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Clients Letters, Testimonials and Photos - 2013
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Betty Ann Zetz - Alaska Cruise - October

What a wonderful time Judy, you gals created such great memories...So now their going to do their renovation...Can't wait until Balitmore, listen I don't think we should wait. We should create a cruise next year...Some place warm where we all can swim...Miss you...Betty Ann

Peter Laver - Nova Scotia - September

The trip over all was good. We had a little too much rain, (4 days out of 9). Bob was very nice and very knowledgeable. We saw a lot of beautiful sites.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to go out on the lobster boat or the evening sail on the Amoeba. The resort in Inverness was a little disappointing. Our room hadn't been updated since the 60's. There was a very noisy machine outside our room that would come off and on frequently. Bob spoke to someone at the resort and got the rooms changed. Those rooms were a little better but not much.

The meals there were very good and the dining room was very nicely decorated. The lobster dinner was very good. The trip to Louisbourg was a wet one so most of the people giving the tours were nowhere to be found. The visit to the Flower Pots was very enjoyable.

The visits to the various colleges,and schools could have been left out. It would have been nice to have had time to shop but instead at dinner time we were dropped off at the hotel and had to walk a distance if we wanted to go to the shops.

The van should have been a little larger as we are not as young as we use to be and it is not easy to climb in the back of a van. Overall Pete and I enjoy traveling and loved visiting your country.

Beryl Stone - Alaska Cruise - September

Loved everything about the cruise on the Celebrity Century to the Hubbard Glacier. It was awesome. Ship was great, food was great, hygiene was great, stateroom very spacious and with very good amenities. Loved every minute. Would recommend it to anyone -- in fact have done so many times. Thank you for arranging this. And apologies again for having neglected this answer for so long.

Regards.- Beryl Stone, Australia

Carol Raffaele - Hawaii - September

Our trip was great. Maui is very hot this time of year. Our flights were great. Going and coming back we had an empty seat beside us. Alaska air worked well,flights were on time and Seattle airport was easy to navigate. We would do this again if necessary. Thanks Linda.

Tim Trainor - Poland - September

Our travels to Poland went very well and are destined to be the highlight of Diane's Aunt Loretta and Godchild Ann's lives. All of our guides were excellent and very flexible in handling special requests made of them. Each one seemed to be better than the last! They made this trip special.

Early on the morning of our day in Poznan (Sept 20), Ann had a kidney stone attack and was taken to the hospital. She has no history of this type of issue and it took us all by surprise. The problem was quickly handled in the hospital and we were ready to travel by noon because of Ann's resiliency and youth. However, we missed our train. Our emergency contact Julia Szlachcic was extremely helpful and, through phone calls and text messages, she helped us reschedule our driver and provided me times for later train departures and arrivals. Her help made a potentially bad situation into a mere hiccup in our travels.

We did have several miscommunications that prevented the trip from running as smoothly as it could have. I write "miscommunication" because I want to acknowledge that these issues could be in part due to misunderstanding on my part. I've included some suggestions below that could minimize them in the future.

Connecting With Drivers at Train Station

We missed our train station pickups in Gdansk and Poznan. We have no idea what happened in Gdansk and had to arrange a taxi ourselves to get to the hotel. Poznan had old and new stations as part of the train station complex, which added to confusion. A call to Julia enabled us to connect with a driver in Poznan.

Suggestion: Clearly state that driver will meet people at platform and have sign with at least one traveler's last name.

Itinerary Inconsistency with Personnel in Poland

In Torun our driver showed up the day before we needed him. The confusion was quickly clarified and our ride the next day was there waiting when we were expecting him.

Our Czestochowa driver called our room at 7:30 a.m. to say he was waiting for us even though our itinerary had our meeting time at 8:30.

Suggestion: Make sure drivers have copy of the itinerary from which the travelers are working.

Wrong Rafting Trip

The arrangements for the Dunajec Gorge rafting turned out to be on a rubber raft designed for white water rafting where travelers wore helmets, life vests and were expected to paddle.

Loretta is a 76 year old diabetic and the reason I arranged to have personal guides for the Poland trip. Everything we read about Dunajec Geoge rafting always described a leisurely trip down the river while the guides poled the raft. We were originally driven to the starting point of such a raft trip, but were then taken to the white water rafting starting point, much to our surprise. This is where our guide for the day really rose to the occasion. She helped us to arrange the expected trip although we had to cover those costs. The day was saved and everyone had a good time. However, I'm not sure what to suggest to help avoid this issue in the future other than better communication on both parties' parts.

Having said all the above, I'd like to stress that we walked away with good feelings about this trip andappreciate your help in making it happen.

Lois Adaway - Alaska Cruise - September

I'd like to thank you for the great job you did in organizing for Susy and myself to join the 500 members who went on the Cruise to Alaska on July 7th 2013 on Celebrity Century. It was an awesome experience!! We were both very happy with all aspects of the cruise. Thank you so much.

Lorrie Ballantine - Nova Scotia - September

I just wanted to tell you thanks again for all your help planning our trip to NS. We truly enjoyed our visit. We made some changes along the way. We decided that we didn't want to spend quite so many nights in cities so we moved to some small towns and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for all your help.

Linda Rounds-Nichols - Europe - September

Hello- My apologies! I was planning to say thank you and send a couple of pictures long ago, and woke up this morning, realizing I had done neither. We had a wonderful time! The various guides were all wonderful, and some shared bits and pieces about themselves, which made an even better connection. The most interesting and heartfelt was a guide on one of the ship tours in Croatia. She talked about how people live, about her country, and about the war. She pointed out things they had lost, like vineyards which may never be replaced, and commented that while they won the war, what did they really win? Thank you so much for your help! peace, Linda and Phil

Starr Allaby - - Europe - September

Another great trip, Lindy, St P amazing, saw Swan Lake in evening as well as 2 daytime excursions;

Thanks for you help in arranging this one, Lindy

Kathy Nixon - Slovenia and Croatia - August

I had a good time. All three countries were amazing. I think I am unlikely to take such a tour again because I like a nicer set of hotels and I like to stay in the city centers. But who knows. It was certainly a good value to see all of those countries in the limited time I had available. I will certainly keep an open mind. Thanks for all your help in having a lovely vacation.

