I'm about to start working on our Egypt scrapbook today.  

Daniel Waite – Nova Scotia & P.E.I. Canada  - August 2008

Hi Nicole --indeed we had a great time --stayed well and enjoyed it all --good food --hotels were excellent –the guide very knowledgeable --we sent in an evaluation --and thanks for all your guidance

Gail Abernathy – Broad Cove, Nova Scotia - August 2008

Our stay was great. Very cozy and comfortable. We had everything we needed.

Sorin and Simona Mateiovic – Egypt – August 2008

As far as the trip to Egypt - we really loved it; there are some negative issues that we would like to address to you privately.-hoping that our suggestions might improve things
Christine Ware – Egypt – August 2008

It's been almost a year since my daughter Andrea and I went to Egypt. We had a most marvelous experience, loved every minute of it and would love to go again sometime. Hopefully, after the new Cairo Museum is built. Our guide in Cairo was great, very passionate about his work, and clearly explained all aspects to us. The pyramids at Giza are unbelievable. The Bazaar in Cairo was most fun - especially sitting in a local cafe and people watching. The guide also came to the Sinai and toured us through Saint Catherine's and took us to Alexandria. The library in Alex was well worth the trip - a marvellous structure and so important to catalogue what's happening in print and media. 
Luxor, Aswan, the Nile cruise and all points in between were incredible. Our guide for that portion was also very knowledgeable and clearly loved her job. A great personality. We did not go to the Luxor museum and I understand we missed something great. I've love to visit Luxor again and explore more of the tombs in the Valley of the King and Queens. We added a day in the Valley and were well rewarded with extraordinary tombs. Our best meals - we went there twice - was in a place across the street from the Habu Temple!! The owner was most gracious, had great food - treated us like special guests.
Our third guide in Cairo was a professor of Egyptian History at the university. She provided insights into the history and culture that were amazing. She had incredible stamina and could out walk both of us!! She was very quick. We enjoyed the museum and a cotton store with her where we purchased goods and had them shipped home. Of course we should have bought more!!
Our drivers were extremely skilled to deal with all the traffic, especially in Cairo and Alex. Gracious and fun as well. We also had an armed guard on the Sinai. He was very professional and attentive to our surroundings. We especially noticed this at Moses Springs where other folks were nearby swimming in the Red Sea!! 
Kudo's to all the staff for their hard work in creating an exceptional experience for us. We'll remember it always and someday hope to see many of them again.
So much to see and almost not enough time even though we we're there for three weeks!! Thanks again for everything!!

Queenie Samuel – Europe - August 2008

Hey Theresa, It seemed like a much longer trip, but it was great, had a wonderful cosmopolitan group of 30- everyone agreed it was probably #1 or 2 of all their trips taken. There were 2 couples from USA, several from the UK, India, Holland, Canada, etc. Norway is beautiful, sparsely populated (can you believe a town with less than 2,000 people?) and water ways clean enough to drink from. Rolling hills of wheat, big wind turbines and oh so clean.

Denmark would be my second and Sweden the last because of the huge populous and commercialism. But on my last evening in Sweden I finally got to see a blue eyed natural blonde and she was a doll (smile). 

The overall Land trip was well planned and executed. Our tour guide was the best and driver more than anyone could have asked for- the bus had a flat tire and he changed it himself. We were given tons of info and alerted whenever there was something she thought we should see. She always had her next day plans posted as well as having given them to us prior.

Accommodations were good except for the lack of air conditioning, which is sparse in Scandinavia I'm told. Food buffets were excellent, breakfast was plentiful-I don't eat breakfast, so that didn't mean as much to me. Free time was moderate, but then we saw a lot in such a short time. Weather after the 1st day was sunny and delightful.

Over all my experience with A-Z Travel has been great- I would highly recommend A-Z and Cosmos. Thanks Theresa and Co.

Jeannie DeBois – British Isles - August 2008

Thanks Theresa for all you done for me .The trip was well beyond my expectations so am extremely happy and will definitely recommend your company and use you for my overseas travel Thank you once again .

Janice Lua – Africa - August 2008

Thanks, Theresa! We've enjoyed the trip.
The transport pickups were punctual, accommodations were decent and we were well taken care of by Wildlife Safari during the tour.
We were also fortunate to 'catch' (see) all Big 5! Thank for the excellent arrangements!

Boyd & Caroline McDowell – Broad Cove Vacation Suites – August 2008

Thank you for your email. Yes, we had a great time. The little cafe opposite was fantastic!! My wife also went swimming in the bay!

