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Client Testimonials and Photos - 2014/15

Linda Walsh and Family - Nova Scotia

Hello Avril-- We had a great time on our vacation. We met two cousins in Meteghan and learned a lot about the family history. We have pictures of the gravestones of my great-great-grandfather Jean Pierre Robichaud, my great grandfather, my great grandmother and a whole bunch of great-Aunts and Uncles. We purchased a book there called A History of the Robichauds and my mothers name is in there. That was a big hit!

Outside of Meteghan, my favorite place was Lunenburg.
Thanks for your help! I hope you have a good summer.
Best regards,

Pauline Smith - Nova Scotia

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me get to make the trip to Canada. Weather was not very co-operative for the first 6 days, mostly rain, but thankfully not heavy so did get to see the places that were important for me to see. Last few days of the 10 day tour proved to be very good too. Caravan did an outstanding job on this tour at least for me it was a very good tour. So now that I am home, I can relive the good things that I saw and the good food that I did so enjoy. So just wanted to thank you again for helping me have a great time.

Best to you.
Pauline Smith
P.S. I would highly recommend your services.

Lorelie Dean - Personal Reference for new client going to Egypt

Hi Nancy, The tour was in 2005 - there were 36 Grade 11-12 students and five chaperones. The trip was a tour of Egypt. We started in Cairo, Pyramids, Sequara, overnight train to Luxor, Valley of the Kings, cruise ship on the Nile with stops, Hurgota, Alexandria.... It was a 10 day fully packed tour, with an Egyptologist - Avril and her nephew were also on board to handle any issues and check out venues. I would rate the whole tour as 5 star. The experiences and personal life stories from Avril and the Egyptologist were incredible.

Avril's partner (Canadian now, but was an Egyptian, that served in the military) handled negotiating of tour events and security. We felt so safe (the ensured security to watch our group at different venues). They added new things to the tour without charge, and also negotiated upgrades in hotels from 4 star to 5 star for no extra charge. Avril's partner knew the workings of government, tourist industry, etc. from personal life experience.

Avril and I became good friends - she is so friendly and outgoing and aims to please in all areas. You could not find a more honest, caring and respectful person. There were no issues that I can think of other than there were suppose to be two female chaperones, but the other lady had to cancel because of family health issues. Being the only female chaperone, one of the girl students shared a room with me the first couple of nights. The student would rather have been staying with her peers. The Teacher's talked to her about it and she immediately put me in a separate room for the rest of the journey, so the students could enjoy each others company.

I am just rhyming this off quickly. If I missed anything or you have any other questions please email me and I will get back to you tonight.
Warm regards,

Jack & Anne Gannett - Nova Scotia

Hi Avril, Everything went really well. Accommodations were nice and all meals provided were great. We saw everything on the itinerary. We could have had a little more time at some places but that was on us for asking to see so much I'm sure. The weather was beautiful, much cooler than our normal 100 degrees at home. Atlantic, Nancy our tour guide and Wendy our driver were great! I think the highlight of the tour was the whale watching. The day before they had had to go out 18 miles before they saw any. They thought when we were there because of the weather we might not see any, but two miles out we really had a show! It was great. Everyone really enjoyed the trip and I'd say everything went very well. Thanks!

Avril, We had a wonderful time. Each place we stayed became a part of the experience, and that was a pleasant surprise. We especially enjoyed the music on Breton Island, the beaches on the ocean, and the sheer beauty of the Maritimes. The Canadian people we met were both talkative and friendly. Because we had read about the history of that part of Canada before we came, every day of the trip was interesting. I had grown up on a peninsula on Lake Michigan, and the entire trip reminded me of my boyhood, especially the fishing villages and the beautiful old houses. The food was wonderful, and my personal surprise was that I did not gain any weight! The Cabot trail was breathtaking. Thank you for the arrangements you made for us. Everything worked well.

Jack and Anne Gannett

Kay Bomgardner - Nova Scotia

We really enjoyed our trip to N.S. in May/June with Caravan and appreciate all of your attention. We never received an eval form, but wanted you to know that we found it excellent.

Thanks Kay Bomgardner/Atlanta

Patricia Britz - Flight to Cape Town

Thank you so much. Kind regards. Michael and Patricia.