Jo-Ann Mayo - Alaska Cruise - August

A great big thank you for all the hard work you did for our group! I had a wonderful time on the cruise, best trip in my life. I brought my mom and my niece and they also had a great time. We were all pleasantly surprised at the size of the cabin. We had the double bed turned into 2 singles and with the two pull down bunks on top there was plenty of room for all 3 of us. Closet space was great and even the bathroom exceeded our expectations. The staff was good, not great but nothing terribly upsetting. So thanks again you are amazing!

Dale Fisher - Alaska Cruise - August

We really enjoyed the cruise and the experience on board. The entertainment was excellent. The performers really put their hearts into their art. The food was terrific. We had the same executive chef on this voyage as we had two years prior on the Celebrity Summit. We enjoyed some great conversations with him throughout the voyage. His name is Andy Bouchard, originally from Quebec City. The staff is well versed in friendliness, hospitality and service. The only downside was that our rooms (5029 and 5033) were right under the stage of the theatre on deck six and therefore very noisy at night as equipment was being moved or placed when we were trying to get some much needed sleep.

Alaska was spectacular! We actually got within 1/2 mile of the Hubbard Glacier! A rare occurrence according to the captain and crew. I wasn't too crazy about Icy Straits but that's personal and maybe on another day, I might have felt differently. Juneau was interesting. I learned that there is a Wal-Mart 15 minutes by taxi from the pier! I didn't go there, though. We enjoyed learning the Indian history and the culture of the areas we visited. We found an American woman who lives in Ketchican 6 months of the year who was a wealth of information on Indian culture and the development of Alaska. She was amazing!

All in all, we were very pleased. Without going into detail, we should have asked you for help in booking our accommodations for the 4 days we spent in Vancouver. Thanks for your interest and service.

Jerelyn Franklin - Alaska Cruise - August

Thanks so much. It is wonderful to be home. The trip was a delight which I will expound upon once I am again fit-as-a-fiddle. Picked up what I thought was laryngitis but developed into a full blown head cold. Thanks, again, for your wonderful service.

Linda Collins - Alaska Cruise - August

I too had a WONDERFUL time. Thank you soooo much to the Judy's for all their hard work and willingness. thank you to Joy and her staff for all the time and work they put into this endeavor. You ALL did a marvelous job.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that worked so hard to put this on and make it a GREAT experience for so many.

Karen Lund - Alaska Cruise - August

Joy, you and your folks did a wonderful job with the cruise. I'm sure I can say we all appreciated it. And what a group we had! As one table-mate said, "There's always one person in a group who rubs you the wrong way, but that didn't happen here." We were all quite compatible.

We could have asked for a little better weather in Alaska (rain all three days on land) , but I guess there's just so much that even the most dedicated Vacation Specialist can be expected to do. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication.

Julie Flegel - Alaska Cruise - August

Hi Joy, Thank you for your message and for all the coordinating you did to give us a good cruise. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks also for the $50.00 gift certificate - I thought of you as I sipped on my wine! I also appreciated the quick response to my questions. Thanks again.

Julie and Gerry

Margrit Flueckiger - Alaska Cruise - August

I am so full of beautiful memories, be it the Convention, the fantastic cruise with the Celebrity Century which is a swimming 1st class hotel hotel. I felt so good, almost at home and the attention and friendliness received from every one was marvelous. I just can recommend this Cruise and having the chance I would happily sail again with Celebrity Century. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature experienced in Alaska. Thank you very much for this fantastic organization.

Mickie Zinck - Alaska Cruise - August

The cruise exceeded all my expectations (as well as my travel mates too) for what I thought it would be like. I had a fabulous time. Our cabin was spacious and very comfortable.

The food was excellent, whether in the dining room or buffet, or the cafe's throughout the ship. The entertainment was great, and I especially liked the beyond the podium series with Naturalist Milos held during the week. The scenery of Alaska was breathtaking and even though I took a bunch of photos, few do justice to the beauty of the real views.

My mother asked me two questions when I got home.. did I like it? Absolutely. And would I do it again? Of course. She wants to see the Panama Canal someday, so we're looking at trying that in a few years' time.

Also for Action Travel, whether it was Joy, or others, whenever I called or emailed with a question, you were fabulous at answering them quickly and efficiently. The whole travel experience was a great one and I'm glad to have done it. Thanks very much for everything!

Lori & Bill Rokusek - Alaska Cruise - August

I'm sure I'm probably the last one to send a big THANK YOU to you and Action Travel!!!! We enjoyed every minutes of our cruise to Alaska!!! You were a big part of how smooth everything went for us while we were in Vancouver and on the cruise ship! I hope we book through you again in Baltimore! This was our fourth Alaskan cruise & possibly our most relaxing trip out of all of them? Not sure exactly why, but could be possibly because of the fact that two of the ports we went to were in the afternoon? I, at first, was disappointed that the ports were late in the afternoon, but actually is was great to not have to be up at the crack of dawn to get to a tour in the port city? Anyway, it was a great trip for us! Thank you! If we need a travel agent againyou will be our first choice!!! In Love & Gratitude;

Sylvia Wheatly - Alaska Cruise - August

Thank you so much for your continued support in these matters following my most wonderful vacation:)

Kevin Matheny - Hong Kong School Group - August

Just wanted to thank you for the upgraded flight to and from Hong Kong. The trip was a great success. I have the next two years worked out and it will save everyone money because this trip happened. So was well worth it.