Thank you again for a wonderful stay!

Ken Tamsitt – Ontario & French Canada – August 2008

We had a pretty good time thank you. We had a car for a week before meeting up with Cosmos and spent some time at Niagara on the Lake and 2 nights at Niagara Falls. This was because we felt (and we were right) that the coach didn`t either go there or spend enough time there.

We meet up with the "tour" on schedule, and everything went fine from then. The weather could have been better on our 1000 islands cruise when it rained most of the afternoon after Kingston.

Nice hotel the Maritime Plaza (the best on the tour).

Kapil Lawrence – Egypt – August 2008

We've completed our tour of Egypt & are transiting in Dubai!
Thank you very much for providing for us a wonderful albeit a hectic/short tour of Egypt.
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and all our apprehensions were completely allayed.

It was hot but the accommodations more than compensated for the weather!!
The Nile cruise was really great and the tour guides very capable. Thank u A-Z tours!!

Sinaia Nathanson – Canadian Rockies – August 2008

The trip went very well. Caravan Tours did a nice job and needless to say the Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. Regretfully my vacation is over and now I have to go back to work :-(
With best wishes, Sinaia

Dottie Quoting – Spain Portugal & Morocco - July 2008

I had a wonderful time. Cosmos was very organized with a great guide and competent driver. I met some very nice people who I know I will see again. It was actually a great time and everything went very well. The sights were beautiful and the history was fascinating. Thanks. Where should I go next????? 

Dianna & Dwaine Souveny – Italy – July 2008

We had a wonderful time in Italy both on the Globus tour and on our own!
Thanks again for all your work in booking us on the Globus tour.

Korena Thomas – Florida to Atlantic Canada – Vacation Planning - July 2008

Everything was great, all the hotels were nice but I wanted to let you know that Belgravia Bed & Breakfast is a great place to stay, we were sorry we were only there a few hours, got in late in the evening and took off first thing in the morning. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to stay centrally. Thank you very much for all your help.

Barbara Deleebeeck – Great Canadian Atlantic Experience – July 2008

We had a wonderful time on our tour of Atlantic Canada and Ambassatours did an amazing job of choosing interesting stops and hotels. My only suggestion would be to have the option of flying from St. John's to Halifax instead of taking the overnight ferry. The ferry and 4-hour drive to Halifax made for a very long day. We were lucky that the ocean was calm for our 14 hour journey. It would have been terrible if the seas were rough.

Cathie Colpitts - Galapagos – July 2008

It was a fantastic trip! I learned so much about geography, history, biology, sociology... We had 2 very good guides. Galapagos is so wonderful there are no words to describe it. The Finch Bay is first class and so is the Quitp Marriott. We had an experience that was a "Fawlty Towers" episode in Cuenca - do you remember the British sitcom with John Cleese?

Louise (Dodie) Perlt – USA - July 2008

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I, along with my daughter and her family from Indianapolis, recently completed our trip out west. We were glad to have the reservations for the Quick Shuttle out of Vancouver for Seattle with an interesting and friendly driver who finally got us through Customs without a hitch, a most personable young man. Our reservations with the Best Western Executive Inn also were perfect and we made good use of the proximity to the park where much celebrating was taking place for Taste of Seattle and a visit up the Space Needle. The private van to the airport was on time and again the driver provided a great experience for the family. Thanks for giving us such a delightful experience.

I have taken the liberty to give your email address to a couple of long time friends, who are planning to go to Whistler in September. So far they have their reservations from MSP to SEATAC and that’s all. To my knowledge, they have never been in these areas and may be looking for some suggestions. Right now I am bombarding them with the need to take the Ferry to Victoria, visit there, Ferry to Tswassen, visit Vancouver and then head for Whistler then return home. I'm not sure they really want to rent a car so now am out of suggestions. Can you tell I'm a former Canadian who wants them to get the best possible visit?  Hopefully they will be in touch soon. 

Thanks again Eric, you put the finishing touches on a wonderful holiday. 

Jennifer (Vandenberg) and Thomas Moore – Egypt – July 2008

We returned home safe and sound and had a great trip. We'll fill out the survey we received in Egypt and mail it back to you soon. Thanks!

Doreen Micots – England - June 2008

I enjoyed the trip and got to see what I wanted to see. However, my trip to England was terrible due to long delays leaving JFK airport. However, I eventually got to the hotel, which was a very nice hotel. I got there just in time for supper at 7:30 p.m.!