Rita Cohen - Nova Scotia

Dear Carol, Leo and I enjoyed our tour. The Fall colors were at their peak and the scenery is beautiful. We even saw eagles

Best regards, Rita Cohen

Roger Page & Family - Great Britain

Hi Theresa, for the most part we had a great time--weather was almost perfect! Two negative things--Air Canada lost my luggage and there was a woman who was stranded by another tour company and chose our trip and managed to be rude to everyone. There was just no pleasing the woman! Roger

Kathy Nixon - China

Dear Theresa, China was great. I have changed my mind about Costa Rica going to another country instead. Thanks. Kathy

Diane & Gary Koltnow - Nova Scotia - Vacation Planning

Hello Carol, The weather was wonderful and, of course, the scenery was beautiful with several breath taking sunsets. All of the accommodations were terrific:

The driving on this trip was way more than we anticipated, spent the majority of our trip in the car. We loved our time in Halifax but again, even with taking two ferries to save on driving time, it seemed as if we were only driving from one B & B to the next

We found the Canadian people extremely friendly and helpful, loved their sense of pride in their country and their warm, welcoming hospitality. Diane and Gary Koltnow

Lillian Patton - Enchanting Islands PEI & Nova Scotia

Carol we had the best time of our lives. Our tour director was just unreal. He could answer every question we asked him. He pointed things out to us as we were traveling. Our drive was excellent also. We were the best fed people for the six days and the accommodations were great also, I would recommend this trip to anyone. It was awesome.

We met a bunch of people that became real good friends. I have not downloaded my pictures as of yet as we just got home last night so need a day or two to rest up. Carol I would like to thank you as well for all the help and tips you gave us. I will definitely advise people to go through your travel agency. What a week we had

James R Hayes - Nova Scotia Vacation Planning

We had a wonderful visit and had many exciting experiences. Cape Breton Island was very special. Our stay at Auld Farm Inn B and B was very comfortable and we enjoyed a Ceilidh at Baddeck. At Cheticamp we went to a nice restaurant and heard some great Celtic music. Our favorite time of all was spent in PEI. We loved the countryside and parks and beaches. I will send you some photos soon.

I want to send you a small gift. Thanks, Jim Hayes 9/14/14

Ross and Janice McLaren - Atlantic Canada

Hi Carol
Just to let you know my clients Ross and Janice McLaren have arrived home safely and they popped in today with a couple of Caravan brochures for me. They could not talk highly enough of their trip with Caravan, loved every minute of it and had a great time. They rated the Tour Director extremely highly and thought the whole trip absolutely wonderful. These are clients who have travelled the world extensively, many many coach tours in Europe and the US - 5*star clients. They thought this one was right up there, if not better, than what they have experienced in the past.

So, all good to hear and thank you once again for your help and great service. Very much appreciated.

Kind regards - Di Cochrane - Retail Consultant

Ralph Izard - Highlights of the Canadian Maritimes

Carol the trip was wonderful. Our tour guide was very good, well organized, and we truly did hit the highlights. That's a beautiful part of Canada, and we appreciated the opportunity to visit there. Thanks for all of your help.

Ralph and Janet

Joy Dixon - Enchanting Islands

Hi Carol - I am home now. Had a great time in the Maritimes. Thanks for your help. Joy

Kimberley Goh - Nova Scotia and PEI

Hi Carol,
I had a wonderful time on the tour, got to meet some great people with lots of stories, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

I was extremely surprised on the first day at the tour meeting though, because I had no idea that this tour was mainly for over-60s!! I was the only solo traveler and the youngest, so you can imagine I was very nervous/ worried that I wouldn't have a good time. But this group ended up being a really welcoming and inclusive bunch, and I had a lovely time with them.


David Howd & Savanna Borne - Vacation Planning Nova Scotia

We are back home. it was a great trip to an area much more dramatic and scenic than we imagined. I will send you some fresh reviews of the places we stayed which were all fine and some really great. I will also send you some "travel photos".


Willow Bend Motel - Truro Nova Scotia

They are a short distance from the highway and we found them pretty easy late in the evening. We had a very nice well-furnished room. The motel is an older one but probably much finer that a current chain hotel. A nice free breakfast room with upscale guests.

Patric Beauchamp - Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Hi Carol,
Everything went well on our trip. We really had a great time. The East coast is a beautiful place to visit. All the members of Caravan were pleasant, attentive to our needs and very enthusiastic. We received (by mail) Today an envelope from Caravan with a form to fill about our experience. We will put a good word about everyone (tour guide, driver, hotel staff, etc.). Thanks again for your kindness and attention towards us.

Patric & Joanne.

Caroline Gay - NS & PEI

Dear Carol
The Maritime trip exceeded expectations. It was very professional, the guide knew his stuff, the driver was amazing and fellow travelers were very congenial. I would definitely travel with Caravan again and would book with you. Thank you for all your help. We are now enjoying the Calgary Stampede.

Regards Caroline and Keith

Phyllis - Nova Scotia

Dear Carol,
I had a wonderful time on the Nova Scotia Trip - largely due to the members of the group - we had a blast. The sites were wonderful, and the shrimp and haddock were the best I have ever had in my life.