Lalena Cekosky - Alaska Cruise - July

I will begin saving for the next international!! This cruise was a dream come true for me, thanks to my family!!

Susan Darby - Alaska Cruise - July

Bob and I are now home and finally settled in. We would both like to thank you and the entire staff of Action Travel for all the info, help, and encouragement we received from you.

The trip was fantastic, a once in a lifetime trip, connections were great and the hotels where we stayed in Vancouver were beautiful. We are looking forward to Baltimore in just 5 more years. Peace and joy to all our fellow travelers.

Judy Philson - Alaska Cruise - July

The buzz before and after our meeting has been about our recent International and the fun and life changing experiences we had in Vancouver and on the cruise.

We have also started talking about Baltimore, and telling others to start saving so much a week now for 2018 (right now that seems like so far away). I remember hearing your stories about the things you did, how you planned and how you saved. They all touched me and I have passed and continue to pass your ideas along. We figure if we can save at least $1.00 a day or $10.00 a week here in Hawaii, Baltimore and possibly even an after event can be in our plans. My head is still in the clouds

Donna Lee - Alaska Cruise - July

Have started announcing the next International Convention in the hopes of generating more interest in the next cruise!

Harriet - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy your support was wonderful! Thanks so much for your suggestions regarding the scooter and language to use with the doctor! I'm so glad Sue and her husband visited you in Vancouver and have posted a photo!

The cruise line -- I was disappointed. While it has been several years since I have been on a cruise, Celebrity was not up to expectations. Employees did not appear genuine in their concern -- it seemed false concern. Accommodation to personal requests were not made (changing the dinner hours). My roommate and I were treated as "one", rather than as two separate individual cruisers. This seems a little behind-the-times as many persons who may share a room are not a "couple". Also the dress code seems a little behind-the-times for women travelers who are lesbians. My friends had some challenges planning clothing as the dress code for the ship is written more for "traditional" couples. The excursions also were disappointing.

Granted, I have had "my" trip to Alaska planned for well over 20 years. I have heard friends talk about their cruises to Alaska, which also set some expectations for me. This cruise line just didn't work for me. I saw photos of friends who traveled the week before ours and the same week -- they used different cruise lines. Their photos were phenomal! Their excursions appeared to be more to my expectation than did Celebrity. All the best & thanks for all you did for us!

Libby Deskins - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, Joy, Joy! Thank you so much for all your hard work! The cruise was fabulous! It turns out the Celebrity Century is the same ship I sailed on in the Caribbean winter of 2011. I recognized the cruise director, the head chef and some of the cast members in the shows. It was like coming home. The weather could not have been better for that area of the country. I can't say enough about it or thank you and your staff for your efforts. I love Celebrity!

Dolly Tatarinowicz, Pat Marinaro and Lynette Rogala share my sentiments!

Mary Coppinger - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help Joy. I really enjoyed the Inside Passage Alaska Cruise. It was such a unique event to have 500 people from around the world who had just attended a Convention together in Vancouver to then go on this wonderful cruise together. It gave us a great opportunity to make friends from all around the globe. You were such a huge help. Organizing trips is not my strong point, but you helped me every step of the way and in the end there was not one single glitch. Thank you for your help, support and good humor.

Marilyn Massey - Alaska Cruise - July

Our trip went well, the ship was fine and our weather was typical (cool, cold, rainy) that's okay though. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Our highlight was the Hubbard Glacier approach and narration by Milos..Also the nature talks by Milos were fantastic.

I would not recommend this ship because of the food. The buffet was good to very good, but it was not our choice, since we found it was like a feeding trough with many people and no manners Our Dining room experience was less than what I have experienced on other lines. I like good service and very good food.

Room cleanliness was excellent.

Judy Alexander - Alaska Cruise - July

Thanks so much for making our vacation so terrific. What a great opportunity to cruise with 500 friends. Joy, you have made our job so easy. I know how much work we put you through but you seemed to do it so effortlessly that it was just amazing.

The cruise went really well. Those who were cruising for the first time we're amazed and loved it. A few mentioned that this was their first Celebrity cruise and while there were no real problems it really was a step down from Holland America. I have to agree. Just the little special touches were missing. I would still cruise with Celebrity again but given a choice it would be Holland America. When you need a certain date you get what you get and I have no real complaints.

Hopefully we'll be doing this with you again in 2018 so let us know how we could further help you out. We had hoped that by having the Yahoo group we could get information out to a lot of people at once and save you a hundred calls. Don't think it worked as people still asked the same questions over and over. Guess they just don't read.

Meeting you prior to the cruise was wonderful. I feel like I've known you forever and we've really just met once. Lots of love and thanks for all you did for Judy and me.

Nancy Gannon - Alaska Cruise - July

I had a wonderful time, the cruise line was wonderful and so are you!!!

Karen Slusher - Alaska Cruise - July

The cruise was great. I would love to go on another cruise sometime in the future.

Way to much to chose from to do. Did not expect such an extensive list. I loved the people/crew. So friendly and always smiling. They seem to have all the time in the world to talk to you. I never ran into an unpleasant crew member. I can't tell you the amount of times I went the wrong way, thinking I was at a different elevator or set of stairs.

My biggest problem was scheduling to many site seeing tours. I had absolutely no time to look around the ports we stopped. Ended up buying straight off the ship the last night.

Thanks again for all your help and patients with all my questions/calls.

Joe Gervais - Alaska Cruise - July

Susan and I enjoyed meeting our extended family from around the world.

Arnold Hooykaas - Alaska Cruise - July

The convention was great the cruise topped the experience. It felt as I was traveling with 500 friends. To the Judies and others who sat around and started the idea, thanks. To the people who spoke to me and made my visit to your side of the world a most pleasurable and lasting memory - thanks

My daughter Jemma who traveled with me, was about to get a T shirt made "He's my DAD not my partner" - also enjoyed meeting you.