Things got better after that it was an enjoyable trip. Also my time with my cousins was great, so all in all it was very good. Thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf. They were much appreciated.

Reese Grady – European Cruise - June 2008

Yes everything went very well. No hitches. The cruise was better than I imagined and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost – France - June 2008

Tania the tour guide was absolutely terrific and I had a great time!

Jean Paspa – USA to Atlantic Canada – Vacation Planning – June 2008

Thank you for all your work and help. We had a great time. The rooms at the Green Highlander worked out great. We ended up renting the third room as well so we had the place to ourselves. (The boys didn’t fit in the twin beds very well.) Having the restaurant downstairs worked out great with the boys. The Hilton was wonderful. I’m glad we changed it. In some ways it was one of the nicest places we stayed, so it was a great last stop. Again thanks for all your help.

It was a relief having someone to call when we needed it. We didn’t get to see and do everything on our list so we may have to come back. If we do you will be the first call I make. Thanks again.
Barry Anderson – Egypt – June 2008

Our trip went extremely well. When we arrived in Aswan we were met by Heba and a driver who because of the flight delays had to immediately drive us 3 hours into the dessert to go to Abu Simbel. They were very nice but we were very tired.

I strongly recommend you find a hotel closer to the airport for short-stay visitors.

Armando and Sandra Vallesteros – Egypt – June 2008

We had a wonderful time in Egypt, it was a trip of a lifetime, people were very very nice to us, service and food was very good as well. Our main tour guide was very accommodating and very well educated in his field of Egyptology. We had many adventures and many wonderful photos and memories to enjoy from this vacation. 

We recommend that climbing Mt. Sinai is for the strong and energetic, we did well on the climb. The team of A-Z Tour was excellent to work with and very accommodating to our needs, we felt we had a very private tour for most of the time and that we enjoyed very much. We strongly recommend others to travel to Egypt with your tour company. Thank you very much for your assistance in arranging this magnificent trip.

John – June 2008

The trip was super. Ports of call were fantastic. Thank you so much for your help.

John, Janet, Laura and Julia Bennett – Egypt – June 2008

Have been showing off our Egypt photos and telling our Egypt adventure stories to all our friends and family. We were constantly amazed at what we saw. Our guides in Cairo and the Sinai and in Upper Egypt were both excellent. We learned so much from them and we enjoyed their company. 

They were very perceptive and anticipated our needs when fatigue and minor illnesses surfaced, when sunglasses got broken, when our daughters needed an internet, when we tried to cross the road...... The trip was very well organized and our guides, drivers, transfers all worked incredibly smoothly - can't even think of a hitch.

Our accommodation was very good - particularly the Marriot in Hurghada - we loved it! The hotel in St. Catherine was not of the same quality as the other hotels but we realize that we were in quite a remote area. The Nile Cruise was excellent - the staff were very helpful, particularly the Manager of the boat who came to John's rescue when he wasn't feeling well. We really enjoyed our R & R in Hurghada – the guide booked John and the girls on the snorkelling trip - definitely a highlight. He was very perceptive and sensed we needed some relaxation time, kept in touch with us but gave us our space and provided good resources for us in Hurghada. 

The crossing to Sharm was kind of rough - you might want to prepare travellers with queasy stomachs! but it was our choice.
In spite of the trepidations of travelling so far from Canada to a developing Country, our trip was awesome - again the attention to detail and the genuine concern from everyone was evident. Please pass our thanks on to Khaled (I will send him a note thanking him for the tour of the construction site), and all our guides and our excellent wonderful drivers throughout  Egypt (especially our driver in the Sinai and Cairo) I forgot to mention the Sinai - hiking up the mountain was incredible....
We will certainly recommend your travel agency to our friends and family and we will definitely consider contacting you for our future travel plans. Its been a pleasure Carol. Do you have a on-line newsletter we can subscribe to?

Mark Westwood – Egypt – June 2008

It was a trip of a life time for Sharron and myself, it had everything from travel, history, culture, education, relaxation, adventure and fun.

From the moment we arrived at the airport to the time we departed Egypt A-Z tours were assisting us all the way every effort was made by all in making our holiday an experience we will never forget. The planned tours where well organised and well scheduled, (on time) our main guide leader did an excellent job. He explained everything in great detail and was able to answer all questions that where raised by us and others with in our tour group.

