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Client Testimonials and Photos 2016 on

Leslie and Ivana Michael Alaska Cruise

Thanks Avril for all the hard work you did to make our cruise enjoyable. We did have a great time. The food was excellent, the service second to none and we enjoyed meeting so many people from around the world. We will of course tell our friends about you. We found you to be very knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and professional. We will definitely contact you again should we consider another cruise.

Kind regards,
Leslie and Ivana.

Rowena Orpilla - Bay of Fundy, NB & NS

Avril & Carol, Just want to say thank you very much for assisting me to see the wonders of nature in Atlantic Canada.

Are Driver and Tour Director are awesome.....and our Group have the best Maritimes Tour. Once again thank you and God Bless.

Rowena T. Orpilla
Rosena T. Orpilla

Guy Rosenthal Israel

Hello Carol The trip was great, our experience in Israel was just what we wanted. The guides were experienced and very professional. The weather was record-setting heat in a place that is normally very hot in August, so it created some difficulties for touring, but everyone managed to survive the 109 degree heat (not dry heat) and make it through the tours.

I would suggest that you deal directly with Rent-A-Guide in Israel in the future, they did a nice job and there is no need to involve another middleman.

Thank you and thanks to everyone at A-Z again.
Guy Rosenthal

Susan Kessel Nova Scotia/PEI

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for recommending Caravan. It was a great tour with a well educated tour guide. Nova Scotia is beautiful! We sincerely appreciate all you did to make this a memorable vacation!

Thanks again,
Susan Kessel

Lise Sandercock Noa Scotia/PEI

Hi Carol,
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and will look into taking another tour with Caravan probably next summer. Everything went quite smoothly and we were very lucky to have great weather. I will send you some pics in a couple of days.

Thank you.
Lise Sandercock

Marcia and Tom McCalden Nova Scotia

Yes we had an enjoyable trip. We will send you a picture or two when we get organized.

Stephanie Mendez New tour

Good afternoon Carol, I booked a tour with you about 2 years ago and would like to do it again with some friends. Thank you Thank you very much Avril, Carol was wonderful during the process and the trip was amazing!

Linda Blackshear - China

Hello Theresa,
The tour was GREAT! Jason was our guide and he was very kind and thoughtful and knowledgeable as well. Jenny was also another great guide and a delightful person. Andy was with us on our last leg of our journey and he also was great as well. I know you will hear from me again in the future. I met some really great people and the Australians were a "hoot" and will be long remembered. Thanks for making this trip a child hood dream a reality.

Bill Neylon Nova Scotia/PEI

Hi Carol, Fantastic trip! couldn't have been better, from the accommodations to the food, weather, and our outstanding tour director Duncan McClain. Many of the other travelers had been with Caravan multiple times, and Nancy and I will highly recommend you, and will be travelling with you again.

Thank you so much,

Gerald S and Frances M Reilly Nova Scotia

Good Morning Carol
So,how might one not enjoy a trip to Nova Scotia?? Accept one week is not long enough. I suspect that our experience is a Nova Scotian way to get one to return for more Canadian hospitality. We appreciated your guidance and information. We did miss out on the harbor sail in Halifax, as it was raining in the morning and everyone cancelled but us, the ferry did provide a good substitute. The afternoon was beautiful, but they would not sail with just 2 people. We also missed the Saturday tour of the city,as it took longer to get there from Cape Breton then expected & Frances was very tired. We did get a delightful, shorter trip Sunday morning and Walked the the Harbor walk in the afternoon. What a wonderful city!

Accommodations were splendid. The Telegraph House is excellent!! Room was comfortable and well maintained. The dinning experience was superb; Excellent service provided by attentive, informative and charming staff. The chef provided superb meals, imaginative, healthy and very tasty. He is a gem. The proprietor, Shawn Dunlop, was patient, informative and very helpful to us.

Halifax appears to be a wonderful city,much enhanced by historical preservation and an active and very present student population. In some ways it reminded me of a Boston of memory. Accommodations at the Double Tree and Hilton Garden were excellent. Our 4th floor room was like a small apartment with a good view of the harbor. The front desk staff were charming, efficient and very helpful. The management of these hotels should really appreciate what a wonderful job they do.Because of the staff we recommend these establishments as the place to stay.

Thank you for asking about pictures. Presently we are editing them, and working on making the more acceptable. I will be glad to send you some, and if you are interested, I will send any additional pictures, or tell you were they will be online.

Again, thank you for all your patience and help, It was a grand week, we met many wonderful people and enjoyed the week. If, next year, we can do it again we would like to do so. Please feel free to use any of our comments as recommendations.

Sincerely & Gratefully your
Gerald S and Frances M Reilly


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