Ann Hills - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you for taking care of the large group of people wanting to join in on the Alaskan Cruise. This seems to be the year that "everyone" is taking a cruise there. I'll bet not everyone had the wonderful attention that our group had from our travel agent! You were called upon all too often, but you answered one after another and with candor, honesty and politeness. Thank you, thank you.

Jean McDonald - Alaska Cruise - July

I had a blast, it was terrific! Will you tell them that I was very satisfied. The only prob. that I had was that I was stuck in my stateroom bathroom until my roommate came back to the room and got the door unlocked.

Kathy Jones - Alaska Cruise - July

To the staff of Action Travel: You all are fantastic! The plans you helped make for our cruise was impressive. I have such a great, relaxing time that I called a friend when I got back to Billings to see when we could do this again! I would go with Celebrity Century again - the service was great, the food was amazing and the programs were informative. My only comment was on the incessant music, but you can't do anything about that. I would recommend your agency to anyone who needs to book a cruise out of Vancouver - and you were such a treat to talk to any time I called. Thank you again Hugs to you

JC Cormie - Alaska Cruise - July

Thanks for making this trip so nice and also thanks for the $ 50.00 gift card. That was really nice of you. Everything was just perfect. Can't wait for the next one. And even my husband who had never did any cruise really liked it. Again Thanks

Jean Walberg - Alaska Cruise - July

The Hubbard Glacier Cruise was very enjoyable. I am partial to Celebrity cruises and the ship part of the cruise was great. The scenery is spectacular and I enjoyed the shore excursions. (I was even able to visit yarn shops in Juneau and Ketchikan.) Another part of a cruise is to meet staff from all over the world. Thank you.

Carole Dighans - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you so much for everything! Yes it was fantastic!!! This was my first experience of going on a cruise. I was amazed at the service and how hard those wonderful workers gave it their all to satisfy us. They are amazing! The entertainment, fantastic! The hospitality great! The smiles awesome! Accommodations wonderful! I truly want to do this again. Thanks for everything.

Mary Contreras - Alaska Cruise - July

The cruise was awesome. It was so organized and the cruise line didn't miss a beat. It was memorable and having 400 friends on board sure helped. Excursions were all set up and easy to access.

Thank you so much,

Joyce Davis - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you much for all the work you and Judy did to help make my long time dream come true. I had a wonderful time. Thank you

Kathy Miller - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy - Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the cruise and appreciate all your help. If you could send me information regarding cruises in 2014-2015, I may be interested in going on another one to Ireland and England (or possibly the Mediterranean). Thank you again. Nothing is for sure yet, I'm just getting the information together. Thank you

Jim & Donna Morris - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, What a wonderful trip. When we got onto the ship the captain had said that they were going to exceed our expectations during the week. You hear that stuff a lot but rarely do people follow through. Celebrity followed through. From the ship to the service to the food..........they were amazing. I would highly recommend them as well as go out of my way to use them again.

As for your service, I sensed by all the emails that this cruise presented a few challenges and I am sure you met them all with grace. A job well done. And thank you very much for the $50.00 credit. Very Classy. If there is another cruise and you handle it, that feeling of comfort will be there from the beginning. Thanks again Joy.

Claire Duthie - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, Thanks for all you did for us and the welcome home. I can tell you that Wayne thoroughly enjoyed the trip. For the 2 days I was on the ship, it was marvelous. I ended up getting sick on the Tuesday and had to be airlifted from Hunna to Juneau, spent 4 days in the hospital there, had 4 blood transfusions.....I had no insurance as it was a pre-existing condition and now the bills are coming in. Wayne was with me for 2 days in Juneau and then was able to rejoin the ship. They upgraded his room and treated him like a king. They called me at the hospital to see how I was, got drugs delivered to me at the hospital - the medical team on board the ship were just super.

It would have been an awesome trip for me too, however none of this is your fault and again thank you ever so much.

Ken & Cindy Youngberg - Alaska Cruise - July

Hey Joy, We had a great time on the Alaskan cruise, and would recommend Celebrity century, and you. It was a memorable week. Thanks for your part in it, also for your $50 gift, very nice!

Toni Kist - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, Wanted to share how the cruise went for all of us. The timing of the cruise was perfect for us. The hospitality of the crew was very well received. Everyone was very professional and nice. Our stateroom was underneath the galley so there was noises early in the morning. We tolerated because I booked late. The entertainment was great the food was exceptional to our taste. We loved having so many meetings available to us throughout the cruise. Also all of the senior officers were always seen and also were concern for our enjoyment and safety. The stops were very nice. Getting on and off the ship was very good. Thanks so much for taking my phone calls and my emails everything went well we had no problems going on the ship. Also thank you for the 50 dollars complimentary gift It was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking care of all our needs.

Kelly Howarth - Alaska Cruise - July

Appreciating all the wonderful work and efforts by both Judys in creating fellowship aboard the cruiseship--many thanks! This was my first cruise experience and what made it so special and meaningful for me were the meetings and all of you who shared. Thank you again, ALL! Hugs

Vera Seilhan - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, The cruise you arranged for us was wonderful...a dream come true for me. In walking on the Taku Glacier it is a "bucket list" item checked off. Thank you for all you did for us to have an opportunity to see Alaska.

Dona McKee - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, I enjoyed the Alaskan cruise very much. All the staff were great, the food was delicious and the entertainment was out of this world. For me, I believe the highlight of the tour was the Hubbard Glacier. It was not only amazing, it was beautiful. Capt. George and Ben the entertainment director did a fabulous job. Thanks for all you work to make this happen for us. Thanks

Susan Andrus - Alaska Cruise - July

This was my first cruise and I never imagined that it would be like this! I had a wonderful time walking around the ship on the 12th and 14th decks enjoying the fabulous scenery and wildlife in all directions. I also enjoyed the daily nature and environment lectures, the meetings, and the watercolor classes where I painted postcards to send to my friends and family.