As for the tour group on certain days it was just Sharron and I. On most of the other tour excursions we were paired up with an American couple Sandie and Mondo whom were great companions (fun), except for the Nile Cruise it was all most a private tour for us. We would see other tour groups of forty and larger all trying to see the same thing at the same time with their tour leaders having to herd them through the sights in one large group we were thankful we did not have to endure such an experience.

Our Guide had excellent organisational skills and endeavoured to please all. On one occasion we had to call on him to rectify a problem we had with our Hotel accommodation this he did immediately and made sure that it did not happen again and even ensured that we received the best our hotels had to offer.(ten out of ten)

Sharron and I would have no hesitation in recommending A-Z tours to anyone wanting to tour with your company to Egypt, the planning was exceptional (thank you Carol) your company lives up to the word “tailored made tours”.

Joyce Esrailian – Sale of Two Cities – Montreal & Quebec - June 2008

We had a wonderful time! Air Canada was great. Our baggage missed the flight, but when we landed in Quebec, they found it and had it at the chateau that night! All the vouchers went off like clockwork. We are so glad that we were able to stay at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac—that was so worth the trip! Reversing the itinerary worked very well for us too.

We want to thank you for your very professional, yet caring arrangements for our trip. I know a lot of people worked together on it, and you are to be commended for a job really well done. Thank you for your help especially and for always responding so quickly to my questions and making me double check things so that the trip went smoothly. Please forward this email to the appropriate people. We hope to deal with you again soon.

Fran & Hans Bartosek – Passage through New England & Eastern Canada – May 2008

We had a great time on our trip! We loved New England and our stay in Boston the best.

Michael Brief – USA to Atlantic Canada – Vacation Planning - May 2008

Everything exceeded my expectations. I now have to stick with my plan to visit when the weather is not as “chamber of commerce” perfect. I’ll be back for a winter visit. Thanks for your help

Tim Trainor – Greece – May 2008

No home yet! Currently we are in Crete, but the Northern Greece tour you arranged for us went well.

Harumi Fujita – Canadian Rockies – May 2008

Thank you for your attention. We really had a wonderful time in Canadian Rockies. The tour was in general good organized in spite of the rain in the last day in Banff. Maybe it would be better if it included more hiking for younger people. Anyway the nature here is very beautiful and we enjoyed a lot. We also made some friends from different parts, mostly from US and UK.

Nancy – Europe – May 2008

We are so pleased to have such a international tour through Europe even it still has some limited offer. Thanks again.

Greg – Ireland - May 2008

First, a huge thanks to you and folks at A-Z, who helped us put the trip together. We had a wonderful time! Our tour director, Geoffrey, and driver, Mark, were both loads of fun while being completely professional. We had mostly Australians on the coach with us, and they were grand folk as well.

The west coast of Ireland is beautiful beyond description. I think that is what I always shall carry in my mind. That, and Phantom of the Opera the last evening in London when we got back!   Geoff arranged for tickets, and we were 3rd row center.

The entire 25-day experience could not have been finer! All six of the folks who accompanied me say this as well. We are so pleased.

Be assured that we shall not hesitate to use your agency and Cosmos in the future.

I must now close, with every good wish and thanks for a job well done.

Chadwich Nelson – Asia - May 2008

You don’t know this but it is official. I love you!!!!! Once again you and A-Z Tours put together a terrific vacation package for me and I AGAIN had an incredible experience. If I didn’t have to return home to make more money and work I would have stayed indefinitely in Asia. LOL

Please consider me a customer for life. You came through for me in a HUGE way by putting together my vacation package in record time given the severe deadline I was working under.

Again, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for your outstanding service and professionalism. You helped me experience another trip of a lifetime.  

Whenever ever I see you for the first time, don’t be surprised if I take a running leap into your arms to give you a HUGE hug to express my gratitude and appreciation. But the biggest compliment I can give you is that I will continue to be a repeat client. You have earned my travel business and I simply wouldn’t consider going elsewhere! 

Have a wonderful day! You’ll be hearing from me again later this year for my next trip to South Africa, Spain, or back to Tokyo/Singapore again.

Jaap, for Ron, Paul and Paul – Egypt – May 2008

We came home from a fantastic trip that went without a glitch ………… and thousands of pictures. We had an absolutely wonderful time including a one week live a board scuba dive experience in the Red Sea around Marsa Alam.