The hotels were good to very good - except I found North Winds to not be very clean. (I wish we stayed in the hotel in town, as I am not fond of motels.) The meals were very good except the one at Laurie's Inn. The guide appeared to be a substitute and talked quite a bit about his motor cycle excursions - he did not appear to have done his homework regarding the area. However, he was very pleasant, indeed. The driver was absolutely excellent in every way, i.e. driving, personality and manners. Also, want to mention that the step-on guides were excellent!

Best regards,

Chitra - Scotland & England

Hi Theresa,
Yes... we had a wonderful time in Scotland! Very well planned and organised as usual :) It was lovely.

About the hotel in Coventry. I know the website seems to list this hotel as a 4 star and most websites like Trip Advisor and Expedia list the hotel as a 3 star, but in reality, I wonder whether the hotel deserves even a single star anymore. It is an aged hotel with very unhelpful staff. Wall paper is peeling off in many places, and definitely so in one of the rooms we used. The carpet had that typical moldy smell of old closed spaces. The food in the restaurants is nothing to write home about. Very average.

Please do not recommend this hotel to any of your guests again. Your firm enjoys a good reputation for organizing quality stuff, don't have these disastrous places in your repertoire to muddy the waters!

Mercure, both in Edinburgh and Inverness were a great experience and we really enjoyed our stay in those hotels!

Will let you know about the next holiday when we plan one.... but given that we are looking at paying for a University education in UK for the next 4 years, I do think the next holiday will be some time away!!!!!


Chuck Meyers - Ocean City

It was a great time at Ocean City, The pictures that we took are attached please forward to Joyce.

Chuck Meyers

Karen Wallace - New York City

Oh my god. What a fantastic place. It was really clean and every morning you'd see all businesses out cleaning the sidewalks. They say there's 2 million people living in Manhattan - I think there must have been another 2 million tourists.

Couldn't have picked a better hotel - they put me on the 21st floor (of 22) - rooms are small, but was fine for me - would be tight for 2 people, service there was excellent - they have 24 hour doorman and 24 hour security, café had decent food, reasonably priced - I had breakfast there every morning, so close to times square and all the theaters. Wish I had more time. Managed to do everything in the City Pass book. Lot's of walking - on one day I calculated that I walked 100 blocks - my feet were yelling at me. Did take subway twice - no problems there - clean, but obviously old.

Taxi drivers are nuts - but have to be to get around.

Flights were an issue - got to Toronto and flight to La Guardia was delayed 1 hour because it hadn't yet left New York; then delayed another 1/2 hour. Coming back I missed the connection, partly due to leaving New York late and partly because I didn't know the process, but they managed to get me on a later flight (3 hours later) free of charge. When I got to Toronto, I had to pick up my bag then go through customs - this took time; and, I snuck out for a very quick (5 minute) cigarette, but when I went back in I thought I had to check in, but machine wouldn't let me and it stated to see customer service for which I had to stand in line; line was long and when I was 3rd back lady came by asking when flights were - she pulled me out of line and went to agent to see if still time to get my bag on the plane, but was too late. I mentioned that surely I wasn't the only one with this issue, but apparently, yes I was. They said they weren't notified that my arrival flight to Toronto was late getting in. I was a bit surprised by all this, as the whole trip was WestJet - why wouldn't they know? They told me there's often issues with US flights. Next time I'll go with direct flights.

Only other 'issue' worth mentioning is that there are no "signs" in Central Park - a myriad of trails but no signage to show where/what they go to. I got lost twice. I asked people in the park where's so and so, and one told me that to find anything inside the park you have to do it from the outside.

I was disappointed with display at the Guggenheim - Italian Futurists - just not my thing, nothing wrong with the museum. All other museums displays were awesome - great art of every type. I didn't find any of the museums to be too crowded. There's a café on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum, but this was a disappointment - no seats, fake grass and food in plastic containers - best part is the view across Central Park to the city.

They have "ticket seller" places (I saw 2 - one in times square and another close by) where you can go and get tickets to shows; line ups were long, but I think if I was to go again, I'd like to try to get in to see more shows - there were a lot of lesser known shows that would have been interesting.

Theater across from hotel had a show with Denzel Washington - I walked out and saw a crowd all holding up their cell phones, so I guess he arrived, but I didn't see him. Also held the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall, just around the corner; if I had know it was happening I may have tried to get a glimpse. Got to do most of what I wanted to do - broadway show, museums, shopping, sightseeing, food. Only thing I wished I had more time to see was The Strand bookstore - claims to have 18 miles of books - but it was way down in Greenwich Village area and I just couldn't fit it in.