The staff on the ship were amazing, friendly, and accessible whenever I had a question or concern. No matter if I asked the same dumb question that 1000 people had already asked, they answered as if I had asked the most important question!

I also liked eating in the restaurant at every meal and there was such a variety that I don't think I ate the same dish twice. Even though I had some dietary needs, the variety of foods enabled me to eat a full meal at every sitting.

I can't think of any complaint. It was a wonderful cruise and a great vacation of feeling pampered!

Rhonda Laviolette - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, I had a fabulous vacation. I was thinking of you after I did the zip line. You called me a brave puppy when I told you I was gonna do it. It was so awesome. It was like floating in the air. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I even convinced three other people to go with me. Everybody wanted to go again.

The cruise was incredible. I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a whole other world out there. The sunrises and sunsets are so amazing. This is the second cruise I have taken on Celebrity cruises and would go again with them too. Everything on board the ship was great. The staff was so friendly. I could not have asked for better service. The food was way too much but, oh man, was it good!!!!!!!

I met some really great people and now have friends all over the world. I am planning to go to Australia for a visit now.

Alaska was incredible. I had never been there and have always wanted to go. The scenery is something that can't be seen any other way than on a cruise ship. I did not see a whale at all though. I'm not sure that is a bad thing as it creeps me out to see things coming out of the water. A lot of other people saw them though. Hubbard Glacier was so cool. Incredibly blue. Our Captain put our ship a half a mile away from the glacier. The closet they have been all year or maybe ever. It's so hard to describe it.

I took a float plane ride in Ketchican. I got to stand on that small float in the middle of a lake in the wilds of Alaska. So cool!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the work you did to get us all registered for the cruise.

Ellie Linden - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you Joy for all that you did to help us plan the Cruise Alaska excursion after the Vancouver Convention. You were very responsive to all the questions and needs of the participants. Having read so many of the questions, you were certainly gentle and patient with our group!

Regarding the Celebrity cruise - first the good: All of the staff - cabin, waiters, etc. were excellent and consistently helpful. The captain got us so close to the Hubbard Glacier, and that was very special. We had a great time with all our friends and made lots of new ones.

One excursion, the sea plane over the Misty Fiord advertised landing on the Fiord. This did not happen, but we were refunded 35% of the cost of the excursion, which was more than fair. My husband had a good experience with the medical center. I found the man who led the Qigong unusually knowledgeable and a great trainer. I've done Tai chi and Qigong for more than 10 years and this was one of the best sessions I've seen on ship board.

Having cruised before, most recently on Holland America and Viking, we were very disappointed in Celebrity. The food was really mediocre at best, especially in the 11th Deck restaurant. No variety; no change - same menu all week. In the dining room I was disappointed that so much food was fried, breaded and calorie laden. All was beautifully presented, but disappointing to taste. We are not picky eaters and love to try all sorts of new things in restaurants. (Every single meal we had in Vancouver for 3 days before and two days after the cruise was outstanding!)

We were not thrilled. with the commercialism on board - buy, buy, buy! And buy some more. We realize that this cruise was selected so that it would be affordable to more people, and that is understandable. We also know that most of the first-time travelers were thrilled with everything aboard. We were not turned off and did have a good time, in spite of the drawbacks. Once again thank you so much for all your efforts.

Joan Peterson - Alaska Cruise - July

I truly enjoyed the Cruise. The am very grateful for all the work you have done in setting up all the arrangements for myself and my granddaughter. Everything worked out very well. When you caught the mistake with my airline ( Air Canada) and not Westjet, I was very pleased because things could have been disastrous. Thank you for all the effort you have put in to make our journey so enjoyable. With sincere appreciation

Sue Anker - Alaska Cruise - July

This whole trip has been amazing! It was so good to meet you in person, Thanks again for all your help.

Martha Sturgis - Alaska Cruise - July

I wrote you a thank you note - thought you warranted at least a hand written note with all you did for us. The trip was wonderful and we just love your gift of $50.00. Helga and I each got our hair done on the day before we disembarked. Any time you would like I would be happy to give you a reference. Everyone mentioned how terrific you were. So thank you for the Welcome Home and may we meet or at least do business together again.

Sue Hennesy - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, We had a fantastic time!!! Thanks so much for all your hours of work!!! Everything was great!!!

Margaret Parsons - Alaska Cruise - July

We had an awesome time, the arrangements matched up perfectly to our request, the cruise was clean, safe, too much food, lol. The service was top notch, all staff were pleasant and smiles, the cabin, with balcony, were clean and well taken care of, the ship is obviously an older built ship, but there were no torn chairs, or broken decks. Their maintenance seems very well done. We had no complaints, i also loved that we turned off our phones!! No interruptions. It was like a week BC (before children) Thanks again

Ruth Shirley - Alaska Cruise - July

The cruise was great. My son and I both loved it. I want to thank you for all the work you did to get things all set. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again,

Paul Bradford - Alaska Cruise - July

It was great and everything went well. Thanks for helping us.

Donna Eubank -Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, The trip was everything we hoped it would be! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been hard to name my favorite thing from the trip. It was all very special.

Lori and Dave Malin - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you for helping in putting this trip together for our large group! We also want to thank Joy for all her time and energy. She answered every question we had and followed through we each request in a timely matter.

We had a wonderful time on the cruise. Celebrity Cruise Line was one of the best cruise experience we have had. We are for sure will cruise with them again. Also wanted to add that Alaska is beautiful! We would highly recommend that everyone should experience a trip to Alaska at least once in their life. ... whether by cruise ship, air, or car!! Thanks again!!