Collectively we have traveled around the world many many times, throughout all continents, on business and privately so we know the “ropes”. But never have we lived through an experience as we did in Egypt. All your people were very nice, efficient and punctually on time for pick ups, convoys and drop offs, whether drivers, guides and others who looked after us. You have a very well “oiled” machine that worked for us like a Swiss watch, day and night. Your suggested rental cell phone came in very handy as well.

We also had equally wonderful experiences in Jordan and Israel.

All said because I do not think that we had the ordinary and for you more standard travel program. You delivered on the extra ordinary and with a lot of patience by you all, in Egypt and in Canada. I think I had told you that I had contacted about 20 different travel experts on Egypt on the Internet and only Carol immediately responded and followed through until we had organized and understood all the details.

Please feel free to use us any time as a reference for your outstanding services.

Masato Okamoto – Egypt – May 2008

My trip went well over all, except few things. Over all it was enjoyable trip. Every day was 6 hours or so, should been perfect, but wasn't exactly. But they were all nice people, I liked them.

Carole Roberts – Canadian Rockies – April 2008

Just back from our Canada trip and it was fantastic. Thanks for recommending Collette to us. We did miss quite a few excursions because of the fact that there was too much snow to take certain roads - Lake Maligne for example and all excursions in Jasper were cancelled, but we still had a fantastic time. Thanks again for your help and advice.

Tim Sandy – Egypt & Italy – April 2008

We had a really good time in Egypt, I enjoyed it more than Italy! The tour guides in Egypt were with us every step of the way and were extremely knowledgeable. They went out of their way to make us comfortable in every way. The accommodations were also outstanding, lived like a king...lol. We didn't get to go to Aswan due to a train wreck, but were able to spend the extra day in Luxor which turned out to be nice.

I was not impressed with the tour guides in Italy as much and how they ran the tour. It was hard to go to the small rooms of Italy after being in such nice ones in Egypt...lol.

All in all it was a good trip. Hands down Egypt and everything about it was well taken care of and outstanding in every aspect! Thank you for all your hard work, you did good!

Vicki Jones – Egypt – April 2008

We returned home on Sunday after a great holiday. Our guide was great and we enjoyed the cruise (although the entertainment was a little lacking), but we were happy with everything on board and have no complaints.

Billy Gwin – Egypt – April 2008

I have to admit I was quite surprised that everything was so well orchestrated. The guides were excellent and I tipped them very well. The drivers were for the most part safe and looked out for my best safety and well being.

I am really bad with names, but one fellow in Cairo was extremely nice and did his best to do everything just right. He was basically the escort from the hotel to meet the guide, from the hotel to the train and from the airport to the hotel. As for the hotels, the last hotel had the best food of all.

I was very surprised that the tour was a private one and so affordable. Please tell your staff in Egypt JOB WELL DONE and I would recommend them (and you) to anyone.

Bob Sharp – Egypt – March 2008

We had a very nice time in total. The guides/drivers were all quite good, friendly and flexible, and made the trip easy.
The first hotel was nice, although we did not get directly connecting rooms. We were on the end of a quiet corridor, with both rooms overlooking the golf course and the kids could easily move between the rooms, so it was fine. For touring, the Pyramids, Museum, Bazaar and Papyrus center were nice stops. The Perfumery was fine as a short stop. 

We would not recommend the Nile dinner cruise, especially with children under 11 or 12 (quite loud, rather average food, boat was nothing special, and not much to see from the boat, especially at night), and probably should have done the Pyramids light show that you recommended.
In Sharm, we enjoyed the Concorde hotel. Nice pools, sports area including the opportunity to ride horses, and a good Italian restaurant on-site.
Amanda Holloway – Egypt – March 2008

I had a lovely time, and most definitely enjoyed the trip! I am so glad that everything worked out the way it did, and thank you again for dealing with all of my special needs!
I'll be sure to recommend A to Z to anyone I know making a trip to Egypt in the future.

Annette Ducharme – South American Cruise – Holland America – March 2008
About the cruise, overall everything went well, and we are happy that we did it. My husband discovered that he's really a "land-lubber" though. Although he never got seasick, he never felt quite himself on board ship. We met fantastic people on the ship and saw some wonderful sights on our journey. We were surprised to see how developed these South American countries are (well the major cities, at least), especially Chile. The world is starting to look like a very homogeneous place!
I'll be in touch with you before long regarding plans for Africa in 2009.
P.S. Thanks for taking the time to calm me down when I called you in my state of panic on February 28th!