I'd say it's one place that's not an issue for going to solo - lot's of stuff to see and do, easy to meet people. Again, thanks so much for getting this together for me. One thing off my bucket list.

Karen Wallace

Shirley - Hawaii

Hi Joy
Having a great time. Went to swap meet at Aloha stadium today and met nice, helpful people on the busses. Where would we find the banana coffee you suggested, please? Also trying to find the coffee shop someone raved about, close to an inexpensive diner and can't seem to find it. Oh well, not essential.


Uke Breuker - European Cruise

Hi Jeanette, Here a little update on our cruise experience with MSC cruises.

Check-in was very well organized and many people were eager to get on board around 1PM, even though the ship did not sail until 7PM. Lunch was served in the restaurants, our cabin was ready by 2PM and the luggage was delivered shortly after. Small size but optimal use of space, modern design with good beds, nice balcony.

Food in buffet as well as dining room was excellent, as was the service. Mostly Indonesian and Filipino staff.

Lots of music at various lounges and dancing in the evening and Las Vegas quality stage shows in the theater. Various shops but not much in the way of clothing, mostly jewellery, staffed by East Europeans. There were not too many kids on board, but the facilities seemed good, also for teens. Several large pools that were well used, incl. 1 that had aqua-cycling. Lots of good quality chairs and towels for sunbathing which Europeans still seem to do, as they were occupied during most of the trip. As we had expected there were indeed lots of Europeans on board (especially Italian and German) and all announcements were made in 5 (!) languages, which could get a bit tedious.

Personally I like the smaller ships better. And many Canadians/Americans might find all those Europeans and their stand-offish attitude a bit overwhelming. MSC Cruises seems to offer lots of good deals in order to fill all their cabins. The weather was not always that good, which affected our shore excursions a little. They use Great Stirrup Quay for their beach stops. It has lots of chairs, good swimming and snorkeling and they serve an adequate barbeque lunch. Our favorite stop was St Maarten.

All in all a very good inexpensive cruise. For my next trip (most likely Jan. 2015) I am thinking of Ecuador/Amazon/Galapagos or Indonesia. I saw some great itineraries (with no single supplements) from Overseas Adventure Travel. Do you deal with them? Uke

Tim Trainor - Poland

I just finished organizing our photos from the Poland trip you helped organize:


Thanks again for the help and patience in putting it together.

Sandy Barnes - Princess Cruise

Hi Linda.

The cruise was wonderful. Flights worked out perfectly especially since our bags were looked after all the way home. The hotel was ok, the only suggestion I have about the hotel is that if you book anyone else in there you tell the customer when they get to the airport in L.A. to call the hotel for a bus to pick us up. We waited for 40 minutes no bus was in sight. We called the hotel & was told by them that if we need a bus that we had to call that they didn't come automatically. When we got there I asked the front desk staff about the bus & was told the bus came automatically to the airport & didn't like the fact when I told them that wasn't the case. If I was to do another trip via L.A. I don't think I would want to stay there again. Room was good but that type of service leaves something to be desired. Thank you again for a wonderful holiday. Thinking about my next trip.

Take care.


Rick Mclardy - Hawaii

Aloha Jeanette and Joy. Thanks to all the help you gave us as we are having a wonderful time. We are half way through our 4 week Maui stay with lots of time left before we come home. We are looking forward to our other two Island adventure's. Hope all is well with both of you and thanks again.

Love Rick and Karen

Nicole Byres, QC - British Columbia

Tks. Everything went smoothly, thank you for asking. Porter Air was great (for a short 20 flight they even served food and wine/beer which was shocking given what the big airlines do). They also ran a shuttle that picked me up a block from my hotel to take me to the ferry which took us to the landing strip in the Lake. (I had no idea I needed to get on a ferry to get to the airport.

David Halstead - Hawaii

Hi you, yes, home safe and tanned, magical Maui as always, and everything went great. West Jet is a bit of a gong show getting out of Maui, but that's a small thing I will do the survey when I get a moment, we'll do it again next year, now you just have to get the girls to Europe, thanks for everything you do for us, Dave and Dee.

George Morey - Egypt


I loved my trip but I had trouble sleeping, I was sleepy during the day and wide awake at night. Next time I will be prepared for this. Attached is my favorite picture from the trip. Next trip will be Jordan. Do you see any issue with renting a motorcycle in Amman and riding to Al Aqabah?


Barb Kissaurus - Princess Cruise

Hi Lindy

The trip was great really enjoyed it. Flights worked out well even if it meant being up before 0400 to head to LA after waiting for transport to Holiday Inn express we found out that we needed to phone for pick up. Prior to leaving we had to change times for departing Princess said they had no flight information for us. All in all it was a terrific cruise. Thanks for asking.



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