Emile Landry - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy We enjoy our cruise very mush,thank you.

Frank Boudreault - Cruise Alaska - July

Hello Miss Reynolds. We had a fabulous time on the cruise, thanks to your efforts. The only problem we had was with a non-cruise tour, had a tough time getting info from them on where, when, etc. Finally got answers a day before tour. Also, thank you for your gift on the cruise. That was very nice of you.

Diana Anderson - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you,Joy. I was very happy with the cruise and especially the accommodations that were made for our group. Excursions arranged through the ship were wonderful and came through as promised. My only disappointment was with the availability of food when our excursion came back late. Even room service was not available at all times. I'd still be happy to cruise with Celebrity again, though.

Sandi Cox - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy:Thanks so much for all of your efforts towards our Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver, BC. My roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and since it was my first cruise, it was extra special. I kept wishing I had taken my grandson so he could enjoy also, but I guess it will have to be next time and I'll have to save up again for that trip, since I'll be paying for two. I loved the convenience, food, luxury, view from our room directly onto the ocean as well as our tours on land. The Celebrity people were also fabulous. Thanks again,

Berg - Alaska Cruise - July

Dear Joy; We did have nice weather, an excellent crew and much to do! it was good to have friends on board that we kept running into. However, there was plenty to do-too much for one cruise! I did not get to see a whale but felt better when Michelle, the shopping consultant, told me that she had lived in Alaska and traveled on the cruise ship for several years but had only seen a whale THIS year! By the way, had excellent service in the stops when referred by the VIP service. I did not get as many FREE gifts as some who just cruised the shopping area and did not buy.

I did receive some beautiful jewelry and Michelle was helpful at listening and recommending jewelers that were better than others. Didn't spend much time shopping as we went on several excursions. Had trouble with the "tending tickets" at Icy Point Strait. We did not get off the ship until the last group of people and so missed one part of our excursion. Did enjoy the tribal dance and since I am interested in aboriginal communities I did not miss any opportunities to talk to the people of the area.

Was surprised by the number of activities and staff you can get on a ship!

I ordered a cake and flowers. The flowers arrived and were beautiful-they lasted the whole week and had to leave them behind. The cake for our cabin was ordered for what I thought was a Monday night delivery after dinner but someone delivered it at dinner time. Surprised that there was a library and books! My husband and I both found some books to read and finished them in the week.

Enjoyed just sitting on the deck and watching the ocean go by! It was wonderful having a chef, waiters, assistant waiters, cooks, housekeepers, stateroom attendants, bartenders, etc. waiting on you. A great vacation!

Should have stayed another day to tour the Vancouver area. Think there are better shops in Vancouver than on the cruise ship or in Alaska. We enjoyed Gastown and Chinatown one evening. We would like to have taken a coastal tour.

Thank you for your help in getting aboard the cruise. We probably should have taken advantage of trying to line up airflights and tours from the one agency that is already there.

By the way the Delta Vancouver Suites was a very good hotel to stay at. Have a good day!

Deen Rochefort - Alaska Cruise - July

We returned home Saturday after traveling thru the Rockies to Banff and on to Calgary to catch our Plane. The Cruise to Alaska was the best vacation we have ever taken. You did a great job putting us at dinner tables and our friend's rooms on the same floor. The $50.00 gift credit was a big surprise, thank you. My husband and I have been on a cruise before but found the Celebrity Cruise staff to be very friendly and pleasant.

The entertainment on the ship was very enjoyable and excellent food. I only missed one "Beyond the Podium" with Milos Radakovich, he was so informative as well as humorous. I learned many interesting facts by attending his sessions.

I did find they pushed the shopping too much, for the stores in port. So I was glad we had taken some tours. Icy Strait Point was very quite and unique which gave us an opportunity to talk to the native Tingit Indians.This was on my bucket list, unfortunately, I had to put it on the list again as I would like to take the Alaska Cruise again.

I can't thank the two Judys and you enough for putting this all together for us to continue our fellowship after a conference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

JC Cormie - Alaska Cruise - July

Good evening thanks for making this trip so nice and also thanks for the $ 50.00 gift card. That was really nice of you. Everything was just perfect. Can`t wait for the next one. And even my husband who had never did any cruise really like Again Thanks

Cindy Kuykendall - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi, Joy :) The cruise was great! The staff was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, efficient. Our cabin stewardess was Jennifer and she did an outstanding job. Since I'm older and more traveled, I found that the food did not quite measure up to the standards I would have expected but, maybe my expectations are a bit high. I think the best money I spent was the transfer to the airport from Canada Place. So convenient and by then I was really tired.

All in all, I would cruise with Celebrity again and would use your services, if the opportunity arose.

Thanks so much for all you did to accommodate our travel to Alaska from Vancouver.

Darcy Avery - Alaska Cruise - July

Dear Joy and staff: Thank you for the well organized Cruise travel vacation. This was my first time on a cruise- so it was a learning curve for us. Jeff and I have many positives from the treatment of the Cruise line staff to the wonderful entertainment attractions on and off shore. The scenery and educational seminars on wildlife/environment were fascinating. The shows and variety of activities were wonderful. The food created a problem....It was just too good!

Details were carefully attended: from passports, luggage and passing through customs, making airline flights, to answering all our unique questions. Your assistance was well received. Thank you. It was a "joy" to work with you.

Carol and Michel Routhier - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance concerning our Alaska Cruise. It was amazing. Our first cruise was such a big success. I hope we get to go back to Alaska. What beautiful scenery!! Even the weather cooperated. Best regards,Take care

Margaret Macsor - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy, thanks for the cruise we had an awesome time. All progress must grow from a seed of self-appreciation

Dorothy Harrower - Alaska Cruise - July

We had a wonderful cruise to Alaska. It was our best vacation thanks for your hard work. God Bless you, Joy.