Shannon Burdick – Egypt – March 2008

Everything was wonderful. I appreciate all the help I received. I think this was a perfect balance of guidance and independence/flexibility. I will recommend A-Z to others. Thanks again!

Deborah Coltun – Egypt – March 2008

Carol, everything was wonderful. You helped me make my dream trip come true and Egypt is now on my preferred list. Didn't get to dive either Straits of Tiran (drift diving) or Ras Mohammed, in fact only got in three dives because of Egypt Air foul up, but still had the time of my life. Glad to have gone but glad to be home!!! Truly, thank you again. 

Carol, I'll definitely be passing your information on to other travelers. With so many of us baby boomers getting ready to retire, having confidence in what we get for our money traveling to new places, especially solo, is important. You and A-Z are GREAT, the service was wonderful and fulfilled my every wish better than I believe I would have gotten elsewhere (from past experience). Thanks

Cordelia Hwang – Egypt – January 2008

Egypt was fantastic. The pyramids are truly one of the great wonders of the world, and we were able to enter both the Chephren and the red pyramids! The Nile cruise, the temples - especially the more remote sites, made the trip was an experience of a life time.

Everything went smoothly and the guides gave a human side to Egypt. I've learned so much.

Thank you for arranging everything.

Doug Matthews – Egypt – February 2008

The trip was wonderful. It went off without a hitch. I must compliment you and all members of your company team in Egypt, particularly the main guides I had, Mr. O, Dr. A, and Mr. A. They were extremely knowledgeable and very courteous throughout. They put up with my endless questions and managed to get me where I was supposed to go in spite of the crazy Cairo traffic and long distances in Upper Egypt. The drivers were also really competent. I don't know how they can do their job, especially in Cairo, without going completely insane.
All accommodations, without exception, were first-rate. You have obviously done your homework in choosing the good hotels. The cruise ship, Sherry Boat, was well-appointed, the food was very good, and the staff totally competent and friendly.
In short, I was very impressed with your level of service in everything, from the very first contact I had with you. I have found few companies with this level. I appreciate the concern you have shown for my interests and for striving to get my tour exactly right. I do not make these comments lightly, as I have travelled a great deal and have been in the hospitality industry myself from 1985 to 2004. As a leading-edge "baby boomer" I am in the middle of doing extensive travelling both alone and with my wife. We, as a generation, are very demanding and I am personally willing to work with a company that gives me the service I demand and takes a personal interest in my well-being. I believe you have such a company and I would like to make more travel plans with you.
Upon reading your evaluation form in Egypt, I noticed that you asked about my future plans for travel to a number of different areas of the world. My wife and I are planning to visit many of the areas in the near and distant future. Obviously, because of my experience with your company on this trip, I will be recommending you to our friends as often as possible.
Thanks again for all your great service. I look forward to having you help us plan future trips.
John Werry – Egypt – February 2008

Overall, the trip went well. All the A-Z Tour people were excellent and quite necessary when being surrounded by desperate and aggressive Egyptians.

Ralph Jackman – Egypt – February 2008

Yes we are home safe and sound. We had a wonderful trip. The sights and sounds of Egypt are firmly etched in our minds. The flights, Lufthansa, were very good.
The care taken of us at 03.30 at Cairo airport was wonderful and we were very courteously and carefully taken to the Mena House. Mena House, a wonderful hotel where sadly we only stayed long enough to enjoy a breakfast. Afternoon visits to Papyrus Institute, Perfumery and Bazaar in the care of B and M were fascinating.
Transfer to Aswan, very smooth arriving at Moven Pick just after midnight. It appears to be a wonderful hotel, but as we had to leave at 03.30 for the visit to Abu Simbel it was difficult to tell.

Abu Simbel visit, wonderful. Our guide was excellent. She is a very charming, quiet young lady with a great deal of knowledge which she shares in a very friendly manner.
Sonesta Moon Godess Cruise, very enjoyable. The boat is very clean and comfortable and all members of the crew were very helpful and tried hard to make our cruise memorable and enjoyable. Dinner was not of as high a standard as we would have expected from a boat claiming to be the best on the Nile. Lunch and breakfast were fine and the barbecue was also very good. The dinner menus sounded excellent, but the food just missed the mark!

The giude for the temple and tomb visits was excellent and again very knowledgeable. M. picked us up and took us to the Sound and Light show at Karnack and once again charmed us with her manner and efficiency.
Transfer from Luxor to Cairo was again managed smoothly and efficiently with drivers and greeter doing a splendid job.
Le Meridien, Cairo. Another very good hotel, but not of the same standard as the Mena House. The room, the security and the facilities around the hotel were excellent. The individual eating places for dinner within the hotel were good.
The guided visits in Cairo, with M were excellent. Once again we were delighted to have a guide who was knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. His command of dates and the ability to put each artifact or place into context was very important in helping us to fully understand the wonders of Egypt over a period of 5000 years, from the earliest tomb up to the modern day city of Cairo. We were very grateful that the programme was adapted to enable us to see all the major sights.

Sound and Light at Giza was excellent.

Nile Dinner Cruise was not to our taste, but again we were grateful for the way in which the guide and drivers worked to enable us to be switched from one vehicle to the other at the end of the tour of old Cairo in order to be at the cruise on time.

We would have preferred to have paid more and had a more luxurious dinner with waiter service and a quieter environment. Of its type I think it was very good, but it was not what we were looking for.
Pick up for transfer to the airport to catch return flight. Again managed smoothly and efficiently with our guide even finding time to present Linda with a small Valentine's Day posy.
I hope this brief summary of our holiday will show you that we really had a wonderful time. We have been very pleased with the service of A-Z Tours, the organisation, the guides, the drivers and will be delighted to recommend the company to our friends and, if the opportunity arises, to use the company again. Thank you for all your work in the early stages.
Leilani Wardle - New Orleans – February 2008

You ROCK - thank you so much for all of your effort! I must say that I normally do my own traveling arrangements online but you and Carol have really changed my mind on travel agents.

Joy Gulick – Egypt – February 2008

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our experience. Everyone one was absolutely fabulous.

I think booking with you was one of the best decisions we could have made regarding this trip and we would recommend you to anyone traveling to Egypt. Thanks again

Jan Mun Yee Shirley Lam – Egypt - January 2008

I enjoyed my trip in Egypt very much. Everything went smoothly as planned. The program was well designed. It allowed me to explore the major sites in Egypt and yet gave me time to relax and refresh myself before moving on to another city. The greatest surprise was that I even met Avril after the Giza light and sound show! 
I have to thank you and your colleagues in Egypt. They had tried their very best to make me comfortable during my stay in Egypt. There are so many memories I have brought back home from this exotic country. Thanks very much again to you for helping me in planning this trip!

Kavitha Jain – Egypt – January 2008

We had a wonderful time in the cruise. We actually went to Hurghada and Cairo after the cruise and got back last week.

Thanks so much for arranging all this, and I'll definitely get in touch with you for our next trip :)

Hassen Ashok – Egypt – January 2008

All in all it was a very good trip except for some minor incidents.
Here are the good part of the trip:
- The hotel at all locations were very good. I especially like the Shephard hotel at Cairo. Its a happening place!
- M our tour guide at Cairo was very good knowledge of Egyptian history and explained things well.
- The restaurants they took us for lunch at Cairo were good
- Our tour guide in training.. O was very nice and courteous at Cairo. I think he should be promoted to be a full blown tour guide. I strongly recommend!
-  The places covered in a day was ideal (especially with kids) and the transportation provided was good.
- My special thanks to our tour guide M at Luxor and Aswan. He is a perfect gentleman. Really went out his way to do things for us. The little extra things that they do counts a lot. He was like part of our family. Kids liked him a lot too.
- No complaints on the food at Luxor or Aswan. It was excellent.
- M our tour guide at Cairo was very inflexible.
- On the way back from Aswan we reached Shephard hotel at around 9 am after 14 hours of journey. The hotel would not give us a room immediately.
But we really enjoyed the trip and I will not hesitate recommending this to my friends.
Hideki Koyanagi – Egypt – January 2008

First of all, Thank you very much for your great help. I could really enjoy Egypt very much.

Especially, the guide who went together during Nile cruise was very reliable and helpful.

I could enjoy this travel very much. If I can have next chance to go to Egypt, I want to ask you again. Thank you very much.

Jason Paul – Egypt – 2008

The trip was amazing. Heatherann and I had such a wonderful experience, with so many great memories. The guides were wonderful, especially M.Z. He was unbelievable, and if I ever go back to Egypt, I would certainly want him as a guide again. Thanks for all your help throughout the process. I would enjoy working with you again if you are involved in trips outside of Egypt for A-Z.

Name witheld at clients request – Egypt – January 2008

In general, we had an enjoyable trip. The sites were incredible. A was a fabulous guide, our drivers were skillful and our greeters so friendly and courteous. 