Susan Burke - Alaska Cruise - July

I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my vacation, convention, and cruise trip. it was an awesome unbelievable experience. I could not have done it without your experience, expertise, and help, including from those you work with that helped you. I heard many others who expressed there gratitude for all you did for them to make their cruise possible. it made a dream come true for me. it came off without any problem what so ever. also, I was worried about not having phone service while in Canada. I did not have it on the cruise either and it was the best possible outcome. I enjoyed my time even more. thanks again for everything.

Margaret Rodriguez - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy Just wanted to thank you so much for your help in sorting out my cruise and part of my Vancouver trip. The sea plane was wonderful and I we have had a great time holidaying in BC and Alaska. My cabin was in a perfect location and my roommate and I got along great. Whatever the plan is for the 2018 Baltimore trip, count me in J. As you can see from the weather, I'm still in Vancouver and we start the drive back east on Monday. Thanks again

Please be in touch if you're coming to Barbados or arranging a trip down there for a client and need an extra info

Virginia Henderson - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you Joy for the $50.00 gift. The cruise was wonderful and I enjoyed so very much. Again, thank you that was so very thoughtful of you. Have a blessed day

Sylvia Wheatly - Alaska Cruise - July

I just wanted to thank you for all you did ti accommodate me with flight and cruise reservations. The flights went off without a hitch except bags not being put on last connection on the way home. However, baggage claims located them and delivered to my door step very next morning:) The cruise was amazing! I love every aspect of this vacation and give you all the credit. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!:)

Diana Sanborn - Alaska Cruise - July

It was a wonderful time - the convention and the cruise. We will show a slide show next week, mostly of the parade. I continue to feel great from the whole experience. Thanks to Judy A, Judy P, and Joy for all your efforts on our behalf. Special thanks to Judy P for helping arrange the writing workshop which was so meaningful to those who participated.

Mickie Zinck - Alaska Cruise - July

I just want to thank Judy P and Judy A and Joy for their hard work on this. I had a wonderful time as did my travel mates. We are now looking forward to staying on and seeing what comes with 2018.

Thanks everyone for such a great trip, meeting many of you was terrific. Hugs

Judy Alexander - Alaska Cruise - July

Here I am, home again, after a wonderful cruise. Thank you to all of you for supporting Judy and me in our vision. My vision was far exceeded by the number of members on board.

Judy and I will continue to work with Joy and will plan a cruise for 2018. At this point there are cruises to Bermuda and the Virgin Islands leaving from Baltimore. Who knows what will be available in five years. Please stay tuned. We got 500 people together the past five years. Maybe we can double that number for 2018. Thanks again for your support and all the kinds words you gave us as we cruised.

Jennifer MacDonald - Eagle Hydrocarbons - Volley Ball Group to Vienna - July

Had a fabulous time in Vienna! Thanks,

Keith and Janice Phillips - Alaska Cruise - July

Just a note to say thank you for all the hard work you and action travel did to ensure a good time was had by all on the Celebrity Cruise last week.

Connie and Rick Wine - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, thank you for taking care of all the details for this wonderful trip! We loved the trip!! and you took such good care of us. Thank you.

Terry McDermott - Alaska Cruise - July

Joy, We want to thank you for your patience and help prior to our cruise and for the $50 credit you advanced to our account. We really enjoyed our time in the beautiful city of Vancouver and the state of Alaska. The cruise exceeded our expectations and the food, OMG the food! It seemed like everywhere you turned the vision was like a postcard. Anyway Joy, thanks again.

Madeleine Bonfanti and Elisabeth Rutti, Switzerland - Alaska Cruise - July

Dear Joy It was fantastic and a great experience. And it was a very special cruise. Thanks a lot for the help that you have been in making this journey well organized. Thank you so much

Wanda - Alaska Cruise - July

Back home after an awesome trip to the convention and to the cruise - thanks to you. Everything worked out very well. I do appreciate e your help in all of this - (Tell your boss you get a gold star.)

Laurie Kleen - Alaska Cruise - July

Thank you for everything, including the credit on the ship - that was nice! I enjoyed my trip a lot and everything was smoothed along because I booked with you. My transfer to the airport in Vancouver went well as did everything else. My excursions were great, the food was wonderful, and the service very good. I really appreciated your care and quick replies to anything I asked for or wanted as well as the completeness of the messages that gave me links for insurance, etc. Thanks again! Peace, love, and joy,

Marge Stevens - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy we have just returned from our cruise. What a holiday! We are the cruise ship that got within a half a mile from the glacier. Thank you so much for making our first cruise a fantastic holiday

Thank you for the gift certificate. I used it to have a massage!

David Shustak - July

Dear Avril and Nicole: It was a wonderful tour. Jamie and Doug were excellent guide and driver. Thank you for your assistance.

Chitra Padmanabhan - UK - July

Hi Theresa, We had a wonderful time as expected, especially in Edinburgh. The travel company - who we did the day tours with, are really good. Thanks a lot for getting this together for us Theresa!

Rosemary Mulholland - Alaska Cruise - July

Hi Joy Just emailing to say thank you for all your help organizing the cruise for us. You have been a tremendous help and very patient and kind. Looking forward to a great week. With Love

Melinda Dewey - UK - June

We had a good vacation but would not go with Globus again. First we were not allowed to have coffee or food on the bus. Also we were at stops of interest and we were given enough time to either eat or see the sights. I paid to see the sights. I should have been able to eat on the bus or at least have coffee. Globus is VERY misleading on their agendas. Not much is included with the tour. But the worst is the fact that the schedule doesn't match the times of self paid tours.