I have several friends who are planning a visit to Egypt and are waiting for my evaluation of our tour. I appreciated working with you, Carol. You were efficient and responsive.
Nadean  Dooner – Egypt – January 2008

Our trip was outstanding. From the minute we arrived at the airport (and were greeted) to the trip back to the airport, everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make our trip special.

On the evening of the Nile Dinner Cruise, our driver and guide were there even though the driver's wife was quite ill. He was unable to pick the 3 of us up after the cruise (he took his wife to the hospital). The guide immediately hailed a taxi - he didn't call the local office until we were already in the taxi. I found him to be proactive rather than reactive.

Put me on the list of very satisfied customers!

Uriel Avron – Israel to the Canadian Rockies – October 2007

We are home now after five weeks and boy, what five weeks we have had :-) First we had the tour to the Rockies. It was breathtaking... well, I don't have to describe to you the beauty of the land, you are more than likely fully aware of it.

The organization of this tour was perfect and our guide, Serena did a very good job. She was very informative, did her best to explain the different things we have seen and in general kept very well to the timetable. It was a difficult job with so many people on board, so she definitely deserves a lot of applause at the way she has handled the job. All in all the 13 day Rockies tour is a good introduction to this wonderful place and it definitely leaves a taste of "more" after it is finished... :-)

After the Rockies we continued to Saskatchewan, to the "Rut is on" eco lodge adventure. I had only a very faint idea about what to expect, based on a previous eco lodge adventure in the Amazon Basin in Ecuador and initially treated this whole trip as a fill-in to kill some time before flying to Churchill to see the Polar Bears. Well, in short it was a HUGE success!

First the organization of the flight and the hotel in Saskatoon (The Saskatoon inn) was perfect. Special thanks to you for that :-) On the next day of our arrival Maureen arrived to take us to their home where we have spent a day, to get used to the area, learn how to walk on the hunting trails and to generally familiarize ourselves with the environment. After a fun day at the home of Dave and Maureen that included some dog sledging, playing with the animals on the farm and rearranging our gear, Dave has taken us to Sawyer Lake where the real fun took place.
Every day we would wake up very early in the morning and walk some 10-15 km to see the wildlife his estate offers. And we did indeed see a lot of it!

Some of the big game like moose, elk, deer (a lot), smaller animals like hare, coyote, beaver and also some rare ones that are rather elusive, like otter and even wolf! I can't even count the number and types of the birds we have encountered. In the afternoon we would go canoeing, ATV driving, or just walking to a different part of the estate, there was always something to see...
Add to that the friendly hospitality of Dave, Guy and Maureen, the best home cooked food made by Sharon and you really have a winning adventure :-)

Actually I was a little worried that after such a great experience the polar Bears of Churchill would be real hard pressed to top our Saskatchewan trip... ;-) The Sawyer Lake adventure has some limitations though. First, it requires some physical fitness. It is not very difficult, but walking 10-15 km daily is not a simple task especially for those with some physical handicaps.

The other "problem" is that the hunting cabin in Sawyer Lake is not a 4 star hotel. It is very convenient and very well taken care of with big nice rooms, but the water for bathing is collected rain water and the toilet is of the composting type.... It might be problematic for people who are looking for the Ritz in the middle of the prairie...

These shortcomings are of course fully offset by the wildlife, the Aurora Borealis we have seen, the canoeing in the silent lake, the dog sledge and all the fun the site has to offer. All in all it was a smash hit and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeing REAL wildlife in its real environment and those who want to learn how the people of the prairie live their lives.

After returning to Saskatoon (Maureen took us herself back) we have flown to Winnipeg and after four days we have continued to Churchill to see the polar bears.

I would heartily recommend it. The actual tour was carried out by Natural Habitat and they did a wonderful job. The organization of the tour, the guides, the hotels, everything was just superb. And the polar bears did their part to make the visit to Churchill an unforgettable one...

Well, that's about it, I hope I haven't bored you too much with my long-long letter. It is also the time to thank you for the excellent professional (and patient!) treatment I got from you throughout the planning and the execution of the trip, and the enormous help you have been.

Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone who asks me. With your permission, I'll send you an invitation to visit my on-line albums of the pictures from Canada when I upload them. You are welcome to use my letter for advancing your company's sales as you find fit. You are also allowed in advance to use any of my pictures from the public domain for the same end. Thanks again and all the best

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