Example-Cardiff- the castle tour was not included but if I purchased a guided tour of the castle there wouldn't be time to get back to the bus. I as well as my group felt Cardiff was a waste of time. Also on one of the included dinners they ran out of food before the last table was able to eat. Not a good plan. We enjoyed what we were able to see. We stopped at Ann Hathaways cottage for a GLOBUS PICTURE, but were not allowed to go through the cottage because there was only time for a picture. Things like this put a damper on the tour. Thanks

Trudy Anderson - Cape Breton - June

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help organizing my holiday. It all went well and I had a fantastic time. Nova Scotia is a beautiful place and I enjoyed it the most out of the places I visited in Canada

Norman Banton - Italy - June

The holiday went well, Globus were very good, will be writing a letter of thanks to them. The tour was very demanding, and a person needed good feet, legs and stamina. Would not have missed it, hotels were good as was the coach driver and tour director. The hotels in Rome , the Cicero was very convenient for the Vatican area , near shopping, buses, restaurants and Metro . Was a very good hotel.

The Eurostar, was also very convenient to tourist areas. shopping etc, a good hotel but lesser than Cicero.

Ron Horrocks - Turkey - June

Hi Theresa, Just a quick note re our trip. While we enjoyed what we did, and saw, it was not what we wanted. Thank goodness for the people on the bus.

COSMOS did a reasonable job but nothing like we experienced with A-Z.

COSMOS - The bus was a 50 passenger one which is far to large for our liking. However, the driver was excellent and really needs commendation on how he drove, handled traffic and organized the luggage transfers at each stop. Worth 5 stars.

COSMOS Tour guide. Very good, knowledgeable, personable and helpful. Sometimes difficult to hear at the tour sites.

Accommodation. Good, enjoyed all except on place (Heracles) where beds were damp when we arrived. However they swapped us to another room instantly. Really good service. Later, we we went to use the bath, the handle on the taps broke off. Again, really good service in that the repair man was there in 3 minutes and replace the whole taps set in 10 minutes. Must commend them for correcting these problems.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves, had a lovely 3 days between tours in Istanbul, were we were able to really explore some of the sites we dashed through, had a longer Bosporus cruise than the optional one offered by Cosmos and had a couple of good "Turkish" Meals of Lamb and Sea Bream. Then went on for an 8 day, all meals included, cruise (8 cabins) down the southern west coast of Turkey. Got nice suntans, enjoyed swimming (Very Cool) and kayaking.

Shall ensure when we book with you again that we specify small group tours.

Sylvia Wheatley - April

You are awesome Avril. I am so impressed with the prompt response your office has offered me as I work out the final travel details. Thank you for your bridging communications for me and Joy.

Denny Patterson - April

Hi Theresa we did have a good time. The ship was great, the workers were special people. The flight we were on was awful.

Christine McCallum - Australia - April

Hi Theresa, We had a wonderful trip. The boat, the staff the places we visited were all fantastic.

Thank you so much for your organization of our trip. Being from Australia I was a little apprehensive about booking our trip on the Internet, but you made our trip planning easy and set my mind at peace.

I have had a couple of enquiries from colleagues about who we booked out trip through and I have happily passed on your details. Perhaps we can book a future tour with you in a couple of years time.

Laurel Mors - Spain - April

Everything was very nice and the weather was great. We would have spent more time in Barcelona if I had known ahead of time that we needed to leave for the airport so early to come back home. The Crystal Cruise line certainly has loyal patrons. Thank you for all your help. We really appreciated having all the transfers taken care of. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Pat Morgan - Alaska Cruise - April

Yep! Thanks for all your help Joy! Nancy, Ben, Don and I have booked all our excursions thanks to your help! We are getting so excited!

Harry Shatto - Afganistan to Germany - Mar

Went to Germany on R&R and stayed at Edelweiss in Garmisch. The Bavarian Sauna was wonderful!

Earl Sibar - Egypt - March

Hi Carol, All was fine: Mohamed organized and solved all (small) problems. Guides and driver very helpful, esp. on Nile. We loved it, learned much and Siwa was a fabulous side trip even with the bus ride.

You will find pix on our blog: sassyhaven.com/TravelBlog Hope you can use them. We appreciate your timely, thoughtful work, Carol. We probably wouldn't've gone otherwise. Cheers and thanks again for your excellent, timely help

Margaret Cenci - Alaska Cruise - March 2013

You are the best!!! It was my pleasure having you assist me in my travel scheduling to Vancouver, the Alaskan cruise, and return trip to Pittsburgh.

Thank you very much.

Jim Caruth - South Africa - March 2013

Had a very interesting trip Joy.

So glad I extended and went on the safari. Pretty cool seeing elephants stroll by.

Julie Barr - February 2013

Thanks so much for your responsiveness to my needs. You've been great!

Joan McDiarmid - February 2013

Thank you for doing your job so well :). I continue to be, as is my Mom :), very grateful to you and all you have done :).

Thanks again for All you have done :)

Venkatram Kowsik - Turkey - January 2013

Thanks for your kind enquiry and we returned home safely as scheduled on January 5th. The trip was very exciting and Turkey was beautiful an exciting example of secularism.
1. The travel arrangements were smooth and they picked us up and dropped at the airports on time.
2. The tour pick ups were also good and on time. The tour guides were good.
3. Hotels at Istanbul and Cappedocia were good and their service was also very good.
4. The hotel at Kusadasi looked very good from outside. but the room was very small and bathroom was very small. The service was very poor. For the first night they could not serve anything vegetarian for dinner and they were not even apologetic. Other than this hotel the rest of the tour was very good.

I have recommended your name for some of my friends here who are looking to travel during Easter time.

Bernadette Killebrew - Australia - January 2013

Just wanted to let you know I had a great time in Australia. When I retire next year I plan on going to New Zealand. I will definitely keep your email so you can make those arrangements for me. I really appreciate you making the tour package a great experience for me. Take care.


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